The Solution Series

    Secrets and Scandals of the Vatican

    Speaker and Edge discuss the Pope, the Vatican, and the Catholic church.  From the New World Order agenda, to the countless money scandals, the rampant pedophilia, and accusations of satanic practices within elements of the church, Speaker and Edge pack a lot into this one hour episode. When we take a step back to look at it all, the big picture is quite revealing. The Pope’s new encyclical entitled, “Fretelli Tutti,” has been described by one of his top advisors as a warning that the world is “on the brink,” signaling, once again, that the world must take a new direction toward their globalist plans. This video sheds light on many of the secrets and scandals of the Vatican. Please watch and share it with others.  This information is presented to you by The Speaker and The Sharp Edge, from Dig It! Podcast, on their H1veM1nd channel. Be sure to…

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