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    The Solution Series: Financial Strategies During Wartime with Catherine Austin Fitts

    “I’m really big on prayer and also intuition. I’ve discovered, both for building a better map and for navigating an increasingly dangerous physical environment, our intuition really can guide us.” ~ Catherine Austin Fitts Please login to watch the full episode and access subscriber-only content.Not a subscriber yet? You are invited to join here! By Corey Lynn and James White Few people command as much respect for their financial industry knowledge, expertise, successes, and class as Catherine Austin Fitts, and even fewer have gone head-to-head with a corrupt government. Today, everyone is in a battle to protect their families and communities against those perpetrating agendas against humanity. Catherine joins us to share her incredible wisdom and provide the tools and knowledge we need to engage in the battle. Though Catherine needs no introduction, she is the founder of The Solari Report and managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC.…


    Dig It! with Special Guest Catherine Austin Fitts

    This week on Dig It! we brought my dear friend Catherine Austin Fitts on to discuss where the globalists are at with their Central Bank Digital Currency agenda, the overall financial and economic system, where we are heading, ways we can stop it, how to protect ourselves and build our communities, and so much more. You won’t want to miss this episode! WATCH HERE: Be sure to go to Catherine’s site and explore a wealth of information, tools, and resources at The Solari Report. Bookmark her handy silver and gold calculator. Dig It! Podcast also available on:GabTV: Radio: Subscribe to Corey’s Digs so you don’t miss a Dig!


    Can Bitcoin Circumvent Economic Tyranny?

    Dr. Joseph Mercola hosted a phenomenal discussion between finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts and Aleksandar Svetski, editor of Bitcoin Times magazine, to talk about the breakdown of our economy and potential solutions. This was an incredible exchange of information and insights on our current financial system, concerns and questions about how we navigate as a society while tyranny is coming down in full force, and debates on Bitcoin’s role. Both were in agreement on many aspects, but disagreed on some points, while sharing their thoughts and knowledge with a show of respect for one another and a desire to continue this collaboration further with a common goal for all – achieving individual sovereignty. Dr. Mercola breaks down the story at-a-glance: Finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts and Aleks Svetski, editor of Bitcoin Times magazine, discuss the breakdown of our economy and potential solutions Svetski believes Bitcoin not only is the answer…


    Pfizer/FDA Corruption, Lethal Batches, and Autopsies Reveal Covid-19 Jab Genocide

    Not only were Pfizer’s trials a fraud, but the FDA knowingly approved it, putting millions of people at high risk. This report will show how autopsies reveal that the Covid-19 jabs are in fact killing otherwise healthy people, how there were intentional lethal batches released, and provide an incredible tool showing Pfizer trial fraud and the FDA’s negligence, so that people are armed with some of the most critical data to date in order to fight against this tyranny. • Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Dr. Mike Yeadon confirmed that 90% of vaccine side effects came from less than 10% of the batch lots, which is documented and calculated directly from CDC’s VAERS, and means the batches do not contain the same ingredients. This shows solid evidence of foul play that was done intentionally, and is the biggest smoking gun to date. • Death by Covid jab is not being tracked…

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    Catherine Austin Fitts Planet Lockdown 2nd Full Interview

    In this second interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, she explains how the central bankers are using governments around the world to implement a new system that will ultimately lead to slavery. Once you see this, you will understand the importance to resist now, before it’s too late. Be sure to read the related material below as well. Watch the full interview. Watch Catherine’s first Planet Lockdown interview from January 20, 2021. Follow Catherine’s work on The Solari Report. Related Material: The Key Implementers of Your Digital Identity onto The Blockchain (4-part report) Financial Takeover & Your Bank Account – BlackRock, Envestnet/Yodlee, and The Federal Reserve Covid-19 Resources: Medical, Legal, Forms, Jobs & Other Critical Information (all 3 forms Catherine mentioned are on this resource page) Tracking Legal Action & Legislation Against Covid-19 Mandates 15 BIG SOLUTIONS to Survive and Thrive Through Tyranny Make A Statement! Grab a shirt from Corey’s…

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