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    New “Food is Medicine” Nutrition Screening, RX, Tracking and Control

    On September 28, 2022, The White House announced $8 billion in new commitments toward hunger, nutrition, and health. The White House hosted the conference that laid out a “transformational vision for ending hunger and reducing diet-related disease by 2030 – all while closing disparities among the communities that are impacted most.” These “new commitments” were determined over the summer, with both private- and public-sector involvement in the funding, stemming from: • Philanthropic contributions and donations to community-based organizations • Investments in new businesses that will screen and integrate nutrition into health care • $2.5 billion in start-up companies creating “solutions” to hunger and food insecurity • Over $4 billion toward “philanthropy that improves access to nutritious food, promotes healthy choices, and increases physical activity” The business, civic, academic, and philanthropic “leaders” were announced at this conference in September, who will allegedly end hunger and reduce diet-related disease. The narrative is…


    Inside Codex with Scott Tips: New Global Food Diet – Insects, Rats and Dogs

    Few people are aware of who creates the global food “standards” and “guidelines,” and even fewer have a seat at the table with a voice to challenge the toxins, ingredients, and processes working their way into the food system. One of those individuals is Scott Tips, President of the National Health Federation, and we need him and his team now more than ever, before insects, dogs, and rats make it to our grocery stores, and indoor growing facilities backed by the globalists wipe out all of the farmers. • Codex Alimentarius just introduced a list of of over 90,000 species of insects and spiders to be included as a new food category for human consumption • While FAO, WHO, Codex, Hollywood, and investors all tout that 2 billion people in the world eat nutritious bugs, they fail to mention the dangers, such as almost a fifth of fatal reactions to…

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