The Solution Series

    A Glorious Synthetic World

    I sipped my coffee while admiring the beautiful sunset the other day, and thought, what a glorious synthetic world we live in. It is breathtakingly marvelous! I imagined the millions of little satellites maneuvering across our atmosphere, 5G waves pulsating the skies, the birds circulating on turbine wings, and the grand spray of chemtrails dancing among the clouds. It’s truly magnificent what great imaginations can achieve. The celebration of the fourth industrial revolution will be a day to remember. While towers and skyscrapers remind us of just how small we are, they can miraculously crumble to the ground in a single blow – by a plane. And while all the world is connected with a simple keystroke, the adventures that lie ahead through the virtual world will be so profound, who wouldn’t want this dream? What was once a stroll through the park will take on a whole new experience,…

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