TAKE ACTION: Steps to Secure Financial Freedom

By The Sharp Edge

From the looming financial crisis to the threat of global war, not to mention the potential release of ‘Disease X,’ or the weaponization of governments against the people as we head into elections… this year has promised to be a wild ride. 

The relentless attacks on our sovereignty are coming from every angle, making it easy for the public to get divided, disoriented, and distracted.  However, this is not the time to deviate from our critical mission.  It is precisely the time to focus on the central planners’ end game, which is totalitarian control of the people through a ‘Great Reset’ of the financial system.

We the people have the power to cripple their tyrannical agenda by taking four simple steps in our daily lives: educating ourselves and others, engaging with lawmakers and leaders, investing in financial freedoms, and building on successes.  This report will outline these four steps to empower the public to take action against the globalists’ schemes.

Step 1: Educate Ourselves & Others

The first step to fighting for financial freedom must be to educate ourselves and others about the central planners’ agenda for total control through a new global financial system.  It’s important that we share this critical information with as many people as possible.  Here are some excellent resources to gain background knowledge about the threat we are facing.

The Threat of Financial Transaction Control – the Solari Report

BIS Blueprint = Global Control of ALL Assets, Information & People – Corey’s Digs

The Rise & Risks of Central Bank Digital Currencies – Corey’s Digs

The key difference with the CBDC is the central bank will have absolute control” – Agustin Carstens, BIS General Manager, ‘The Threat of Financial Transaction Control,’ the Solari Report, February 24, 2024.

I get why China would be interested. Why would the American people be for that?” – Neel Kashkari, President of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve, ‘The Threat of Financial Transaction Control,’ the Solari Report, February 24, 2024.

The central planners want to increase their power over our lives” – Respected Economist and Professor Richard Werner, ‘Professor Richard Werner discusses CBDCs at Capital Club Dubai,’ Fintech Surge, November 28, 2023.

Step 2: Engage With Lawmakers & Leaders

Next, we must stay informed about the fights for financial freedom happening across America and engage with lawmakers to encourage bold action.  This is arguably the most important step.  While several states have led the charge to secure financial freedom, many other states have a duty to their citizens to follow suit without delay.  It’s our job to respectfully insist that our state representatives model new bills after successful legislation in other states that secures financial freedom and blocks the tyrannical takeover.  A few ways to stay up to date on the pushback happening in states and connect with representatives can be found below. 

The Greater Taking and How to Stop It – the Solari Report

State Legislation and Actions, Pushback – the Solari Report

Sound Money News – Sound Money Defense League

Find Federal, State, and Local Elected Officials Here –

Aside from our engagement with lawmakers, we should support state attorneys general who are fighting against the weaponization of the financial system. Several state AGs are pushing back on the collusion among financial institutions to drive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as well as Net-Zero initiatives.  Some ongoing legal battles are highlighted below.

Tennessee Sues BlackRock in First-of-its-Kind Consumer Protection Suit over ESG – Tennessee Attorney General

Coalition of 22 State Attorneys General Warn Financial Service Providers of Antitrust Violations Over Net Zero Alliance – Tennessee Attorney General

21 State Attorneys General Pressure Top 50 Asset Managers on ESG and Net Zero Initiatives – Missouri Attorney General

25 State Attorneys General Sue Department of Labor Over Rule to Allow ESG Investments – Missouri Attorney General

Multistate Investigation of ESG Ratings Company for Consumer Fraud and Unfair Trade Practices – Texas Attorney General

19 State Attorneys General Pressure BlackRock Over Potentially Illegal ESG Investments – Texas Attorney General

Also, it is important that we unite with like-minded groups dedicated to the mission of securing financial freedom and individual liberties.  Together, we have much more power to shift the paradigm.  There are groups, such as Catherine Austin Fitts’s Financial Transaction Freedom 2024, who are spearheading initiatives to secure financial freedom in states.  Some examples of these groups and their initiatives are listed below.

FT2 Tour, Meeting with legislatures and subscribers to promote financial transaction freedom – Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report

Email updates on progress made in legislative and regulatory efforts – Financial Transaction Freedom 2024, the Solari Report

Allies – Whom to Support – the Solari Report

Our Money Our ValuesState Financial Officers Foundation

Step 3: Invest in Financial Freedom

Making changes to our personal finances that reflect our values and freedoms is another important step.  Using cash, supporting small business allies, as well as networking and banking locally are among many options to finance our friends while cutting off our adversaries.  Here are several solutions-based articles on ways to invest in our financial freedoms.

I Want to Stop CBDCs – What Can I Do? – Corey’s Digs, the Solari Report

5 Ways to Financial Security While Building Thriving Communities Outside The System – Corey’s Digs

22 Ways to Stop Vaccine ID Passports – Corey’s Digs

Buy & Sell Gold, Silver and Other Precious Metals – Corey’s Digs

Partners to Support – Corey’s Digs

Step 4: Build on Successes

Finally, we should celebrate our personal and collective successes and build on them, recognizing that each small victory gains ground in the continuing assault on individual liberties.  Rather than becoming complacent, every minor victory must renew our resolve to stay engaged in the fight because our adversaries will never stop their attempts for more power over our lives. Some recent successes to block the totalitarian takeover of the financial sector are listed below. It is now up to us to find ways to build on each of these successes.

A big victory against the woke takeover of American financial organizations” – Representative Thomas Massie

A “major victory to protect America’s land and resources” from globalist monetization and control – Corey’s Digs

S&P Announces Halt of ESG Scores – Missouri Attorney General

Why are more people using small banks and credit unions?” – Kiplinger

While the ongoing assaults on our sovereignty are designed to divide, disorient, and distract the public, we must remain focused on the crucial mission at hand and take action.  By staying informed, engaging with legislators, investing in our freedoms, and building on our victories, we have the power to block the central planners’ takeover of the financial system and fundamentally alter the course of society towards a future focused on the preservation of human dignity and individual liberties.

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  • Gerry_O'C

    Looks a great article Sharp!…looking forward to wading through it…the Carstens video, ‘Vision for the Future’ well, i guess i gotta real problem with this guy, i discover he’s really blocking out the view

  • Gerry_C

    …in fact i must add that, on the basis of the following quote, i googled just now…” ‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – for ever.’ This is one of the most famous quotations from George Orwell’s 1949 novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four. The words are spoken by O’Brien, the grand inquisitor of the totalitarian regime in Orwell’s novel.” …and i mean metaphorically, almost!…Carsten’s got that almost human face, and i got the boot …, there’s the image of the vision, however, ‘it’ won’t take forever!…well, i am joking!!!….and, i just heard Corey, i think close to the end of a 2021 interview i just found with , Laura Griffin? emphasize ‘you will ‘own’ nothing’…and it reverberated with me that ‘own’ is a cute and inverted acronym of ‘new world order’!…and mercifully, finally…my analogy of the gargoyles is apt, ’cause they are used as ‘water conveyors’….and Carstens really is taking the $€¥£ literally!…again, great work, Corey and Sharp!…i hope Corey is feeling better!…🙏➕🙏…

  • Gerry_O'C

    Here’s a video i think everyone ought to watch, if they haven’t already (assuming its ok to post links?!). Read the description in the link for a clear commentary and explanation. I was surprised when i came across an excerpt from this a couple of years ago, so here’s the extended version and it concerns the control of public response to the HINI pand mic of 2009…. … and here’s a link to what may prove important considerations in relation to the Declaration of Independence. I’m trying to get feedback on the validity of this. Americans need to read it, and perhaps investigate the background…
    … you’re getting solid results pushing back in ‘the States’…here in Europe, things don’t look that optimistic, as far as i can see. Edge, i’m not goin to comment after midnight, i goes haywire after then, so apologies if one comment veered off status quo!!! I’m probing your article slowly. I’d welcome feedback on the steemit article if possible. Also, the Colombian George Gammon did a great video on the BIS … … i intend to watch Corey’s…

  • Gerry_O'C

    Thanks for all the work you do Corey and Sharp! Your emphasis on intelligent resistance is gratefully appreciated! On that basis and representing a positive note from Éire, the controllers received notice that their assumed take over of our country is far from as conclusive as they appear convinced. The people resoundingly rebuffed the proposals of our Government and abetted by a rigorous propagandized approach to render two changes via Amendments 39 and 40 to Article 41 of our Constitution and intending deleterious changes to both of the existing concepts, through their wanton introduction of the Family Amendment and Care Amendment, the latter involving care by family members provided to one another.
    The latter also had envisaged the calculated removal of the terms ‘woman’ and ‘mothers’ from the afore mentioned constitution, and thereby intended to obstruct the existing and realistic interpretation of the ‘common good’. In fact, the result of the referendum, and its electorate’s count is almost complete tends to verifiy that the Irishman loves his mammy! The link directs to the specific details involved!…

  • Chris Yelley

    Hi Corey and Sharp,
    Love your assessment and insight. I did not see any mention of bitcoin as a method for financial freedom.!
    You might want to check out Rugpull radio from Badlands media on Rumble. They discuss how bitcoin can give us financial freedom.!
    Thanks again for your work.

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