Dig It! with Special Guest Catherine Austin Fitts

This week on Dig It! we brought my dear friend Catherine Austin Fitts on to discuss where the globalists are at with their Central Bank Digital Currency agenda, the overall financial and economic system, where we are heading, ways we can stop it, how to protect ourselves and build our communities, and so much more. You won’t want to miss this episode!


Be sure to go to Catherine’s site and explore a wealth of information, tools, and resources at The Solari Report. Bookmark her handy silver and gold calculator.

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  • KK Down

    Whatever the news was in the background was really annoying. I couldn’t tell if it was sniffing or shuffling papers around. It definitely wasn’t CAF because I could see her. Other than that BRILLIANT as usual Ladies! Thank you for making the world a better place!

    • Corey Lynn

      Yes, we are aware. It was Catherine’s mic rubbing against her clothes. During the recording, it was so subtle we could hardly hear it and we only heard it a handful of times, and didn’t want to interrupt her. Unfortunately, on playback it was far more often and audible.

  • Shannon

    The way you beat evil and not lose LOVE is to vote a comedian like Jimmy Dore for President.
    He tells it like it is and has a laugh about it.

  • Lia

    Thanks for this, great interview. At about 45:00, the talk is about the election. CAF feels that if DeSantis is the candidate they will win big. My question is… what about the Dominion machines? If they (along with all the other illegal methods) are still in use, is a landslide even possible? It gives me hope to hear her say this, however, I am very nervous about those machines, ballot boxes, etc.

  • Barbara Guillette

    How do we get in touch and find out who our sheriff is? I know it should be easy but targeting burns you out.
    Regards Barbara Guillette( memoir)

  • marie

    Please can you let me have Catherine’s Web Site Address ? I couldnt catch what she said.
    Look forward to your reply

  • Rob

    During the conversation with C.A. Fitts (2022 July 1), Corey Lynn asked about how to obtain a cell phone with enhanced privacy, or reduced “phoning home” to Big Tech or Big Brother, or how to alter an existing phone to achieve that functionality. I recommend that she watch the myriad videos created by Mr. Rob Braxman (known as “Internet Privacy Guy” through his channel “Rob Braxman Tech” on Youtube and Odysee) about cell phones, their designed-in data collections/transmissions, and many related topics. Braxman sells a custom-programmed “Brax-II” phone with enhanced privacy features, as well as Android phones re-flashed with alternative third-party firmware which provides similar features. There are a few other companies which sell similar products, mostly based upon Android-compatible phones which have no Google services installed, called a “de-Googled” phone (Braxman mentions these other competing products in his videos). Unfortunately, Apple products cannot be altered to achieve the desired privacy enhancements, contrary to Apple claims. I recently purchased a new cell phone for my own use, removed its stock firmware and flashed it with alternative firmware, resulting in a “de-Googled” phone, which works fine for my needs (the procedure can be tricky, and one might “brick” the phone if not done correctly). This will work with a limited number of phone models, and may also depend upon cellular services/carriers in the user’s geographical area. Typically, the phone models this can work with are not the most recent or most high-end models, but are very usable units. As Braxman repeatedly emphasizes, the key to maintaining enhanced privacy is to remove, or at least obfuscate, one’s “real” identity from the transmissions emanating from the device as much as possible; adopting alternative identities for particular purposes is another strategy in pursuit of privacy. The variety of techniques requires a re-thinking of one’s customary use of the full range of electronic devices which can make online connections; one is to minimize use of cellular, and migrate to computer use instead where possible (laptop/desktop), using specific techniques there also.

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