Can Bitcoin Circumvent Economic Tyranny?

Dr. Joseph Mercola hosted a phenomenal discussion between finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts and Aleksandar Svetski, editor of Bitcoin Times magazine, to talk about the breakdown of our economy and potential solutions. This was an incredible exchange of information and insights on our current financial system, concerns and questions about how we navigate as a society while tyranny is coming down in full force, and debates on Bitcoin’s role. Both were in agreement on many aspects, but disagreed on some points, while sharing their thoughts and knowledge with a show of respect for one another and a desire to continue this collaboration further with a common goal for all – achieving individual sovereignty.

Dr. Mercola breaks down the story at-a-glance:

  • Finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts and Aleks Svetski, editor of Bitcoin Times magazine, discuss the breakdown of our economy and potential solutions
  • Svetski believes Bitcoin not only is the answer to economic tyranny, but to individual sovereignty, while Fitts believes central bank control mechanisms are still at play within it
  • Fitts argues for building a new economy based on health, cooperation, peace and transparency, and recommends investing in things that will keep you alive
  • Svetski argues that in order to build any of the above, we must start with an incorruptible foundation. The “language of value” (money) cannot be owned or issued by any man-made political authority; it must emerge organically as a transparent, voluntary ‘constitution in code’
  • A major hurdle is overcoming the globalists’ mind control and propaganda influence. Everyone agreed that this is why people must be educated across multiple dimensions, not just money, but health, individuality, philosophy, ethics, economics and more
  • Fitts believes a successful transition requires preventing the control grid from coming into place, and clawing back the money that has been stolen. Since 1998, at least $21 trillion, and perhaps as much as $100 trillion, has been stolen from the U.S. government

I highly recommend everyone watch this thought-provoking and intriguing discussion, and think about how we can all collaborate together to create and build systems that will ensure our freedom and independence from the control grid the globalists want to lock us into. If you have ideas and suggestions, please comment below.

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  • Gabriel

    So many important points by Catherine.

    “The 80% aren’t lemmings to be hated they’re the people we need to fight for”
    “We need people-centric solutions, not tool centric solutions”

    As someone who’s watched Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency ecosystem (they are not as separate as he would make it sound) for a few years I had noticed a lack of success in the tools truly making people freer.
    In defense of Bitcoin I think a stronger point he could have made was that taking over the current system isn’t an easy feat. There could be some worthwhile discussion on how Bitcoin could be improved or how people could get together to use it for specific purposes.
    The “lightning network” hasn’t made Bitcoin better but has only created new challenges for non-technical users and many more potential pitfalls.

    Unfortunately the problem of supporting people is quite dire. As Catherine points out decades of sabotage it’s disheartening to know just how challenging it is going to be. I don’t believe Bitcoin is the answer. Being able to transact securely on unsecure platforms defeats the purpose.

    I’ve started following Aral Balkan and his concept of the small web. It doesn’t solve commerce, but it’s a mindset that I believe us technologists need to focus on to improve the interenet. Not as a total solution to the fight, but as a partial answer.

  • Judith Lavendar

    I know Catherine has her eyes on the old Rothschild bankers et al but I’m more worried about the Chinese. For over thirty years they have been inserting themselves into our center. The media is to blame for all the misinformation on the left and this we have half the population brainwashed. Where are our own truckers? All it takes to close off a main highway is four trucks.

  • Randy Hilton

    Steller discussion. Thanks, Corey, for sharing!

    I’m on my tractor, on my farm, having recently become a food producer. I guess I’m one of the 100 that Alecsandar refers to and I know I’m part of the solution that Catherine refers to. Hearing them talk about this is a huge confirmation to me (not that I need confirmation . . . . I’m smart enough to support Corey on Patreon so there’s that! 😀 )

    * Aleksandar wins the debate on BTC but Catherine is correct, it’s a tool.
    *Catherine is right to think that Mr. Global is a danger BUT both Catherine and Aleksandar are seekng a “perfect” solution. As long as humans are involved, there never will be one.

    I can’t wait for part two!

  • Claude

    wooooffffff… I don’t know about you Catherine, but for me… it got really difficult listening to Aleksandar Svetski’s monologue, trying to control the whole “dialog” with pre-answered questions, not able to listen and challenge his own Dogma. Me, myself & I. Scared little boy, affraid of his own ignorance. Ego debate.

    I trade crypto daily for a few years, still not an expert, but enough to recognize that Bitcoin may have had the appearance of “infiltrate” the economy and proove that it’s there to stay, but reality is that the big boys HAVE infiltrated (and use) Bitcoin (and other cryptos). It’s is noticeable in many correlation between cryptos and the SP500 and other assets. Very similar to gold’s value manipulation, the big boys are able to manipulate cryptos, as they wish.

    Catherine, I share so much your views and conclusions. Humans, manipulation, taxes. Sponsoring our own prisons.

    “How brainwashing and mind control works ?” you asked. (oh but Master Svetski has studied 12 years of psychology, he know about it. He’s probably read tons of books… but no life experience of confronting his own programming. He’d probably believe that he know about giving birth because he studied pediatry… geeezzzz)

    Ok, enough wasting time… back to your question, Catherine.

    That question is soooo fundamental, it determines all that follows. And yet, it’s a question that is not addressed in school, in parenthood, in most (if not all) cultures. Most humans are like fish, unaware that they are living in water (and polluted water, on top of that).

    It reminds me… people in modern civilisation do not deal, in the immediate, with the consequences of their decisions/actions. Consequences are deffered. As oppose to people living in “nature”, where consequences are quite immediate, and one cannot hide from learning in order to survive.

    It also reminds me of a documentary “Schooling the World (2010)”, which exposes the role of education in domesticating people & cultures to fit with the western world.

    “people, after a certain age, can not be taken out of the matrix” (Matrix)

    I must agree with Mercola, only a minority will/may come out (get out) , and the majority of humans are not able to adapt to/create a new reality (not the global one) … a reality detached from the old “normal”. But my view may not materialize.

    “How brainwashing and mind control works ?” from my perspective, it all starts with our childhood’s environment. I consider myself lucky, No TV (barely), no computer games, no smartphones, living in the country with fields of crops and a river. My neighbor’s kids, 5 & 6 years old, both have a smartphone, and spend a lot of time playing with them. I spent a few months in an hotel in Mx, and regularly I could watch parents with a kid or two sitting at a table having dinner, each one watching their own smartphone.

    But nothing’s new, it all started with the radio, then the television, then internet…

    I stumbled on a book “The Invasion from Mars – A Study in the Psychology of Panic, 1940, Hadley Cantril, Albert Cantril” which studied the panic of the people in the US, while & after listening to a radio broadcast of Orson Welles novel’s “War Of The Worlds” in 1938. People just paniqued, convinced earth was being invaded by martians. Sound’s too familiar.

    Technology has evolved too much, humans have evolved… too little… so little that they have lost all perspective.

    If there’s a part 2, maybe you could take the lead, with your team and put some perspective in the exchange, because “Bitcoin” is only an temporary experiment filled with hopium for believers. And will, with time, be fully exploited by the big boys… because that’s what they do.

    Just my grain of salt.
    Thx Catherine.

  • Claude

    One last thought, about creative solution.
    (to follow-up on Corey’s wishes)

    The only solution I can see, based on my experience of living (and observation), is a crisis, coupled with a profound will to survive and learn. (a contructive surrounding does help).

    Every human has gone through personal crisis, and some fall, and some rise. But from then on, something inside has changed. Our perception change. Self perception… and perception of the world.

    Reminds me of the book “The Shock Doctrine” (Naomi Klein… yes I know, she seems to have turned to the big boys… but still, this book is quite relevant today). In which she described how crisis (natural & created) is used to implement desired changes (by the big boys) in society.

    It certainly doesn’t hurt to explore solutions, alternatives, other views. But I suspect that more and stronger crisis need be for people to learn about their own responsibility in the (and their) current situation… before solutions may be applied.

    It’s like a toothache that I endure, endure and endure until it’s too late to save the tooth and it must be extracted.


  • Steffen Sølling

    Mr. Global has already hijacked and sabotaged Bitcoin BTC. Mr. Global has been acting in the form of MasterCard (through Digital Currency Group) and The Bilderberg Group (through Blockstream). See more details on

    BTC has been turned from a well functioning peer-to-peer digital cash system into a peer-to-trusted third party-to-peer speculative asset / payment system where the Lightning Network channel is the trusted third party, a type of institution which Mr. Global can use to control people. BTC is no longer Bitcoin.

    Steffen Sølling
    Founder of in 2015

  • elliot

    mastercard gained control of the bitcoin code and most other crypto when DCG was formed in 2016 or about then.
    there is still hope though, as joem @StormisUponUs said in july 2019:
    “The 2 bitcoin forks since it was invented were instigated by the deep state to take control of it, and now every move on BTC and BCH is manipulated. The original is the only free one” he is talking about BSV which is constantly under attack and censored from most exchanges.

  • elliot

    Lightning network is a 3rd party that sits between you and the recipient. Ever wonder why @jack from twitter is hyping BTC? because he will be running a money transmitter service on the lightning network.
    Satoshi didnt release Lightning, he released a complete version of Bitcoin that did not need developers to change it.

    do your research. Visit and see who are the investors.
    you will see AXA. who was head of AXA? Henri de Castries who is also head of the Bilderberg group.
    google it.

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