Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium 5: In The Midst of Darkness Light Prevails

Doctors for Covid Ethics hosts their fifth symposium to provide important updates on topics surrounding Covid. The symposium addresses topics such as: the fundamental flaws of mRNA vaccine technology, legal updates on Covid shots, getting away from the control grid, protecting and defending doctors, mass atrocities in the era of Covid, and the power of transparency.

It is critical to get this information out to the public. Viewers can watch and share the Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium 5 in the link provided here or in the embedded video below. Corey Lynn provides information regarding privileges and immunities of organizations involved in the control grid at the 2:54:00 mark.

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  • Barbara Guillette

    I have a pamphlet The Nuremberg Code,, I suggest everyone read it and send to Klaus and Charles Schwab
    They need to read it to,maybe a letter enclosed. To tell them we do not like sneaky stupid Nazis, and we think some ideas are good but depopulation while throwing gender crap, pedophilia ,school shootings and other trauma distracting stuff at us so you can hide behind the green curtain and use the digital economy to completely control us. Why ? Because Heinz Kissinger in his report was concerned about natural resources running out? ,,milton Friedmans concept in Chili, to kill off everyone who opposed Pinochet, Friedman was told he could never get away with it in the US but they are Slo-mo , boiling the frog. or is that another covid excuse,, you people can’t even control yourselves, never mind us.

  • Diann Bowen

    As always Corey, thank you for all the great work you do and information you provide for us.
    As more of us pure bloods are learning the ramifications and having life experiences there is a growing concern about blood donations and transfusions. Have you done any serious digs on this subject?
    Personally I am not a fan of excepting anyone else’s blood but my own.

  • Becky S Griffith

    I am very interested if and when the give us information about clearing this shot from our bodies, the grapheme, for instance.

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