A Glorious Synthetic World

I sipped my coffee while admiring the beautiful sunset the other day, and thought, what a glorious synthetic world we live in. It is breathtakingly marvelous! I imagined the millions of little satellites maneuvering across our atmosphere, 5G waves pulsating the skies, the birds circulating on turbine wings, and the grand spray of chemtrails dancing among the clouds.

It’s truly magnificent what great imaginations can achieve. The celebration of the fourth industrial revolution will be a day to remember. While towers and skyscrapers remind us of just how small we are, they can miraculously crumble to the ground in a single blow – by a plane. And while all the world is connected with a simple keystroke, the adventures that lie ahead through the virtual world will be so profound, who wouldn’t want this dream?

What was once a stroll through the park will take on a whole new experience, with every human being connected into a wireless field, while everything one needs is provided in just a short walk. The convenience is undeniable. Gene-edited produce, lab grown meat, and edible insect delicacies will be served up on a platter at everyone’s favorite gathering spot where no one will ever have to worry about crime because AI and cameras will have our back. We can all join in swapping stories from the holographic scripts distributed earlier that morning, as a sexy robot brings us our crunchy little critters to devour, with a side of aioli. And, the nutritional value is off the charts, so no need to swallow all those vitamins anymore! This level of saving the planet will make us all heroes. Who doesn’t want to be a real life hero?

Nighttime will be brilliant with festivities. Everyone can gather around the one central screen in their town to catch the nightly news giving us updates on tomorrow’s work schedule at the industrial palace, what will be served for dinner tomorrow night, and the times we are allowed to gather again. Every Sunday will be movie night – from the comfort of our micro-unit shared homes – plugged into our fancy VR headsets. Date night couldn’t be better! And the best part – instead of unhealthy popcorn and candy, our weekly dose of vaccines will be delivered right into our bloodstream from our stellar little chips that lie just below the surface of our tattooed hands, each with our own unique symbol identifying our true talents. We will all be beacons of health with no more need for mystery.

Some folks are really lucky because they get the benefit of working in the indoor vertical growing labor facilities, which means they get to help decide which gene-edited food product will be served at the next gathering. Others are fortunate to work at the monitoring stations to confirm that all autonomous passenger vehicles are operating smoothly by only allowing access to those whose chip boasts a score that everyone strives for. That means, those lucky dogs get to meet all the special people grabbing a ride. You could almost equate them to celebrities! Oh my gosh, the pure excitement of all of this has got me so worked up.

The only planes in the sky are private jets, so it’s so much more peaceful. And, trains are strictly for moving product from town to town, with exception of the enforcers. You have to work really hard to become an enforcer, but get to travel to other towns, and the benefits are so fantastic because not every town is the same, so you get to experience the true essence of the Great Reset. For example, there is one town that is so far ahead of the game – they have incredible transhuman individuals who make us humans seem subpar. They are smarter, stronger, more beautiful, and can outlive any human. Who wouldn’t want that?

I’m told they are working on creating synthetic pets as well. What these geniuses can do with DNA is out of this world! They’ve even promised to give us synthetic babies since we can no longer breed. It’s truly remarkable! Now we’ll have synthetic meat, produce, humans, pets, skies, entire surroundings, and with AI implants just imagine what we can accomplish?

Come to think of it – one day soon the entire world will be synthetic, and no one will know what’s real, what’s imagined, or what’s implanted. Oh well – let’s get this show on the road! I just hope we get garlic salt with our crickets.

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  • Grumpy

    Clever angle Corey. If this article was sent to every person on the planet, it would be more effective at quickly opening their eyes, rather than just telling people the facts/truth. Sadly however, there will be a percentage of the world’s population that would consider this scenario to be their Utopia (despite retaining a class system).
    Well written, keep them coming…

  • James Patterson

    Very well said, sad but true! Surely this is where we are headed. I believe (sadly) about a third of our population have no clue, a third are ok with this and about a third who are awake! Keep up the great work and keep pressing forward exposing the truth!

  • Lynne Andrews

    Corey Lynn,
    Did I dream this or did you write it? I’m NOT joking when I ask, because I looked up into the sky this week and wondered the SAME things you’ve written. Of course , I’ve followed you but these past few weeks ( other than my not ” recognizing my own daughter for the first time,;im feeling the great disconnect) have been somewhat idyllic compared to summer of 2020.
    I took so many photos with my iPhone of skies that do not look ” real!” That’s when the thought took me there: is this a ” simulated sky?
    Thank you for validating my own thoughts !

  • Dave

    You have a good wit and what you said is coming.
    Your article made me think of a George Orwell quote.
    “A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial: that is, when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud.”
    Our society is becoming artificial and synthetic, is just artificial, but sounds better.

  • Kurt Anderson

    Being an outsider/rebel/non conformist/deplorable type they will never get me to go along with their dystopian nightmare. If you think about it these creatures have already declared war on us. The way we win is we say no. As Ike once said, no plan survives enemy contact. They have made themselves my enemy. Their plans will not work on any of us that resist. We are Americans and we always find a way. Faith, tenacity, kindness and love are the answer.

  • Leonie

    Yep sure sounds wonderful doesn’t it. Can’t wait for all this to come about. I’m excited as a little kid in a candy store – wait, no more candy, damn, Someone’s not playing fair.😢 (All purely sarcasm on my behalf). I hope I’m well in my grave before this all comes to fruition!

  • Michael HE Keuppens

    Brave New World,but didn’t we deserve our own
    Synthetic Drugs in case we are not happy enough?

    MDNA,LSD,Meth-Amphetamine,…etc All but
    Cannabis because that’s not Synthetic Enough
    For Us,that’s So Ordinary Natural,we of course
    Deserve better than Natural Highs

  • Charmaine Warrior

    None of this will happen if we do not comply. Everything has happened because the majority keep accepting their offers. Our society and governments are a reflection of our own behaviour to ourselves. How we are within ourselves affects the outer reality. Constantly waiting for the revolution to happen outside, keeps us in a state of pointless hope and feeling victim to our citcimstances. We need to have the revelation of how very magnificent and powerful we are as individuals by creating our own reality from within. It’s time we became responsible for our own well being and not depend on this ludicrous system. By using our imagination to create a reality that is for the benefit of the collective consciousness and not allow the minority in power to dictate how our reality will go, we can change this endless slave mentality cycle. We can turn this reality upside down to benefit the whole population on this planet. There is little time left as we enter the next cycle of our evolution. But we still can birth a new reality as healthy, honest & peaceful, rather than comply to their story which is to evolve us into dysfunctional retards who cannot think for themselves.
    The Ira Levin book must have inspired the film The Giver. The system needs their plans to be fed into our consciousness to maintain us in a state of fear & hopelessness. Huxley & Orwell did a fine job of that. Our biggest weapon is to laugh & dismiss their ideas as no(n)sense and build within our own structure a reality we wish to nurture and grow. It starts with a seed and with consistent care and attention, we will see the fruits of our labour. The more we focus on what we DO want the less we will see what we don’t want.

  • Margie Kinslow

    You are awesome at bringing the realities of the future like a 2×4 right between our eyes!
    America wake up!!!
    Oh, and I thought it had been proven that missiles hit the Twin Towers and Pentagon.

  • Laya

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

    King James Version (KJV)

  • greg

    such stunning prose, the accuracy of which remains to be seen. it saddens me deeply to see all these people who seem to capitulate that “it’s coming” all i can say is: as long as you have any amount of self control left, do not let it come!!

  • Nikki

    And yet
    We are the ones paying for and being stollen from and being tricked into thinking we need this crap and assisting them in putting that noose around our own necks, until one rebellious move and your arse is grass!

    As usual Corey Lynn, you say it how I am always thinking it, read minds much?

    Awesome piece Corey.

    Lynn Andrews and Corey, I crap you not, I did and thought the exact same thing this week too.

    We got the rebel gene I’m sure that they talk of- is God’s gift to us.
    I’m also sure we are connected by other means it only way I can explain our synchronicity.

    Our souls and brains are so powerful abd powerfully connected I believe we can connect through telepathy a, just listen.

    I don’t think the movie or game Assassin’s Creed was made for nothing- there is truth in there. If you watch it listen carefully.

    To others here, yes they have been showing us their vision for decades in movies to gather consent- we say or do nothing then we consent, they then can bring in their wishes by free will.

    Why do you think these disgusting sick ashls love and revere Tarantino? Stephen King, push Harry Potter, lord of the rings. They want blood, gore, war, unrest through segregation using racism big time now as a major weapon against each other. Everything on Television now, each program, movie, documentary everything has violence or violent associations and it sexual and sexualisation of kids and teens, even Ads now are full of it especially when linking images quickly together it’s all sexualised while also pushing product. It’s everywhere. Programming us, scaring us but Remember it’s All Smoke and Mirrors!!!

    Love you All in my way.

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