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Kavanaugh’s Temperament Creates A Powerful Ripple Effect

Temperament is the “buzzword” of the week, coming out of left field in a futile attempt to derail one of the most qualified men ever to be nominated to Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh. The Democrats would have you believe that displaying anger, speaking out, or standing up for oneself is the result of a man who’s temperament does not build public confidence. All the while, they stand at their podiums inciting others to show their rage and defiance, to take to the streets, to block Republicans from restaurants and public places, and have even gone so far as to encourage people to stalk them where they sleep. This political smear is not about standing up for one’s beliefs. In fact, this is harassment, and works against the very fabric of our system.

The hearing in which Kavanaugh’s temperament was on display, was not only necessary in a time where everyone is in a battle for their very soul, but was inspiring and motivating for others to stand up and speak truth. This was no small feat. When one takes a stand and speaks riveting truth, despite the consequences, it has a powerful impact, one that is drastically needed right now. While everyone is preparing for the big vote in the morning, and distracted by the endless spectacle of George Soros stampedes of protestors, with a sip of Hollywood to entice the easily enamored, something much bigger is happening, and it’s called a ripple effect.


The Ripple Effect

Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham “A Thug Life” – by Benny Johnson

For the first time in years, Republicans are standing their ground, speaking their truth, and going all in, despite the level of insanity thrust at them on a daily basis. Sometimes, it takes just one man with a hell of a lot of courage, to stand up for what’s right and what’s truth. President Trump has done this time and time again, while fighting the battle of a lifetime against the deep state. Following suit, Brett Kavanaugh stepped up to the plate and refused to back down no matter what they threw at him, and it was more than most could endure. This man is a true fighter, and he brought out the fight in others…the ripple effect. Suddenly, Lindsey Graham turned into a badass overnight, Grassley was not having what the Democrats were dishing out, and Orrin Hatch told paid protestors to grow up while waving them off.



People Need to Stand Up and Speak Up – NOW

For decades the deep state system has tried to create a submissive society, where they slowly slip in new bills, laws, regulations, rules, and a submissive adherence to their agenda. By the time people realize what is taking place, they feel like it’s too late to stand up and do anything about it. This is why it is so critical that people stay vigilant to all things taking place, not only in government, but in the education system, and all institutions with governing bodies. The “rules” are set to suit their agenda, not the peoples. This is NOT the time to be complacent or to be a complainer instead of taking action. People must unite to take a stand in an organized fashion that delivers results. People must be brave and speak truth, because everyone’s lives depend on it right now.

Recently, Orange County California has incorporated LGBT into sex ed, teaching students about abortion, homosexuality,  and a George Soros-connected Tides Center “toolkit” that consists of kids tips on using sex toys and anal lubricant, while having discussions about phone sex, anal intercourse and common sexual behaviors. It even goes so far as to teach about using cucumbers, carrots and bananas as dildos if you don’t have the time or money to buy sex toys. Of course, this toolkit lists Planned Parenthood and Advocates for Youth as references. Yet, despite California’s Healthy Youth Act that protects parents’ rights to excuse their children from participating, the Orange County Board of Education claims that the law’s opt-out provision does not apply in this case. How is this possible that you as a parent have no say in what your children are taught?

Heidi St. John, author and speaker of The Busy Mom, had powerful words to say about this in a letter to the Orange County Board of Education. She also recommended that California parents contact their local school boards and Democratic Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, the law’s author, and to pull their children out of schools that force LGBT lessons on children.


The Battle of The Souls

This battle is very real, and runs far deeper than a physical battle. The world is in the midst of a revolution, and the United States of America is front and center. There is a very strong socialist agenda that is seeded into many institutions and carried out across many platforms, and it is growing at rapid pace. What was once hidden in the shadows is bubbling up faster than people can grab hold long enough to understand it, before moving on to the next scene. Everything from socialists, Antifa, Nazis, fascists, Muslim Brotherhood, Satan worshippers, and mass scale amounts of pedophiles trying to normalize it, are all fighting for a place on the stage simultaneously. The world’s gone a tad bit mad.

Meanwhile, deep state, George Soros, and multiple arms extending from the deep state are all pushing this agenda into high gear as they watch their power crumbling around them. They are not going down without a fight. This is a battle of the souls, and it must be fought from a soul level. Stand your ground. Speak your truth. Know your power and use it. This is not a time to be complacent or sit idle while everything around deconstructs. Great analysis, observation, and a restructuring is all happening right now. Be a part of it and make decisions now before those decisions have been made for you.

One’s temperament must not be stifled by those who instilled the psychological belief that anger is not allowed. Anger is the very fuel that drives ones passion, motivates ones actions, from the very essence of the soul that knows the true meaning of right from wrong, and love from hate. It is the emotion that not only puts one in check to how they really feel, but is an indicator of great injustices one witnesses, that one desires to change. It is a necessary tool, that was masked long ago as a taboo emotion that no one should utilize. This was witnessed throughout the week, with the changing of their narrative, to shame Justice Kavanaugh for having such feelings, and give the impression that he crossed a boundary. It is not allowed in “their system”, as they want people to be submissive, unless of course they are using them for their own benefits…then they want them to be raging animals.

Do not be fooled by their systems, agendas, and twisted narratives. It’s a psychological cesspool they want everyone swimming circles in. Step outside of this pool, take a breath of fresh air, know thyself, and know you are far more powerful than they want you to believe. The soul already knows this.

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Laurie

    Wow! Very powerful article! And very good editing too I might add. I only found 1 typo (but most people are too ignorant to notice. Lol) Anyway, I am now a fan! Thanks for sharing this. I was just feeling frustrated about being in a Democrat state. You give me a renewed hope and a well needed burst of patriotism!! Bravo!

  • Bernard Sansaricq

    Great article! Bravo for our patriotic Senators. Kavanaugh will be a great Supreme Court Justice! Corey you always have great articles! Congratulations!

  • Bob Bishop

    What hypocrites the Democrats are who say all women should be unconditionally believed. But not a peep about Mary Joe Kopecky’s death for over four decades.

  • Scott D lyman

    “Republicans are standing their ground, speaking THEIR truth” . “speak YOUR truth”
    Can we avoid these liberal ideas. ONE TRUTH, not yours or mine, the truth DOES NOT CHANGE!!!
    Love the article otherwise and agree wholeheartedly.

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