Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework Part 3 – World Economic Forum Protected

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is protected by immunities and privileges in Geneva, Switzerland where secrecy clings to the hallways of its headquarters overlooking Lake Geneva in Cologny. Though WEF has offices in New York and San Francisco, it does not have immunities in the U.S. under the International Organizations Immunities Act, nor does it appear to have immunities in its offices located in Beijing, Tokyo, or Mumbai. According to their agreement with the Swiss government, it would seem that their archives are inviolable, affording them the ability to plan and organize the movement of funds throughout their network without transparency, among other privileges noted below.

This is very important to draw attention to, as it was not previously covered in part 1 of Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework,’ which included 76 international organizations, along with the Bank for International Settlements and its 63 Central Banks, plus GAVI and CERN. The 76 international organizations in part 1 consist of the immunities and privileges given by the U.S., though a good majority of those organizations receive immunities and privileges from numerous countries, and of course the UN is locked in through their treaties with 193 member states. It is critical that people search for the international organizations who hold immunities and privileges in their countries, because this will create an expansive map of the control system that dates back to 1945.

In short, the WEF was founded in 1971 by Klaus Schwab to build an empire of wealthy men who wanted to one day control the world. Most famously known for “The Great Reset” agenda, the WEF operates as a meeting space to strategize agendas, implement initiatives and negotiations, oversee budgets and allocations, groom younger generations, and influence governments. There is much to be said on their nefarious dealings, many of which have been covered in numerous reports on Corey’s Digs, but this report is to show the protections they have and the agreements that have been signed.

The immunities and privileges were signed into law on January 23, 2015. The Swiss Government’s announcement reads as such:

On 23 January 2015, a meeting took place between the head of the FDFA, Didier Burkhalter, and the executive chairman of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, on the margins of the annual meeting of the WEF in Davos at which an agreement was signed confirming the status of the WEF in Switzerland in compliance with the Host State Act of 22 June 2007 (HSA, SR 192.12).

At its meeting on 17 December 2014, the Federal Council recognised the WEF as an “other international body” as defined in the Host State Act and approved the agreement, the purpose of which is to confirm the status of foundation that the World Economic Forum enjoys in Switzerland. This status is based on the WEF’s important role for Switzerland, and provides for closer cooperation between the Swiss Confederation and the WEF in its field of activity. The substance of the agreement corresponds to agreements that the Federal Council has already concluded with other organisations of this kind and provides, for example, for facilities in the recruitment of personnel.

“Through this recognition, Switzerland has shown not only its full support for the World Economic Forum’s mission, but also its commitment to further enhance the role of Switzerland, and in particular Geneva, as a centre for international cooperation,” said Schwab in a WEF press release.

Switzerland’s Host State Act

The Host State Act is very similar to the U.S. International Organizations Immunities Act and grants immunities and privileges to the organization. The Act was approved on June 22, 2007 and went into force on January 1, 2008. Details on the Host Act can be reviewed here. The full PDF list of organizations who have agreements with Switzerland are linked at the bottom of the Host Act page, and have been uploaded here onto Corey’s Digs site. This is the most current list, dated October 16, 2023 on the bottom of their web page. Note that GAVI, the Global Fund, CERN, the UN and its many arms, and several other organizations that are also on this list, were previously covered in part one of this report due to their immunities in the U.S. and numerous other countries.

Immunities and Privileges Include:

a. inviolability of the person, premises, property, archives, documents, correspondence and diplomatic bag;
b. immunity from legal proceedings and the enforcement of judgments;
c. exemption from direct taxes;
d. exemption from indirect taxes;
e. exemption from customs duties and other import taxes;
f. freedom to acquire, receive, hold, transfer and convert funds, currencies, cash and other movable property;
g. freedom of communication, movement and travel;
h. exemption from the Swiss social security system;
i. exemption from Swiss entry and residence requirements;
j. exemption from all personal services, from all public service and from all military duties or obligations of any kind

A more detailed breakdown can be found here.

The World Economic Forum’s agreement dated January 23, 2015 can be reviewed here.

It states that “the mission of the World Economic Forum is to integrate leaders from business, government, academia and society at large into a community working for improvement in the state of the world.”

The agreement, translated into English, would appear to have the same immunities and privileges as documented above, but worded slightly different in some cases. For example, “guaranteed independence and freedom of action” would imply they are immune from legal proceedings and enforcement of judgements as indicated in the standard immunities and privilegs afforded to international organizations under the Host State Act.

Immunities and Privileges afforded to the WEF in their agreement:

1) guaranteed independence and freedom of action

2) absolute freedom of assembly, including freedom of discussion, decision and publican on Swiss territory

3) exempt from direct federal tax

4) pension fund is exempt from direct federal, cantonal and municipal taxes, including on inheritance and donations

5) can receive, hold, convert and transfer all funds of any kind, all currencies, all cash, gold and other transferable securities, and dispose of them freely both within Switzerland and in its relations with the stranger

6) exempt from the admission conditions for foreigners set by the Federal Law on Foreigners

7) the World Economic Forum and the Swiss authorities will cooperate at all times with a view to facilitating the proper administration of justice, ensuring compliance with police regulations and preventing any abuse of the exemptions and facilities provided for in this Agreement

8) the World Economic Forum may, if necessary, call upon the assistance of Swiss diplomatic and consular representations abroad

The agreement may be terminated by either party with six months of written notice.

The agreement mentions “on Swiss territory,” which raises the question as to whether or not documentation moving to and from its Geneva headquarters from other office locations, fall under these immunities or if all “secretive” discussions and documents are handled at the Geneva location.

The Host State Act agreement also states that there will be a separate agreement between the WEF and FDFA to strengthen the cooperation with the Confederation.

On January 21, 2020, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum signed an agreement with the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), extending cooperation to integrate the WEF into “International Geneva” and utilize them as a more strategic platform. This agreement is valid for four years and may be revised, extended, or terminated.

The Cliff Notes:

• To serve as a platform for scientific diplomacy and Switzerland’s interest in collaborating with international organizations in Geneva and elsewhere in the world

• Collaboration on Sustainable Development Goals

• New multi-stakeholder partnerships to develop technologies and regulations that increase digital trust

• Partnerships with economic players to promote a change in paradigm at the global level regarding sustainable development, with emphasis on “responsible consumption and production”

• Collaboration between all stakeholders to drive new technologies in the financial sector that integrate environmental, social and governance in commercial and investment decisions

• International collaboration and governance in digitalization and automation

• Strengthen the role of the international Geneva ecosystem as “a center of governance and global cooperation”

• Switzerland participation in WEF projects and initiatives, including the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

• Sustainable development of cities

> In 2015, just nine months after the WEF received immunities and privileges under the Host State Act in Geneva, the UN adopted the Sustainable Development Goals.

> On June 13, 2019, the WEF and the United Nations signed a “Strategic Partnership Framework” in order to “jointly accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” with six key focus areas on financing, climate change, health, digital cooperation, gender equality, and education.

> The following year, the WEF signed the agreement with the Swiss FDFA to collaborate on Sustainable Development Goals, among other things, as documented above.

Over 400 civil society organizations and 40 international networks were not happy about this arrangement between the WEF and the United Nations. They found the agreement to be a “disturbing corporate capture of the UN, which moves the world dangerously towards a privatized and undemocratic global governance,” and called on the UN Secretary-General to end it. Think tanks and the public alike see the writing on the wall – this is a coup d’état to capture governance.

To understand what the Sustainable Development Goals are truly about, read 17 Goals Toward Enslavement: Exposing The Real Agendas Behind The 2030 Agenda,’ by Corey Lynn.

Separately, the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) was revised on September 1, 2023 to include an amendment that excludes “the process of personal data by institutions benefiting from immunity from jurisdiction under Art. 2(1) of the Swiss Federal Act on the Privileges, Immunities and Facilities and the Financial Subsidies granted by Switzerland as a Host State.” Hence, it would appear as though they are free to collect data and not subject to the FADP, which has always been the case, but the amendment is meant to clarify that.

The WEF Strategists

Membership to this “Club” is by invitation only and currently consists of roughly 1,000 members according to their Charter, which they refer to as “Partners.” The full list of Partners can be reviewed here. According to their website, as of January 2016, membership included members from over 390 firms in over 60 countries. Their Charter states that their members are from the foremost corporations in the world today who are driving the world economy forward, while claiming to “not be tied to any political, partisan, or national interests.”

Membership runs between $60,000 and $600,000 annually depending on “partnership” level. The WEF holds annual meetings where global leaders, politicians and billionaires convene to share their views and desires for a fourth industrial revolution whereby human beings are deemed as peasants who will own nothing, be happy, and eat bugs to survive. The annual Davos meetings bring in police and up to 5,000 soldiers for security measures to protect these members of society who wish to rule the world, and believe themselves to be an elite class.

In 2021, there was an uproar from politicians and civil society groups regarding the amount of funds the Swiss government was contributing to the security for the annual meetings held in Davos. Due to that, the government reduced their funding of CHF$3.65 million (US$4.02 million) to CHF$2.55 million annually, from 2022 through 2024.

Since 2004, the U.S. Government has funded the World Economic Forum over $55 million dollars through foreign aid, with nearly all of it going toward the “Grow Africa” and the “Alliance for Trade Facilitation.” At least, this is what’s documented.

Whereas, it’s tricky to discern the amount of money that flows through the WEF, it is more likely that they are the big planners, strategists, negotiators, and influencers, who incentive and run budgets for plans and agendas that require vast amounts of funds moving through central banks and other financial entities.

It’s worth repeating the fact that the U.S. has over $21 trillion dollars in missing and undocumented funds that would seem to coincide with multiple agendas rolling out over the past two decades with a whopping $6.5 trillion in 2015 alone. Where did all of those funds go? The Covid plandemic does not go unnoticed here.

Example of a WEF New Initiative: “Help Unlock $3 Trillion Needed a Year for Climate and Nature”

This is a new initiative that rolled out this year called “Giving to Amplify Earth Action” (GAEA), with a plan to leverage philanthropic capital, via 45 partners, in order to generate $3 trillion dollars per year to tackle “climate change and nature loss” and reach net zero by 2050. But make no mistake, their goal is to “unlock government funds.”

The list of philanthropic partners includes the usual suspects such as Bezos Earth Fund, BMW Foundation, IKEA Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Temasek Trust, Rockefeller Foundation, United Nations Foundation, Wellcome Trust, and many more.

Individuals, academic institutions, companies and public sector organizations also include the usual suspects such as the Cambridge Institute, Columbia University, University of Cambridge, Government of Egypt, McKinsey, Salesforce, Singapore University, Stanford University, UN, and numerous others.

Their alleged goal is to convene leaders who can identify solutions that will play a catalytic role, pilot and refine funding models, and “scale up and replicate successful approaches to new sectors, regions and actors.”

This is a perfect example of how they strategize to leverage funds for faux emergencies while promoting agendas that would enslave humanity under the guise of “safety, protection and convenience.” It’s the longest running con and more and more people are on to it which each month that passes.

Call To Action

This entire network has been building this infrastructure of a control grid since the 1940s while operating outside the law. It is important that people do a search in their own country for the “immunities and privileges” list of international organizations and post those links in the comments below, so that we can piece together a comprehensive map of the global network. Part 1 contains an extensive list for the U.S. and has some organizations that will be on every country’s list.

It is equally important that people share this information, make others aware, and most importantly – reach out to your representatives and inform them that these immunities and privileges need to be removed because it is the tool that allows them to operate outside the law with no accountability or transparency, and it has been weaponized against citizens around the world.

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