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  • anne Mason

    COREY You keep getting better all the time. AIDS SLUSH FUND
    Excellent article shared of course. THE BLOOD SCANDAL took many lives
    of Canadians and I hope that this will be covered in your book.
    IMO another scandal covered up. I have read most of the Canadian material
    and hope it gets a spotlight with fresh eyes.
    Thanks again,
    Anne, a fan

    • Rhonda

      I’m back to bitting my nails because I’ve got family members & friends who are coming out for BIDEN. I want to un friend them, but then I won’t be able to show them I was right all along and that I knew this was coming. I’m defending and trying to keep my friends who are Trump supporters keep their faith!! They give up so easily!! I say to them: When they tell you Vaccinations are mandatory now will you be 1st in line? STOP putting on CNN!! Listen to Corey!!
      Thank God we have some that have common sense to hold out and wait!!

  • Janet L Byrnes

    Suppose the watermarks or isotope markings are in the postmark ink? The postal service is where the feds come into contact with the ballots.

    • Daniel

      Dave Janda has an interview with general McInerney who had Intel on the use of The Hammer and scorecard which was used by the democrats used it to manipulate the voting machines.

  • MickieKnows

    If you remember a couple of years ago, Trump set up a commission solely to look at voter fraud. I think they spent a good 6 to 9 months looking at it, and then it stopped with no report made to the public. I am thinking that they found out exactly what they were going to be dealing with in the 2020 election. It may be playing out exactly as they knew it would. In order to do a sting, ya have to let it all roll out according to schedule.

    One thing NO ONE is even discussing is the fact that CA, WA and OR were called just minutes after the polls closed. I have worked as an election judge in five presidential elections. I know that it takes at least 45 minutes to prepare the ballots in order to drive hem over to headquarters. There is NO WAY on God’s green Earth that any election judge could get the ballots to headquarters in 10 minutes.

    So, there’s that.

    • Cynthia

      I am concerned if the court challenges aren’t settled by January 20, 2021, we will get an interim president Nancy Pelosi sworn in on that inauguration day.

      One way or another, somebody will be sworn in as POTUS on that day.

      What are the chances all the court challenges will be over by that date? Justice grinds slowly & time is already short.

      • MickieKnows

        I think that before Pelosi could get a nod, the election has to be settled first. There is a scenario where the electors can’t decide for some reason and it would go to the House. The election would be decided by every state getting one vote – it would not be every House rep getting a vote. I believe Trump would get at least 27 votes and he’d be the winner. Pence would vote in a tie. I think this is the way it would happen.

        Deluded Pelosi may be hoping that this fraud she is conducting will enable her to get rid of Trump, apply the 25th amendment because of Biden’s dementia and Harris would then be president. Pelosi would then work to find some sort of reason to elbow Harris out of the way using either impeachment or the 25th again? Ya know, just because.

        We tend to think that the left is one entity working in unison. But, they are all in it for themselves.

        Continued prayer for President Trump and all the people helping him is the most important thing we can do.

        • Cynthia

          Well, one thing’s for sure, we are in unprecedented territory here & it will be interesting to watch how it works out.

          Either our judicial system works as it was meant & returns us to some semblance of sanity, or we really have become a Banana Republic.

    • BunnieLynn

      You guys are great! Thanks for another awesome podcast! I am always praying for the Lord’s will in all things🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Peter webb

    I live in Australia-we have a great relationship with America and Americans and the election has been front page news here every day for since Nov 3. The fix is in for the Democrats. Fraud is Fraud. Poll rigging is the anti democracy and anti your constitution. too often in elections (as here in Australia) people vote for personalities ,not the issues. Australians are polarized on Trump and as far as Biden goes they see him for what he is really a non-electable, but as I type this he is the President Elect so there is something very wrong with the electoral system in USA -needs fixing for democracy sake in USA. and in turn the free world.

  • Greg J

    Proving that (say) a precinct had 110% turnout may prove fraud, but how can that fraud be remedied?
    Presumably ballots are separated from identifying enclosure and vanish into the pile during counting.
    Ultimately the entire pile is discredited, which is a suppression of valid votes, which won’t be an acceptable remedy nor will it contribute to the legitimacy of the outcome.

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