World Holds Its Breath Over Election Shenanigans

By James Fitzgerald

Back in 2000, when liberals were partying in the streets celebrating the victory of President Elect Al Gore, three lawyers were drafted in to investigate the result — they were Brett Kavanaugh, Niel Gorsuch and Amy Coney Barrett. The rest is history. All three are now associate justices of the Supreme Court, appointed by President Trump. With that in mind, let us delve into some of the intriguing events surrounding the contested US Presidential election of 2020.

As we begin another week, the corporate media is rolling out editorials and forecasts on their choice of “president elect”, despite emerging evidence of widespread fraud in the election process, there is one prediction that is noticeably absent: that the election result announced by mainstream news outlets will be overturned. The supremacy of either candidate has not been as yet certified in any state, and courts are hearing challenges and various claims of fraud are emerging. Many states have not finished their counts, are being contested, and a lawsuit has already been filed in Pennsylvania. This is where it currently stands:

The sycophantic adulation of the Democrat candidate by the media and its gas-lighting of the public over President Trump’s apparent defeat grows by the day. Even on election night, some bizarre sights were broadcast live by the likes of CNN. Two of its commentators, standing before a screen of an election map were befuddled when the tallies suddenly jumped in the thousands for Biden as software kicked in. After a pause, one of the presenters made an unconvincing quip about the Democrat leader’s popularity. They seemed dazed by their own deceits.   

Never was it written in the Constitution that the media — and a hateful partisan one at that — would decide elections. And yet, taking their cue from Associated Press and the New York Times, several world leaders quickly delivered their congratulations to the Biden camp, among them Britain’s Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau of Canada, Emmanuel Macron of France and now Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. Big Tech, of course, has once again thrown its hat into the ring, with algorithms deployed at full force, patrolling the social cyberspace like an electronic Stasi.

Videos have been circulating on social media of postal workers or election officials damaging and discarding Trump ballots, which would in itself constitute serious felonies.

At the weekend, Rudy Giuliani, counsel for POTUS, told Maria Bartiromo on Fox News: “This is documented on videotape. There are upwards of 50 witnesses. And this will be the subject of a lawsuit that we file tomorrow for violating civil rights, for conducting an unfair election, for violating the law of the state, for treating Pittsburgh and Philadelphia different than the rest of the state, which is an equal protection violation, which goes under Bush versus Gore.”

A poll watcher in Philadelphia, interviewed on OAN, spoke about restrictions to access at the convention center on voting day. “You’d have to have had X-Ray vision to see any ballots being counted in Philly,” he told Chanel Rion.

Computer “glitches” have been reported in AZ, NV, CA, MI, WI, GA, NC, PA but not in OH or FL. By this reckoning, the software had a preference for the color blue.

Finally, on Tuesday, Attorney General William Barr authorized federal prosecutors across the US to pursue “substantial allegations” of voter fraudIn the wake of this announcement, Richard Pilger, director of the Election Crimes Branch of the Department of Justice, resigned. Donald Trump Jr has accused Pilger of being a member of the “Deep State” in a tweet on Monday. On the same day, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper was fired by President Trump, who tweeted, “I am pleased to announce that Christopher C. Miller, the highly respected Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (unanimously confirmed by the Senate), will be Acting Secretary of Defense, effective immediately… …Chris will do a GREAT job! Mark Esper has been terminated. I would like to thank him for his service.”

Since the NAVA Act of 2002, most counties delegate the mechanics of elections to private companies, which have virtually no supervision or transparency.  The election system infrastructure is a patchwork of companies with various inputs, and with all of it linked to the internet. Some of those companies operate internationally, and potentially affect outcomes in other countries’ political processes.

Independent news outlets such as Gateway Pundit reported that Dominion Voting Systems, which controls more than a third of the voting-machine market, retains a lobbying firm that includes an  aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The company has ties to the Clinton Foundation and a large stake is owned by the husband of Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein.

“There really is massive voter fraud going on.  I was a poll watcher and I saw it myself. I saw a person sign an affidavit saying he did not send a mail-in ballot but somebody sent one in his name,” said Christopher North, a poll watcher in Pittsburg. North claimed that in his area, “Biden is getting 50 per cent more black votes than Barack Obama did in 2008 and in many precincts the voter turn-out is over 100 per cent.”

More whistle blowers are coming forward. An election observer in Michigan said: “When the ballots were scanned and it did not match a voter in the electronic poll book … they were still allowing those ballots to go through to be counted. And that is when the GOP poll watchers were issuing those challenges … and got kicked out.”

ZeroHedge reported that in Nevada, a Clark County poll worker claimed in a sworn affidavit that proof of residence data had been fabricated for illegal voters, among other claims. This whistleblower claimed that he had worked 13 out of 14 days during early voting “from October 17th to 30th,” where he “had concerns over election polling place intimidation and voter fraud”.

The whistleblower was quoted in the ZeroHedge article saying that: “We were told by [redacted] (my team leader), and two other assistants to advise people who wanted to register to vote and did not have the proper Nevada ID/Driver’s license that they could go out in the parking lot and make an appointment with the DMV to get a Nevada ID/Driver’s License, and then bring in proof of their appointment confirmation (either a paper copy or show it on their phone to us) and then they would be registered. We were told to add two zeroes to the DMV confirmation number and put it where the driver’s license/ID number was supposed to go when we filled in the registration form online.”

The man continued: “I personally witnessed two people handing multiple unopened mail in ballot envelopes to two other people who then opened and filled out the ballots against the side of the Biden/Harris van. The same two people who marked the ballots then put the marked ballots in official pink and white envelopes. These individuals were not poll workers.”

Joe Gloria, the Clark County Registrar of Voters, confirmed that his office had received reports of potential voter fraud, but said they would not investigate them until after the election was completed.

The computer “glitch” in one of Michigan’s counties led to 6,000 votes switching from President Trump to Joe Biden. In Georgia, another “glitch” was caused by the vendor, rather than hackers, uploading a piece of software at the last minute. That same Dominion software was allegedly used across 47 states, including all of the 30 swing states.

The Dominion company has links to the Clinton Global Initiative through the DELIAN Project. A passage from the Clinton Foundation website reads:

“In 2014, Dominion Voting committed to providing emerging and post-conflict democracies with access to voting technology through its philanthropic support to the DELIAN Project, as many emerging democracies suffer from post-electoral violence due to the delay in the publishing of election results. Over the next three years, Dominion Voting will support election technology pilots with donated Automated Voting Machines (AVM), providing an improved electoral process, and therefore safer elections.”

The Washington Post reported in 2015 that Dominion donated between $25,000 and $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Following renewed scrutiny of voting systems in the wake of the 2016 election, Dominion hired lobbyists to facilitate and improve its interactions with Congress. Nadeam Elshami, Nancy Pelosi’s former chief of staff, was the person who got the job, as was reported by Bloomberg at the time.

“Dominion Voting Systems — which commands more than a third of the voting-machine market without having Washington lobbyists — has hired its first, a high-powered firm that includes a longtime aide to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

One of the patchwork of election companies operating in the US is Smartmatic, which has been the subject of litigation in the Philippines over claims that its software “glitches” affected the country’s 2010 and 2013 mid-term elections, raising suspicions of fraud and cheating. An independent review of the source codes used in the machines identified myriad problems. “The software inventory provided by Smartmatic is inadequate … which brings into question the software credibility,” reported the ABS-CBN television network.

Smartmatic’s chairman is Lord Mark Malloch Brown, a former vice-chairman of George Soros’ Investment Funds, former vice-president at the World Bank, lead international partner at Sawyer Miller, a political consulting firm, and former vice-chair of the World Economic Forum who “remains deeply involved in international affairs”. The British peer’s globalist ties run deep.

Russell Ramsland, the CFO of Allied Special Operations Group, makes a distinction between voter fraud and election fraud. “We saw some computer logs from the [2018] Dallas general election, and we’re not talking about bogus voter rolls or voters; we’re not even talking about polling station equipment being hacked — that’s all voter fraud. Today, we are talking about what happens when it gets to the central tabulation server. We are seeing that it is now downloaded someplace else, with remote computing capability,” said Ramsland. “What you are seeing in 2018, at central counting, is the guy for the election company who’s running it with a laptop at central counting for days on end connected to the internet; taking the laptop out; bringing it back the next day.” Ramsland says they have affidavits from people who saw the election manager take a thumb drive and plug it into the central computer. “That is what we call election fraud, as opposed to voter fraud.”

Ramsland says that an examination of the logs showed that absentee votes were entered and tabulated and printed off. Then, he claims, the votes were “set to zero and reloaded from a new place”. Why would anyone need to do that? “To change the votes,” he says.

“We saw early voting, which they played with for four days… Early voting was over on a Friday and the election was on Tuesday. Over that entire weekend they were downloading, printing these results, changing them and reloading them. We can see that from the logs.”

Ramsland says that on election day itself they saw whole precincts changed, and that this was done in real time. A group of cyber experts, many formerly from alphabet agencies, mapped out the entire Dallas voting system. What they discovered were myriad connections to IP addresses “from all over the place”.

“How anyone can say this is air-gapped and not connected to the internet is ludicrous,” says Ramsland. The team spent ten months examining several election machine companies, including Dominion, Tenex, Smartmatic, Hart and ES&S. “There was no hacking involved; it was all wide open. What we found was that the public facing websites were so vulnerable that we could see the admin names and the passwords for all the critical information files. We could see voter registration lists worldwide. We saw 27 million voter [details] in just Florida.”

The team viewed previous vote uploads and all the source code, “so if we wanted to we could have gone in and injected our own source code and redirected stuff any way we wanted into their source code.”

Ramsland’s findings suggest that these technical weakness are designed that way, and not a matter of incompetence. “Our guys, having access to the source code, having access to the counting and tallying functions, could have gone in and made your vote for anyone they want.” 

It is telling that the Republican voter base has been calm and peaceful amid the blanket media coverage proposing Biden’s fait accompli as the new President. If the Supreme Court shatters this media consensus, and in doing so reveals any mechanisms of fraud, there will be no riots, as the National Guard will this time ensure that agitators and extremist political groups are engaged, as only the military knows how.

The counter movement has taken the form of multiple lawsuits presenting serious challenges to the attempted status, including investigations at federal and local level, with recounts and audits part of the order of the day. Citizens are making their own connections and discoveries of fraud, whereby “changed names” and maiden names, and people who moved out of state, or have died, have been presented as having voted. Two vital links to check at this time are the ballot status check, and the Trump team’s fraud reporting form.

Corey’s Digs founder, Corey Lynn, has been working diligently this past week on reviewing data, running statistics, finding inconsistencies and anomalies that point to fraud, and gathering this information with a team of others to forward to the appropriate people who can utilize this information for legal challenges. She is working on an article to cover some of the findings, and will publish it upon completion.

The spectre of widespread corruption in elections threatens the very fabric of the republic. These proceedings — if they do substantiate fraud and deal with any criminality — will determine the independence of this country. And the whole world is watching, because the independence of the entire planet is also at stake. Corruption is corrosive and spreads like rust; whole nations rot when it is allowed to endure. The original tenets of the founding fathers of the republic have been challenged and besmirched in recent years, and this has been a rallying cry for millions of Americans to come together and seek remedies. Under their guidance and will, the republic will be restored and renewed, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, to be reborn.

Before we can achieve that, we need proper electoral reform.

The last words go to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who assured reporters on Tuesday that “there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.”

James Fitzgerald is a senior editor and cutting edge journalist who has worked on national newspapers for 16 years.


    • Garth Michaels

      This a a very well-written, information-filled article – just when we can all use some ammo and encouragement! We have now arrived at the final showdown. There couldn’t be more at stake than there is, right here and right now. Get ready to witness military planning at its finest, as the most sophisticated sting operation in US history is revealed. As it plays out, all the primary tools, operations, and deep-state operators will be exposed and trapped. When all is said and done, justice will be served, the republic will be strengthened for generations to come, and the country will be unified to a greater degree than we ever could have imagined. For God and country. #FourMoreYears

  • MickieKnows

    I am wondering if any of the “glitches” have happened before in other elections. For example, states that have voted in euthanasia and cannibis.

    • Feisty Granny

      I would say anything the dems wanted to push through to fit their agenda would be rigged in their favor. Drugs, legalizing pedophilia (CA), euthanasia (is it 5 states now), abortion pre-term and in some states (VA) post-term, and any other issue on their agenda that would destroy the morality and integrity of our country.

    • Kenneth Ray Brown

      Without doubt. Furthermore I’am convienced many blue states are indeed red states. The state that I live in is Colorado,except for a few highway blocking man bun wearing pot and meth addicts We are a Blue State. They are revising the Constitution here. In Georgia they are causing votes to be redirected to less objectionable Rinos in the Senate ( what’s her face ), people they believe are going to be easier to beat in January. This is multi leveled possibly multi dimensional vote fraud. God help us all. I thank God each and every day for President Donald John Trump. I know he’s got this…….

  • Voxi Pop

    This was an incredible article!! all of last week’s events plus a rundown of voting machine companies. Your work is very appreciated. I run an aggregate site that gets 100-300 hits a day, a third from Europe and abroad. It is important that we get the word out internationally too, as the news they get can be extremely limited.
    US Election Crises InfoKit/

  • David Robertson

    I found it very instructive that President Trump appointed to the Supreme Court the three lawyers who investigated the Bush/Gore election snafu in Florida in 2000: Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett. That lends enormous credence, in my mind, to the reports that he anticipated the present situation and that he has prepared for it. It also suggests that reports of the DHS adding a watermark and blockchain identifier to every ballot, to ensure the integrity of the election, are also true. Perhaps he is after all a “stable genius” as he has told us.

    I now look forward to the complete exposure of the techniques used to steal this election for Biden and the prosecution of all of those who have participated in the fraud. I am sure that President Trump has also marked the world leaders who have prematurely congratulated Biden on his election. Among those mentioned were PM Johnson in the UK, PM Trudeau in Canada and PM Netanyahu in Israel, the three closest allies of the United States. I do wonder how this will affect relationships between these nations and the United States in the next four years. President Trump does not strike me as a man who would easily forget such a personal slight, especially given his known propensity to put America First.

    • Eleanor --- Cummings

      Trudeau was never our ally and has been, (and still is), thick with the Clintons and the Obamas. he’d be the first to put a knife in our back. I’d say PM Netanyahu is part of Trump’s ”plan” And is paying ”lip service” to the democrats right now. I still haven’t made up my mind about johnson.

      • David Robertson

        I wouldn’t be so sure about Netanyahu, Eleanor. Trump has indeed been a strong supporter of Israel so far but this may change his tune. I believe he took that stance at least in part to mollify his supporters since most evangelical Christians love Israel, having believed the delusion that the Zionists are the ancient people of Israel fulfilling Biblical prophecy.

        They are indeed fulfilling prophecy but not concerning Israel. They are in fact fulfilling prophecy related to Edom given that the descendants of Esau have been part of Jewry since 126 B.C. when the Maccabean ruler John Hyrcanus conquered Edom and incorporated the people into the Jewish nation.

        God owed Esau a recompense because his twin brother Jacob obtained the Birthright fraudulently. Esau coveted the Land ever since then and in 1947/8 God gave him his opportunity to prove himself worthy of inheriting the Promise and returned him to the Land. He has failed, inevitably, to bring forth the Kingdom and has therefore relinquished his claim to the Birthright. He will soon be ejected from the Land and the City of Jerusalem, the jewish State and the religion of Judaism will be destroyed forever. This may be why this break has occurred between Netanyahu and President Trump, to set the scene for the final end of “Israel” and the present world order that is controlled by them.

        Incidentally, the divide today politically is globalists vs. nationalists. Trump is a nationalist but Johnson, Trudeau, Netanyahu, Merkel, Macron et al are globalists.

        • Gen.Stewart

          Your’s is a comprehensive and correct account of “what is,what was and what is to come”. The information you’ve given will only be understood by a true practicing christian. Let those that have eyes see, let those that have ears hear ! Ninety percent of prophecy for the return of the Lord has been fulfilled ; We are in deed, in the latter days. I pray “Come Jesus”

      • Andy5759

        There was a bit of a hoohah over the Boris note to “President elect Biden”. Beneath the name Biden could be seen a ghost image of the name Trump. Maybe I’m clutching at straws but I still have some hope for Boris. After all, there’s no one else to look out for our best interests apart from Farage, who has been cheated out of elections himself.

  • carol carideo

    I am a conservative and extremely concerned about our elections mostly about the computer software hanky panky. Occasionally I watch a liberal progressive you tube. It is good not to live in an echo chamber but to explore what the other side is saying off them MSM. Sometimes even good ideas come forth. One of these channels is Convo Couch- very progressive but very honest. They see and speak about all the fraud just as you have in this article. They hate Trump but love our country more. a youtube video on 11/7/2020 entitled Professor Pasta breaks down “How to fix Elections “ (I’m surprised it hasn’t been taken down- they openly state that this election is a fraud. made the following recommendations: fix the system through Ballot initiatives
    1, eliminate ballot harvesting
    2.mail in ballot tracking (like amazon can track so why can’t our ballots be tracked) absentee ballots back to old days of real need to vote by mail otherwise everyone goes in person to vote
    3. protect chain of custody: where the ballot is cast-its counted
    4.use open source software also w/100% hand counted public audit

    through ballot initiatives the people take charge because we know that the politicians won’t.
    These seem right on. I wrote a comment giving them credit for honesty and integrity. There are honest people on the other side.

    • Feisty Granny

      Voter Photo ID will go a long way to helping purge our voter system of Voter Fraud by preventing illegal voting. Here’s a wonderful idea. If we had a credit card-like Photo ID, with a magnetic strip on it, we could keep track of how many times a person votes – and even where!! If we had electronic voter registration cards like these, a voter could go to any polling station, and cast their ballot and it would still be counted in their district. To vote outside the USA, you could use this Credit Card Voter ID in a US Embassy or military installation to cast your ballot. Maybe it’s not 100% fool proof, but it’s much better than Soros owned machines counting our votes! It’s worth thinking about.  Until such time that we get Voter Photo ID, and until illegals and zombies are purged from the polling lists of eligible voters, we American Patriots (republicans/conservatives) should volunteer to be observant eyes at trouble polling places where Voter Fraud has been detected in past elections and report anything out of the ordinary to the proper authorities. Erect a big sign:
      ”UNDER FEDERAL LAW” – Multiple voters can be imprisoned up to 15 year prison sentence + a $30,000 fine. Any non American citizen caught voting will immediately be deported.. Ballot stuffers can be imprisoned for up to 5 years with a $10,000 fine per act of VOTER FRAUD.  The signs are not meant to persuade any voter to cast their vote for a specific candidate or proposition. Watch the illegal voters sneak off and disappear!    We need to make it VERY RISKY to commit voter fraud with very long prison sentences and heavy fines, up to how much and over what they were paid to cheat, especially the Election officials who are complicit ! We also need vote counters that are too scared to commit fraud even by accident !!!!
      THEN, we need to boot out ALL incumbent democrats, and rinos from office!!! If EACH STATE did that the swamp would be drained of the majority of the swamp maggots holding jobs that We the People vote on. Sound like a good plan??
      VOTE ALL DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE. PURGE THE LAND OF EVIL. Can you IMAGINE?? If each state, (town, city, and county) follows the above steps, we might get a more honest vote – ergo, a more honest government!!! We have an awesome president, but he has to know that We the People love and support him – but most of all – WE TRUST HIM.

  • Kenneth Ray Brown

    Without doubt. Furthermore I’am convienced many blue states are indeed red states. The state that I live in is Colorado,except for a few highway blocking man bun wearing pot and meth addicts We are a Blue State. They are revising the Constitution here. In Georgia they are causing votes to be redirected to less objectionable Rinos in the Senate ( what’s her face ), people they believe are going to be easier to beat in January. This is multi leveled possibly multi dimensional vote fraud. God help us all. I thank God each and every day for President Donald John Trump. I know he’s got this…….

  • Chas

    Heard GA Sec. of State say there would be hand count of ballots. What about the machines checked as well. Gen. Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, mentioned needing a forensic computer investigator to check computers for “glitches.” Need to check it all, overturn every rock and pebble, nook and cranny.

    Also, I cringe when I hear the FBI will investigate anything. I heard Rudy Guiliani voice same sentiment on Lou Dobbs. Keep them far away. What happened to the Bobulinski guy who did the interview with Tucker Carlson implicating Biden family. The FBI intercepted him and he disappears. ??? Will he end up like Gen. Flynn?

    • Eleanor --- Cummings


      November 9, 2020
      President Donald J. Trump
      White House
      1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
      Washington, DC 20500

      Dear Mr. President,

      My vote is the most envied tangible asset in the world. We the people of the United States of America govern – we are not governed. Our VOTE represents our FREEDOM.

      On November 3, 2020, my voice was not heard at the ballot box. In essence, my freedom was taken away. As a shareholder of this nation in which my taxes fund the positions of all elected officials, I have the right to audit all activities funded and driven with my fiscal contributions.
      I respectfully request a FULL audit across the nation. All 50 states, not just the contested states. I request a full report to be made public and all those that violated my interest as a shareholder of this nation to be HELD accountable.

      My vote counts. My voice matters. I look to you President Donald J. Trump to honor my request and defend my freedom.


  • Gen.Stewart

    You need to print that into a paper petition. Where WE CAN MAKE MILLIONS OF COPIES to be handed out, individually signed and sent to the supreme court. Instead of one petition,we should send millions of individual petitions,thereby overwhelming them with A demand. Your’s is a beautifully written document ! It is a shame that there are no copies available to be handed out at the White house rally today !

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