Welcome To A World of Smoke & Mirrors

By James Fitzgerald

The Great Awakening, eh? That term gets thrown about social media these days. First time I saw it, I immediately tried to place myself among it; as someone who might be more awakened; someone who has been exposed to more hidden narratives or whistleblowers, or who has met more central bankers and CEOs than most. That’s certainly how the ego complex would view it; as a tangible and competitive advantage.

From a spiritual or even quantum perspective, the impulse to place myself in some kind of order of “awakeness” would seem pretty immature and parochial. Afterall it would involve weighing up other people’s “awakeness” to reach a conclusion about my own status. And, as a wise soul once said, “judge not others, lest ye be judged yourself.”

So, with me more confused these days than awakened, let me share with you a few anecdotes about people and events that first rattled my cage. And I won’t include paranormal happenings — that’s another article for another day.

Journalists used to smoke and drink a lot. My father bought into that noirish cliche, about the grizzled hack plying his trade (looking to prise government secrets or scandals from loose-tongued civil servants or other reporters) over drinks in some grubby bar. He was the type of person who called women “dames” and had ink for blood. If I ever wanted to see him, I would have to venture into the big gray city and follow the din emanating from the busiest bar in proximity to the newspaper office.

Truth be told, I never really heard anything startling or insightful in those places — except once. As fleeting as it was, it left a lasting impression. One day after college, I called into the “Press Bar” to offer my father a lift home. He was playing two people at chess simultaneously while holding conversations with two other people, so I sat down next to an unassuming man with spectacles and curly silver locks while I waited for the interval. My father spotted me, and shouted over: “Hey, James! Buy him a drink and he’ll tell you a good story.” I bought the gray man beside me a whiskey and soda. He must have been a copy-editor, because he truncated an event lasting five years into about three sentences. The event was the second world war — and according to him, it “didn’t happen the way they said it did”. Through the fog of nicotine and roar of voices, I discerned that he had written a book about the secret players behind the war — who had dangled their puppets on both sides of the conflict, and staged a massive false flag event. Despite having swallowed the narrative I had been fed at school about aggressive Nazis and a benevolent alliance that sent them packing, what he was saying had a vibration of truth; it felt right; it was a missing piece of a puzzle that made the bigger picture clearer.

I never got more than that out of him, before heaving bodies and sloshing pints of beer separated us amidst the melee. I later asked my father if the man had published his book. “No,” said he, “he got a visit from two men in rain macs one day in the street.” What surprised me more than this revelation was the fact that this community of “truth-seekers” were aware of these anomalies and discrepancies in their official world history, but were happy to seek solace in the latest soccer scores or celebrity gossip. This gentle, intellectual man had stepped up and asked questions about his social and political history, but had been silenced with the threat of violence from two immaculately dressed assassins working for some hidden controllers. That meeting in the bar took place thirty years ago. Only now are such narratives gaining traction among the questing elements of social media. It’s been a long wait.

They say, when you sow a seed, it grows. That man’s claim created a fissure in my mind; because almost every day after that would involve some exposure to people or places that challenged the dull consensus. I received a call at the office once from a contact in the security services — who talked me through a live robbery. It wasn’t a high street bank or liquor store, but an island state having its artefacts stolen by a larger western military power. All anyone could do was watch as an unmarked jumbo jet was loaded with looted gold and silver coins from a sunken galleon, as the mercenary crew of a submersible carried chests from the quayside to the plane.

Another time I was introduced to an American scientist who reputedly had worked on a secret space program. He told me he had been on Mars — “It takes about five minutes to get there”. Other scientists would tell me that most commercial shampoos were designed to give you dandruff, and others that vaccines had “bad things added to them to harm people.”

When a customs officer stumbled upon a huge stash of drugs on a ship out of North Africa he called me before he told his superiors. I was working for a Sunday newspaper, and it was a Monday, so I offered the story to the news editor of our sister daily paper. The news editor took offence to “the enemy [me]” dictating their news agenda, so didn’t run the story. Two days later another rival paper ran the exclusive that the main drug route into Europe had been busted. Ego and ignorance are a toxic mix for news people.

You might think that being a magnet for whisteblowers would be fruitful in the media, but in fact it engendered its own cognitive dissonance, because all those great tip-offs and investigative work would always be dismissed by news editors. It was easier to be a copy-editor, adjusting and refining the safe, clipped and compliant work of other journalists. And so that’s what I became — for an easy life. 

All of those scientists, soldiers, police officers, clerks and writers knew something wasn’t right in the matrix. Message and matter didn’t match up. It bothered them; it bothers you. Why? ‘Cause you are alive, and awakening.

Before setting off down any rabbit hole, I invariably ask myself two things: am I afraid of the dark, and do I believe in ghosts? The answers are almost always, no and yes, respectively.

James Fitzgerald is a senior editor and cutting edge journalist who has worked on national newspapers for 16 years.


  • Julia Hunt

    Thank you for this article. I’ve only been fully awake & actively searching for 3 years. I’ve slowly tried to share what I’ve learned only to rebuffed time & time again. I’ve given up that the entire truth will ever come to light, if for no other reason than the apathy & complacency of the American public. It is so disheartening to witness.

  • Anna

    Wow….Corey, I have read your articles for some time now – and gained from each one.
    But this one – this is the prize. I was suddenly reminded of what it was to become immersed in a story. I was on the street with you in the city and went in the noisy “Press Bar” with you; I was marveling at your dad playing two chess games while talking to two other men. I could hear the dull roar of conversations and clinking glasses…. that one moment when all you could hear was “it didn’t happen the way they said it did.” You reminded me of what I used to love about reading.
    Thank you so much!

  • Daniel Cunningham

    DISGUSTING and sad, but I have heard many stories as this one. Sometimes it causes me to think, why even try to get the TRUTH? Some EVIL son of a bitch is going to stop it, whoever this powerful piece of SHIT is. WE NEED MORE WHISTLEBLOWERS! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    • Patti McCullough

      “We need more whistleblowers.” Have you seen the news lately, the REAL news about the corrupt whistleblowers? Can’t even trust them obviously. I was actually a whistleblower for the intel agency I worked for. It took having a decent man as Director of our department to care what I had to say, which did result in positive action results. I also sought a meeting with an inspector general department of same agency several years later. Guess what, thanks to my current boss who supported my contacting them, I found out they did NOT send a member of the inspector general office to see me, rather a member of the department I was reporting on. When I told my boss the name of the IG rep, he replied “He isn’t with the IG office, he works for our department.” Hard to know who you can trust in the government, even worse now since the corrupt Obama/Biden 8 years. How they got away with what they did is shocking to me, billions of dollars on pallets to Iran without congressional approval. Imagine what Pelosi would say if President Trump tried to do that to say North Korea. I have reached the point, if some of these powerful people from Obama’s corrupt administration don’t go to jail for a long time, I will never follow politics OR vote again. Disappointed as it is that Barr giving Obama and Biden a pass, so I’m not optimistic anyone will get more than a slap on the wrist. Already given a pass by Barr for lying and leaking. I hope Barr surprises us and that was a ploy to have them let their guard down, but who the hell knows.

      BTW, my father was the first Presidential Crew Chief for Eisenhower (Kennedy and Johnson) white top helicopters in my youth. My father personally told us he was positive the government (Johnson) was involved in the assassination, because the helicopters were leaving for Texas for Kennedy’s trip and canceled one hour before take off. That had never happened my father said and when Kennedy was assassinated, he knew then that was why their TDY was canceled.

  • alan edward

    I am an American. I know “who” I am, “where” I am at, and exactly “what” is going on around me and have for many years. I am here speaking about some issues not many other people seem to be paying attention to or speaking about that are very much “Pertinent” to present situation.

    It is about the “BONDS”, it is all about BOND slavery, it has been going on since before Moses led his people out of “Bondage” in Egypt..! The immigration issue is about the bonds, more people more Bonds, gay marriage is the same thing, the school system, the prison system, licensing and registration, the welfare system, the “Healthcare system” [ Obamacare was his CASH COW..! ] and of course we have the licensing and registration system, suzerainty..! This is the WHY they want to flood OUR country with immigrants because THEY [The BOND slavers] have depleted the value of the bonds of the American people [the underlying asset of the birth certificate] and they need to “Replenish the stock.” You cannot imagine the forced transfer / identity theft and embezzlement going on in the mortgage and credit card industry;

    This is the same thing that happened before the 2nd world war. They had completely depleted the value of all the bonds of all the people in Europe and they were “Burning the mortgages” by eliminating the people. That is what that was about. That is what would have happened to the American people had Donald Trump not been President. That is the Why the democrats are so concerned about the immigration issue, they are interested in all the fresh BONDS they would be able to create..!

    There is so much I could elaborate upon here but I am trying to keep it to a minimal and just get to the point.

    Most people just don’t get it about what has happened here in America and how they are being robbed and manipulated. They have had their right to hold “Title” and control over their lives and children stolen from them through the “Licensing & Registration system” by the Corporate federal Government and the “Legislation system.” When any property is “Registered” YOU forfeit Title to the State, they then put that property on their books as an ASSET, that is an INVESTMENT and YOU are a Co-beneficiary of that investment and THEY owe YOU interest & dividends from that investment which they are embezzling. Your signature IS solid GOLD, everything you sign is underwritten, BONDED & insured and monetized. Bond slavery is alive and well around the world..!

    Americans are sooo illiterate they have NO idea that they are even being stole from by these blood sucking parasitic PIRATES, Our so called “Government.” Until this is acknowledged and addressed “America” will never be “America” or free, “Constitutional Republic” This is the crux of the SLAVE system [“Suzerain”] that has been implemented on the Federal Corporate United States Slave plantation. Here is an outline of the FACTS… if YOU choose to ignore this, then YOU may as well just go back to sleep.

    ”No fiduciary should ever be able to wipe out the interests of its beneficiaries.”
    Richard A. Epstien, James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Law and Senior Lecturer.

    So do you see the connection here..? THIS IS where they are getting the money to fund their CORRUPTION and SEDITION and TREASON against the American people..! if this is EXPOSED it will cut off their money supply just like they are trying to do to everyone and all the alternative media. do you comprehend what I am relaying to you..?

    I often hear people speaking about the “Constitution” and these rights and those rights and how they being trampled upon… here are the facts on that..! We don’t have the “Constitution” because the people have forfeited it by signing it away through contracts for benefits..! You cannot go around signing contracts or anything put in front of you and take the benefits and not expect to have your rights taken away or have any obligations for it.

    That is just not how commerce works, that is what the courts are set up to do is to enforce contracts. That also goes for all these government agencies as well, including the SHERIFFS dept. When they get government grants they now have obligations to the Federal Government and are under their control. You cannot go around signing your rights away to get benefits and then complain about that your supposed “Constitutional rights” are being infringed upon. The most dangerous weapon being used against the American people is the pen they have in their own hands they are using to sign their names on all the documents “Contracts” being put in front of them thinking they are getting some sort of benefit from…!

    Is it not interesting how the Federal Government gets all this money from the public at large and then uses extortionate contracts with obligations attached to them and taking away the people rights when it uses that very money they stole from the “American people” to fund “Corporate policy” and oppress the Public at large..?

    William Binney said something in an interview about how all these Politicians out there are not following the founding principles of our “Constitutional Republic” and are committing “Treason.” He said they all took oaths to it [The Constitution] and are not within those said parameters. I believe they think they have just cause to be doing what they are doing and are in fact within the parameters of the founding principles of the “Constitution,” Although they are doing it through fraudulent means [Threat of violence and extortion] and the illiteracy of the Public at large as to what their “Rights” really are. A “Contract” created through fraud is NOT Void, it is “Voidable.”

    Here is the “Loop hole” they are using in specificity; This is my little ol’ humble bias opinion in on this subject.

    “The rights of the individuals are restricted only to the extent that they have been voluntarily surrendered by the citizenship to the agencies of government.” City of Dallas v Mitchell, 245 S.W. 944

    Title 28 U.S. Code § 3002 – Definitions – As used in this chapter: (15) “United States” means— (A) a Federal corporation; (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or (C) an instrumentality of the United States.

    The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871. The USA became a corporation. Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) became it’s own entity (10×10 mile block).

    “The U.S. citizens [citizens of the District of Columbia] residing in one of the state of the union are classified as property and franchises of the federal government as an “individual entity”. Wheeling Steel Corporation v. Fox, 298 U.S. 193, 80 L. Ed. 1143, 56 S.Ct. 773.”

    “The delegates to the first Federal convention prohibited the use of Corporations by all Governments representing the American Republic.”
    [James Madison journal of the Federal Convention, Vol.2 P. 722]

    So now we ask how were they in fact “Voluntarily surrendered?”… Through the “Licensing and Registration systems.” [CONTRACTS] And how can this be you may wonder? Mmmm, well let us take a look at the “Supreme Law of the land”, the almighty Constitution. Article 1 Sec 10 Clause 1. And as far as I am concerned in my little ol’ humble bias opinion is the Supreme law of the land and the “Constitution” in its entirety, Written by JUDGE Roger Sherman, Thomas Jefferson’s right hand man. And supersedes the “Bill of Rights,” The rest of the “Constitution” was written in invisible ink.

    Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1
    No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligations of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

    [by the way, ALL attorneys and judges are in fact “ESQUIRES..!” “NOBILITY”] BAR Members, Associates, Closed union shop..! VERMIN as the founding father so eloquently put it. A pestilence on society.!

    Article 1, Sec 10 in pertinent part;

    “No State shall pass any law impairing the obligations of contracts.”

    This sentence is in fact the very crux of the “Constitution” and all commerce, the “Supreme law of the land.” The rest is fluff, froth and garbage. It is also a double edged sword, which means that if there is in fact a “Contract” in place, its terms are the governing factor, but if there is no “Contract” YOU cannot be forced to enter into “Contracting” without your consent.


    UNIVERSAL CONTRACT LAW in pertinent part,
    It is essential to the existence of a contract that there should be:

    1. Parties capable of contracting; 2. Their consent; 3. Lawful object; and, 4. A sufficient cause or consideration.

    The consent of the parties to a contract must be:

    1. Free; 2. Mutual; and, 3. Communicated by each to the other.

    An apparent consent is not real or free when obtained through:

    1. Duress; 2. Menace; 3. Fraud; 4. Undue influence; or 5. Mistake.

    In fraudem legis – In fraud of the law. Every thing done in fraudem legis is void in law.

    RELATED TERMS — Fraud; Contracts, torts. Any trick or artifice employed by one person to induce another to fall into an error, or to detain him in it, so that he may make an agreement contrary to his interest. The fraud may consist either, first, in the misrepresentation, or, secondly, in the concealment of a material fact. Fraud, force and vexation, are odious in law. That the contract is voidable rather than void may prove important. For example, an absolutely void contract, it is said, “is void as to everybody whose rights would be affected by it if valid.” 17A Am. Jur. 2d, Contracts §7, p. 31 (1991)

    As you can see ALL the Federal corporate Government contracts are all just press ganging, identity theft, bond slavery and extortion, Malem en se..! Can you say “human trafficking..?”

    As far as I am concerned I have only ONE “Constitutional” right and that is to hold those whom have taken an oath to it, to the set parameters of it and this is it.

    The corporatocracy has stolen the people of “America’s” right to hold Title through “PRESSGANGING” and the “LICENSING & REGISTRATION SYSTEM” and of course “Bond Slavery” this has been going on since before Moses led his people out of “Bondage” in Egypt , this is what the “Health care scam” [Obama care] is about as well as “the Dept of education, the school system, Immigration” and the Prison system… it is all BOND Slavery..!

    This how it works…

    As I comprehend it, the word “registration” means to forfeit “Title” and anything that is “registered and Licensed” IS [en-titled] to the “STATE” is BONDED and INSURED. Any property that is “Registered” is put on the books as an ASSET of the STATE. They have forced the people to forfeit their inalienable rights [Titles] and right to own property [hold Title] through “Contracts..!” press ganging…! [EXTORTION] “Certificate of Title” means evidence of Title somewhere else, where? With the STATE.! For example the Constitution says we have a right to bear ARMS, it does not say that we MUST REGISTER them with the state, pay a fee or have a license to carry them. That is NOT what the Constitution says. It says; “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” What included is included and what is excluded is excluded..!

    Also when anything is “registered and licensed, Bonded and Insured” there is “INTEREST AND DIVIDENDS” Derived from that investment and the party registering the property is a “CO-BENEFICIARY” ON THAT INVESTMENT, and the STATE has been EMBEZZLING those funds..! Not to mention you have forfeited any other “Constitutional rights” you think you may have had concerning that fire arm or whatever other property you “Registered” to the STATE through “Voluntary forfeiture..!” Just stop and think about that for a moment and how many things are and have been registered to the STATE starting with you and your children through the “Birth certificate.” which you and they became “Federal employees and residents of the District of Columbia…!” [Slaves of the US Federal Government Corporate Plantation, wards of the State]… Have YOU ever been PAID for being a “Federal employee..??? deprivation of “Liberty” is $65,000.00 dollars and hour. Tresvant vs. the City of Tampa.

    Maxim; “Equity regards the beneficiary as the true owner.”
    Due to limits in old Common Law, no remedy was had for beneficiaries if, for example, a trustee ran off with the trust property. To remedy this and protect intended recipients of trust property, Equity regarded the beneficiary as the true (eventual) owners of the trust property.

    “Law is nothing without equity, and equity is everything, even without Law. Those who
    Perceive what is just and what is unjust only through the eyes of the law, never see it as well as those who behold it with the eyes of equity. Law may be looked upon, in some manner, as assistance for those who have a weak perception of right and wrong, in the same way that optical glasses, are useful for those who are shortsighted, or those whose visual organs are deficient. Equity, in its true and genuine meaning, is the soul and spirit of the law; positive law is construed, and rational law is made by it.” 1 Institutes of American Law – 1882, Vol.2, $. 3724, Para. 4

    “Between equal equities the first in order of time shall prevail.” This maxim operates where there are two or more competing equitable interests; when two equities are equal the original interest (i.e., the first in time) will succeed. When two parties each have a right to possess something, then the one who acquired an interest first should prevail in equity.

    This we affirm with emphasis – the right of appeal to equity by proper bill, and the right of review denovo of an equity case, are just as sacred as is the right of trial by jury. Equity looks specially to the intent, and seeks evidence with respect thereto. J.N. Pomeroy. Equity, in it’s true and genuine meaning, is the soul and spirit of the law” Institutes of American Law 1882, Volume II,§ 372 4, Par 4 Prescribed by a lawful superior. “God is the first superior.” Institutions of American Law, Vol.I, 1851 by John Bouvier.
    So as far as the public is concerned, how many contracts are there involved in “Volunteering” to give up their rights [Titles] as “Sovereign Americans” under Suzerain? Mmm, lets just name a few, there are actually over thirty of which all have adhesions..!

    1. Birth certificate
    2. Social security contract
    3. School registration
    4. Drivers license
    5. Passport
    6. Voters registration
    7. Business license
    8. Marriage license
    9. IRS W-4
    10. IRS 1040
    11. Bank signature card
    12. Motor vehicle registration
    13. Any and all insurance policies
    14. Mortgage loans, Student loans…
    15. Etc. etc.

    So as you see they have duped America into Suzerainity through “PRESSGANGING, IDENTITY THEFT, [Forced transfer of intellectual property] BOND SLAVERY and EXTORTION”. Can you even just imagine how much funds are being created and embezzled from the public at large “The American People” through identity theft and extortion?

    Suzerainty (/ˈsjuːzərənti/ or /ˈsjuːzərɛnti/) is a situation in which a powerful region or people controls the foreign policy and international relations of a tributary vassal state while allowing the subservient nation internal autonomy.[1] The dominant entity in the suzerainty relationship, or the more powerful entity itself, is called a suzerain. The term suzerainty was first used to refer to the relationship between the Ottoman Empire and its surrounding regions. It differs from sovereignty in that the tributary enjoys some (often limited) self-rule.
    A suzerain can also refer to a feudal lord, to whom vassals must pay tribute. Although the concept has existed in a number of historical empires, it is considered difficult to reconcile with 20th- or 21st-century concepts of international law, in which sovereignty either exists or does not. While a sovereign nation can agree by treaty to become a protectorate of a stronger power, modern international law does not recognize any way of making this relationship compulsory on the weaker power.

    Except through the “Voluntary” [extortionate] licensing and registration system. When you look at it in the true perspective of “Truth” the DOL is nothing more than an agency of organized crime and in total adversity to what is described as the parameters of the founding principles of the “Constitution,” ..! [emphasis added] They have turned our “Constitutional Republic” into a “Corporatocracy Plantation.” [Suzerainity..!]

    “There is no better slave than one who thinks he’ free..!”

    • Patti McCullough

      I guess “free” is a relative term. Your response was full of legalese most of us would not understand. I noted you gave no “advice” on just how we get though life in these United States of America NOT signing these “contracts.” So actually, you really lost me on most of this, real gobbly gook, so I must be stupid.

      I’ll still take my lifestyle of “free” compared to most countries in the world all day every day. That said, if Dems EVER get control of House, Senate and White House, stick a fork in us, we’re done, the next Venezuela. IMO they are trying to use COVID-19 to rush us to that, but ‘we the people’ aren’t standing for it. Makes me glad I’m “old” but sad for my children (2), grandchildren (3).

      IMO, the most dangerous thing going on in our country is the Senate Majority Leader having SO much power. The 60 super majority is NOT in our Constitution. Notice how the Majority Leader can choose to use it if and when he wants (McConnell for judges). This “rule” gives the Senate Majority Leader the most power in our country, more than the President of the United States. We are such a divided country I don’t see us getting along and agreeing on much for many, many years, certainly not in my lifetime.

      I think the “compromise” is destroying our country. Look what we just witnessed, Conservatives compromising on Pelosi’s bullshit bill to fund the Kennedy Center and other Arts. How the hell do Conservatives agree to fund Planned Parenthood, who makes so much money and MURDERS the most innocent of all on the planet?”

      I say do away with 60 vote majority FOR EVERYTHING and let the chips fall where they may. Why? Because otherwise we will be slaves to the bullshit compromises to pass anything. Only then will WE THE PEOPLE really know what each party stands for. With all the compromise to get anything passed, we can’t even tell who stands for what.

      I believe if we did not use the 60-vote super majority in the Senate, Democrats would be hard pressed to ever win again. If they won, I think it would result in a one-term administration once Americans saw what they truly stand for, that would probably be the last term they win for decades and the Conservatives could overturn their bad legislation when they hold the “simple” majority.

      “Over the past 50 years, however, the Senate’s deliberative social contract has unraveled. After Southern Democrats seized on supermajority obstruction to block voting rights legislation, senators started employing the tactic broadly. The number of cloture votes grew from 26 in the 1960s to 136 in the 1980s to 367 in the past decade. The constitutional and historical norm of decision-making by simple majority has been replaced by a routine requirement to assemble a supermajority of 60.”

      “That is not to say that I would not support changing the filibuster with respect to legislation as well. If the Senate were to take that step, however, it would be critical that the changes preserve the rights of the minority to offer relevant amendments and to have extended debate. That the minority should be afforded certain rights within the Senate is without question. But the minority should not have the ability to block legislation. When this happens it creates a situation, says James Madison in the Federalist Papers, in which, “the fundamental principle of free government would be reversed. It would no longer be the majority that would rule: the power would be transferred to the minority.”

      Stop the insanity of the super majority rule in the Senate and let the chips fall where they may.

  • Bonnie Henderson

    I liked your comment. Sounds like you’re a student of Anna von Reitz. One question: What does DOL stand for near the very end?

  • Bonnie Henderson

    Julia, I also like Mr. Fitzgerald’s article. I’m in the same boat as you and other truthers who know so many family, friends, and associates who are still asleep. It still amazes me that after 19 years, a majority of Americans don’t know that WTC building 7 collapsed on 9/11/01, and the few I’ve talked with who DO know, seem certain it was due to fires on some of the floors. But don’t despair, more are waking up with every passing day. It’s all about to unfold and the sleepers are going to get abruptly awakened. I’m just so grateful that those at the helm have the People’s best interest at heart.


    Alan Edward, you have told me so much of how it’s being done, however is Gesara/Nesara in any way an antidote?.

  • Apryle Budreski

    When I think of being awakened, it is not only about what has really been happening while I have been going about my daily life oblivious to the evil in the world, but I also call it a God awakening because I feel he has directed me from the moment President Trump first announced he was running and how the day he won, God gave me such a peace. I truly believe this is a God reset and it is in his timing and not ours. We are now seeing what he has been seeing all along! I count it a privilege to be awake!

  • alan edward

    MAY 28, 2020 AT 2:24 AMREPLY
    I liked your comment. Sounds like you’re a student of Anna von Reitz. One question: What does DOL stand for near the very end?

    Student of Ana von Ditz… Tsss I run circles around her, she takes the long way around the barn… She has never recovered any ill gotten funds from the corporate pirates, I have.

    DOL is “Dept of Licensing” license is derived from the word “Licentiousness” and means to do that which would otherwise be unlawful..!

    MAY 28, 2020 AT 8:42 AMREPLY
    Alan Edward, you have told me so much of how it’s being done, however is Gesara/Nesara in any way an antidote?.

    NO, it has to do with the Public at large “Private American Nationals” investing in rope and taking the “Pirate Politicians” and introducing them to light poles..!

    Attorney i.e. “Pirate” …PI-Rate, PI = 3.14, Charge at the RATE of three times to zero the account.
    Patriot … PAY- TRI- OUGHT, PAY Three times to zero the account..! Mmmmm..?

    What do you think the “Army of flying monkey’s” were in the “Wizard of OZ..?”

  • Joe Cicirello

    Allen Edwards, thank you for the law lesson. However, how do we stop being Slaves? What steps do we take to remove the chains of slavery? Do we expatriate ourselves from the system? What are the concerns one needs to consider before taking such a drastic step?

    I have read and have been told many stories of how to address a court of law, the IRS, hell, even the State that I live in, but have never known someone who actually succeeded.

    Your law lesson was very informative but not telling of what we as a people need to do to close down our corporate identity. Can you please espoused on how to remove the so called chains?


  • alan edward


    I sincerely commend you..! you have the brush fire started in your mind and have the interest to ask questions. the document above that you read is a chopped down synopsis of a 150 page thesis that I wrote, a book if you want to call it that. it has taken 25yrs. of diligent study and research to come to the knowledge I have. I wish I had you for a neighbor as the ones I have now are mental sloths and I have no one to share or brainstorm with, it would be a pleasure to have one such as yourself…LOL. OK, if you want to start learning judicial ju-jit-tzu go on a search engine and look for “Henry Gibson’s Suits in chancery” [it is 1200 pages PDF] and LEARN equity law. with some diligence you will find much information. study the “Maxims of equity” DO NOT EVER USE STATUTES IN ANY LEGAL FILINGS..! you need to learn equity if you want to be able to defend yourself. I do not knowhow to give you my email address here or if I can or am even willing to post it here… Sorry. KEEP RESEARCHING….

    Something to remember:

    Wisdom is beautiful and eternal, and gladly lets herself be seen by those who love her, and lets herself be found by those who seek her.
    Yea, she meets and gives herself to be known by those that she holds dear.
    Whoever would soon see her, is not given much trouble; he finds her already waiting at his door.
    For looking after her, that is true cleverness, and whoever is valiant in pursuit of her will not long sorrow.
    She herself walks about looking for those who are worthy of her and graciously shows herself to them as they go,
    in every thought of theirs coming to meet them.
    Of her the most sure beginning is the desire for discipline;
    care for discipline means loving her;
    loving her means keeping her laws;
    obeying her laws guarantees incorruptibility;
    incorruptibility brings near to the most high.
    Thus desire for Wisdom leads to sovereignty.

    Remember the truth? Do you what is so good about the truth? Everyone knows what it is no matter how long they have lived without it. No on forgets the truth, they just get better at lying..! …’alan edward’

  • Jennifer Wilder

    Excellent article, Mr. Fitzgerald! I thoroughly enjoyed both your figurative prose and your philosophical truth.

    Alan Edward, I have been a truth seeker and researcher for years and can appreciate how much you have put into your thesis or “book” that you presented. However, I would also put to you the same questions as JOE CICIRELLO , and propose what I currently think are the best current answers, to our ongoing “silent war”.

    Outside of an absolute overthrow of our current, legal, governmental, and social system, i.e. Revolution 2.0 which would entail re-writing the Constitution to improve upon the language therein where intentions and meaning cannot be abused, misunderstood, or taken out of context, I do not see how We the People could go about undoing the completely bewildering, purposefully deceptive and complex, enslaving legalese the enemy has constructed for us.

    However, I will propose that because of such widespread ignorance among the general population, as well as the complexities of undoing the Hydra System that is, President DJT was called to be our Neo George Washington in 2015 in order to avoid an all out civil war and save the Republic.

    Lastly, I truly wish everyone commenting here was my neighbor. What conversations we would have at dusk on my horse farm on the screened porch, amidst beverages, and tobacco, and steaks and scallops on the grill!

  • James Fitzgerald

    Thank you all for taking the time to comment on this article. I very much appreciate the eloquent remarks on my writing style. The world that lies just beyond the consensus veil is a very dynamic and exciting place. I hope to be able to share more of my experiences and humble insights with you in future. Best, James Fitzgerald

  • Bonnie Henderson

    Hello, Jennifer Wilder!!

    By my reading this superb article & reading the comments, I’ve come across 3 people whom I would love to get to know in addition to the author, James Fitzgerald and of course, Corey Lynn: You, Alan Edward & Joe Cicirello. It seldom EVER happens that I come across even one in the multiple comment sections in which I do my “digital soldiering” (as DJT calls it).

    I’m a city gal, but I love horses!! I, too, have been a truth-seeker for years. After our son got on his own, I started reading many books (while still working full-time) and even more after I retired in 2014 along with researching hours-on-end on the web daily. I’ve gone down a number rabbit holes & have learned 1,000 times more than during my formal college education. And I’m still learning at Rush’s EIB school of conservative studies which I started in 1988. Rush is who increased my political IQ. I’d love to tell you about how I was able to get him to come from the sidelines before the Superbowl in Atlanta started, to autograph his 2nd book & talk with me for a few minutes. He even mentioned the incident on his radio show the next Monday. He’s my only claim to fame.

    Jennifer, if you’ve gone down lots of rabbit holes, then you may know most of the following: Regarding our Republic: Congress secretly let it go back into the hands of the British Crown in 1871 in exchange for zeroing out our Civil War debts — Pres DJT got it officially restored in March. It may be announced on 7/4, depending on how long the mayhem lasts in the blue states. If not then, it will be no later than Sept. That means all lawyers have to be retrained in common law, and we can finally dust off our Constitution that’s been languishing on the bottom shelf. When the Fed takes its final gasp during the global reset happening soon, and the dollar is backed by gold again, the gold fringe will come off our flags, and we’re all going to be set free from over a century of debt-slavery and foreign-rule. Then NESARA/GESARA will be implemented; it originally was set to be announced on 9/11/01, but the PTB had other things in store that day. Also the IRS will be defunct and a flat tax is on the horizon. As Q says, “It’s going to be Biblical!” What a celebration Humanity will be having when it all unfolds!!

    Hubby & I have a motor home and are itching to go somewhere new. So, if your horse farm is within the continental USA, let me know and sometime after the above takes place, let’s have a party at your horse farm in your screened porch. We’ll bring some steaks & beverages. Wouldn’t it be great if the other 4 above could be there, too?! Here’s my email: bonniebgeeataoldotcom. (I hope they let that go thru. If so, I’ll also check my spam folder in hopes you’ll reply).

    P.S. We just learned that China is close to making a huge political flip. If so, N. Korea has to be close behind.
    P.S.S. Are you getting excited to see JFK (Jr) and his family on July 4th? Pence is deep state, and many of us who believe John’s alive, will be Trump’s new VP.
    P.S.S. The video that started the racial strife was a psyop cooked up by the puppets of the child-raping, blood- drinking-psychopaths who heretofore controlled our planet.

  • Bonnie Henderson

    Jennifer Wilder,

    LOL’s – How many people will your porch hold? I just read the comments/replies and the party list has grown!

    Patti McCullough, Julia Hunt, Apryle Budreski, Murry Hurdle, and Daniel Cunningham.

  • Aylwin

    @Alan Edward.

    I’d love to connect with you. I learned about Christian Walters (CW) work last December and have been studying trusts and equity hard core since. Reading all of CJS II, Pomeroy, Gibson, Phelps, and Gilbert as suggested by CW. I have not read all of the books yet, but I have listened to a lot of public audio, that I found a friend had archived.

    I’d love to read your “book”, and would pay a reasonable price for it. I have a foundation in Administrative Procedure and basic Lex Mercator, which I have used to keep the IRS off my butt for well over a decade. Having reapplied with the SS-5 for evidence of Grantor/Beneficiary status, the IRS is coming after me again I expect to shut them down again, but will make a Special Deposit if necessary.

    If you are willing to reach out you can contact me at bey at GMail. I would really appreciate it, there are truly so few people to talk to this about. Even my friend who I got the audio archive from does not seem to like to talk about it much.

    Peace and Blissings!

    Thank you @James Fitzgerald for inspiring some great commentary.

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