30 More Ways to Die From a Heart Attack According to “Experts” and “Media”

According to “experts” and their allies in the media, the recent rise in heart attacks must be due to anything but the Covid injection.  These so-called “experts” are working at “the speed of science” to come up with every excuse under the sun, other than the most obvious reason, for the rise in fatal heart conditions.  Here are 30 of the most absurd excuses we’ve found.

By Corey Lynn and The Sharp Edge

Climate change is the cause of all our problems!  Don’t ask any pesky questions about how the experimental gene therapy could cause heart attacks.  Just “trust the science” or you’re a climate denier!

1) Climate change affects heart health

2) New ‘highly reactive’ chemical in Earth’s atmosphere triggering heart diseases and (of course) contributing to global warming

Hot weather, cold weather, solar storms, daylight savings… it doesn’t matter.  For every season, there is a reason for the rise in fatalities (other than the Covid injection of course!)  Did you know there is a “stroke season”?  Well, that’s what the “experts” say, so it must be true.

3) Hotter nights and increased risk of death from heart disease

4) Millions at risk from humid weather

5) Cold weather can cause blood clots and heart attacks

6) Shoveling snow could cause sudden death

7) Solar storms causing thousands of heart-related deaths each year

8) Daylight savings may increase chance of heart disease, strokes

9) “Stroke Season”

Whatever age, attribute, or mood, there’s an excuse for you! Young, old, tall, healthy, sick, active, happy, lonely, stressed – according to the “experts” the “silent killer” could strike anyone.  Definitely DO NOT ask “What do these diverse groups have in common?”  (Turns out, even sarcasm increases your risk. If that’s the case, I’d better see a doctor quick!) 

10) Any teenager can have a heart attack

11) Heart attacks striking ‘fit and healthy’ young women

12) Lonely older women at greater risk of heart attack

13) Taller people may have a higher risk  

14) It’s Covid (not the jab) linked to spike in heart attacks

15) Physical activity may increase heart attack risk

16) Happy Heart Syndrome: Even positive stress can affect the heart

17) Pandemic stress leading to heart attacks

18) Energy bill price rises may cause heart attack and strokes

19) Flight delays increase risk of silent killers

20) Being sarcastic puts you at greater risk of a heart attack

It seems wherever you live or whatever you do, the “experts” have an excuse for why a “sudden death” might strike you.  Do you live in a noisy area? Guess what? You may be at risk!  Do you fall asleep with the TV on?  You guessed it.  You’re at risk!  Don’t watch an exciting movie.  You might be at risk!  And you can forget about scrolling through social media, playing video games, or sports.  If you thought gardening was safe, you were WRONG!

21) Do YOU live under a flight path? You may be at risk of a heart attack

22) Falling asleep with the TV on could bring early death

23) ‘Excitement-induced heart attack’ while watching a movie

24) Anti-vax misinformation on social media may be causing more deaths and side effects

25) Video games may trigger rare heart attacks in kids

26) Shower habits could take the blame for heart attacks

27) It’s commotio cordis (not the jab) causing athletes to collapse

28) Gardeners at increased risk of killer heart disease

We know that “you are what you eat” and unhealthy diets can lead to heart disease, but what about eggs?  For centuries, eggs have provided a healthy source of protein to billions of people, right?  WRONG! Just as egg prices soar – due to the culling of more than 40 million egg-laying hens over a bird flu scare, plus a massive fire destroying a giant commercial egg farm, and strange reports of chicken feed causing low egg production – the “scientists” have warned that eggs may be the cause of deadly blood clots. Their timing is uncanny! That’s what we call “the speed of science!”

29) Eggs linked to risk of blood clots

So, according to the “experts” you should skip those eggs for breakfast.  But wait! Don’t skip breakfast altogether!  That too could increase your risk! 

30) Heart attack: Does skipping breakfast increase your heart risk?

You get the picture. The so-called “experts” and their friends in the media are covering up adverse events and deaths caused by the Covid injections, but by all means – keep “trusting the science.”

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  • Shannon

    I would challenge that idea that eggs cause clotting. There are new posts going around about eggs having the benefits of the yolks to combat the spike proteins, which is why they murdered all those hens at that egg farm.

    Wish I could copy the images here, but it didn’t work.

  • Scott A. Osborne

    30 More Ways to Die…Excellent article. It shows there is a coordinated, global campaign to eliminate any connection between the “vaccines” and heart problems. Amazing on one hand, but it should no longer surprise us on the other.

  • Marcus

    I’m beginning to think they think most humans have an IQ slightly above room temperature or that many people do indeed have an IQ slightly above room temperature.

  • James

    Thanks Corey.
    Society in general needs to get rid of useless professions such us this kind of journalists/writers who do not add anything of value to a society. Only independent investigative journalism like the one Corey practicess add values to us. In fact all the entertaining industry should be eliminated, but of course this not what our controllers want.

  • Michael A Stilinovich

    I’m just so overwhelmed by the increase in my friends and associates dying or having major health issues.
    It’s causing exorbate amounts of stress including loss of sleep, poor eating habits and a littany of other issues.
    The first thing in the morning I’m going to consult an expert. 😂 😂 😂 Fat chance, I don’t want have a heart attack.

  • Jeffrey Cassel MD

    Right you are, Marcus! By definition 1/2 of the population have double digit IQs and decades of careful selective breeding have certainly skewed the curve heavily to the right.

  • Jim

    Is this a kid in candy store modeling for adults? Give one or two choices of candy and boom at rapid speed the kid will pick.

    Present 10, 30 or more choices of candy and the kid is a deer frozen in headlights unable to think… what to pick. Same in a toy store. Watch the frustrated parent telling the kid to hurry up and pick one toy.

  • Judy D

    After reading all of the things that cause heart attacks, I should be dead by now!! Where are the articles that include the dangers of the jab? They are out there but try to find them!
    Journalism is no longer Journalism. It has become a puppet for those with power and money. According to some articles on the Internet, there are 5 ethics in Journalism:
    1. Truth and Accuracy
    2. Independence
    3. Fairness and Impartiality
    4. Humanity
    5. Accountability
    One is hard-pressed to find these things in Journalism today!
    Thank you Corey for all of your “digging” to bring honest journalism to the people!

  • Jenna

    Some of these things are true..
    But that’s not what’s going on, on a grand scale. And some of these are not 100% accurate, there is more to it. And the vaccine is making people very sick and fatal for some. Keep trying, but it’s coming out. More so everyday.

  • LadyLifeGrows

    The most expert people were the vaccinologists. In Jan 2020, early in the human trials, these people said 100% of those who got even one mRNA injection would be dead within 3 years. 2023 is the third year. 2122 was worse than 2021, which saw a sharp rise in deaths. 2023 will be more tragic still.

    But no, the jabbed will NOT all die. All the ferrets died, all the mice died, all the monkeys died. They were fine at first, and died on exposure to wild virus.

    But people TALK. Dozens of physicians have been researching how to save the jabbed, and they are succeeding. My personal favorite is Dr. Henry Ealy. We need to hear what the winning doctors have to say.


  • Jimmy McDuffee

    Cory only one thing, yes there are big up ticks when we have big solar storms. All that energy affects those with heart problems, and brain problems also. Ben has talked about this for years, and has kept up with it. That does not make up for the fact that the jab is causing a ton of people to just drop dead especially those who are healthy. And yes they are dreaming up all kinds of crap to say no way it is the jab. Oh the many many lies, but I think it is coming to an end……….if war is not started to cover it all up????? Keep on flushing out the truth, many well wishes to you for all your work.

  • ange et démon

    🤣�you made my day; i just find your blog , i love it;

    yes, your observation is so right

    sorry my english is not good

    bests regards

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