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    World Holds Its Breath Over Election Shenanigans

    By James Fitzgerald Back in 2000, when liberals were partying in the streets celebrating the victory of President Elect Al Gore, three lawyers were drafted in to investigate the result — they were Brett Kavanaugh, Niel Gorsuch and Amy Coney Barrett. The rest is history. All three are now associate justices of the Supreme Court, appointed by President Trump. With that in mind, let us delve into some of the intriguing events surrounding the contested US Presidential election of 2020. As we begin another week, the corporate media is rolling out editorials and forecasts on their choice of “president elect”, despite emerging evidence of widespread fraud in the election process, there is one prediction that is noticeably absent: that the election result announced by mainstream news outlets will be overturned. The supremacy of either candidate has not been as yet certified in any state, and courts are hearing challenges and…

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