Ditch Big Box Stores and Shop With Patriots

    BIG SOLUTION: Shop with Patriots and Ditch Big Box Stores Now!

    I can hardly contain myself. I’ve been on a solution mission for awhile now, and when I found some of these sources, I was so excited! Not just because we are pulling our business away from big box stores and Amazon, who is trying to take over all industries, but because the PRODUCTS ROCK! You’ve been asking for solutions, and in my opinion, this is one of the most important ones because it does a number of things: 1) No more giving money to the criminals, especially Amazon. 2) All of the resources are USA-made or grown, and some of them have their own manufacturing and distribution – bonus! 3) Improve your health: Many of these resources provide clean or chemical free products, and of course the farming ones means cleaner eating. 4) No need to worry about masks, id passports or other bogus mandates because you order online and…

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