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  • Deep State,  U.S.

    The Deep State Shakeup: Change is Beckoning

    The Deep State shakeup is in full swing, and all sides are throwing punches. The system is crumbling, and a new one is on the verge of emerging. This week brought explosive news, with big indicators of change ahead. With each new crack in the system, it creates an opening to be leveraged and altered.    What we are witnessing is a tearing down of a system rife with corruption, that’s long past due. The road ahead requires everyone breaking free from the old system, reaching within themselves, and creating a new way of living and functioning as a viable and prosperous country moving forward. If you are not accustomed to thinking outside the box, now’s the time to start. And, if you are not accustomed to exploring within, and being the creator that exists in you, now’s the time to introduce yourself. Cracks in The System We discussed these…

  • Deep State,  OPINION

    Kavanaugh’s Temperament Creates A Powerful Ripple Effect

    Temperament is the “buzzword” of the week, coming out of left field in a futile attempt to derail one of the most qualified men ever to be nominated to Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh. The Democrats would have you believe that displaying anger, speaking out, or standing up for oneself is the result of a man who’s temperament does not build public confidence. All the while, they stand at their podiums inciting others to show their rage and defiance, to take to the streets, to block Republicans from restaurants and public places, and have even gone so far as to encourage people to stalk them where they sleep. This political smear is not about standing up for one’s beliefs. In fact, this is harassment, and works against the very fabric of our system. The hearing in which Kavanaugh’s temperament was on display, was not only necessary in a time where…

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