The Plot To Steal America

This is a brilliant 18-minute video about the plot to steal America, produced by Man in America. It is a must watch for every American citizen to understand that this historical time we are in requires great action by all, right here, right now. There is no more time to waste – not a month, not a week, not another minute.

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  • Pat

    Fine. This guy is right. But all this rising up. How do you actually do that? All this taking back. I would if someone would explain to me how I am supposed to do that.

    • Pat

      For those people who could not view this video; I had a little difficulty at first too. Follow Cory’s instructions and dig around and you will get it.

    • Stephen Strickland

      We have seen the enemy and it is our city and fed governments and it’s politicians and agents of the NWO….they
      no longer serve a beneficial purpose and need to be retired with extreme prejudice. We have come a long way from
      a small fed government serving the needs and livelihoods of the people, by the people into a wealth grabbing satanic
      elite who prey on the populations with unjust and unconstitutional laws and mandates as if we were unwanted wards
      of the state. Where it was designed to protect and nurture our republic it has become a threat and uses our bodies
      and blood for it’s agendic wars and conflicts which only it and it’s players profit.
      CV-19 is as much a front for the deliberate global economic collapse and wealth transfer the UN agendas and
      industrialist families demand as BLM is for the militant marxist insurgency
      People need to wake up and realize our governments have and will continue to collude against us. They are at war
      with humanity, we are a commodity and a disposable asset to the industrialist.
      Resist, refuse and revolt against the demonization of human sovereignty, especially our rights to our own health
      and medical choice. These despots can only get away with their planned-demic’s and eugenic’s operations,
      convincing the sheep to willingly crowd into the slaughter chutes, if we comply. Compliance is not a virtue, it is
      surrender. MSM is a crime against humanity, Covid is medical fraud and Gates and Fauci are genocidal maniac’s
      propped up as gods to push the UN(Georgia Guide Stones)global agendas. It is time we take back our republic.

    • Stephen Strickland

      Anyone willingly injecting a designer poison into themselves and their children,
      admittedly of no benefit against the CV and that the CDC stated they can’t even prove exists, full of nano particles,
      polyethylene glycol (anti-freeze and rocket fuel additive),
      RNA and DNA
      altering compounds(gain of function(of your immune system) and fetal tissue among other damaging substances for
      a 99.8% survivable bad sniffles is
      insane. One clear warning is the expected
      and deliberate
      mass adverse reactions, sterility and death….CV-19 is just the cover story for the global eugenics program.

  • claire

    hi corey. Loving your work here from the UK, only im confused as to why it wd seem I can’t view the video on here? i cant click onto it at all! This should be safe should’nt it ? Do I need to click something else? xx

  • Barbara

    Get on Mike Adams, Natural News, Brighteon because Mike believes in free speech. We must find other sources for those who want the Constitution; away from the control of the tech garbage.

  • anthonyhall

    America`s Economy and Financial Regulators were stolen and captured in 2008. Wall Street`s arrogance and greed was used to engineer a Theft of $23 Trillion from the American Taxpayer. Mortgages were given to people who had No hope of repayment. These Loans were `Bundled` together and rated AAA by Standard &Poor, Fitch ,etc. The Rating Agencies were paid for their Ratings by the Loans , Mortgage Companies and Banks being Rated.= Fraud. The Loans were used to create Derivatives ; up to 40 X the value of the original loan. When Mortgages Defaulted the Properties were Reposessed, flooding the Housing Market. The Derivatives defaulted causing the Bankruptcies of Bear Stearns and Leman Brothers. Henry Paulsen , George W.Bush, and Barak Obama forced the TARP Loans/ Bailouts/ Handouts through Congress for the Wall Street Banks ; $700 Billion, later Inflated to
    $23 Trillion by the Federal Reserve. A $2/3 Trillion (Cash) Bridging Loan was provided by the Sinaloa Drug Cartel, whose Cash was being Laundered by Wall Street at the time.

  • Christine Renee King

    I see some asking how we fight back. What do we do? Well, we shut it all down. We need to unify and strike. Everyone. Absolutely everyone. Strike. We will experience some pain, but if we don’t do this, we will lose everything.

  • Roland McCabe

    This is all being orchestrated from within. It is the US/British oligarchs who put Mao Zedong into power in China and gave nuclear know how to the USSR. It feels like this article is promoting war with China. Trump is cooperating just as much as Biden in the enslavement of the world.

  • Babinchak Paul

    The list of how to take over America reads more like the Fascist NAZI goals to take over the Germany Republic to me. For that matter I only see China itself as A Fascist country not Communist. The blend of business and government was never exceptable in a Communist system, only recently has Russia adopted some of that, while China is all blended same as NAZIS. PEOPLE who say it’s the rich, the billionaires are the problem or the wealth gap and want to narrow this by taking from them is the solution. Then say socialism or Communism is a way to do this. I’m stunned they can’t see that socialism and Communism is when the working poor and middle class VOLUNTEERALY TURN OVER EVERYTHING TO THE RICH BILLIONAIRS, ALL LAND, ALL ASSETS. WORKERS AND POOR CAN NOT OWN ANYTHING. Why would any sane people ever do that. That’s not progressive that’s regressive. That’s why we got rid of Kings, Czars, queens etc.

  • Not me

    From overseas this seems like the old US obsession with ‘commies’. Yes this is a takeover, but the evidence points to your own oligarchs/billionaires/corrupt politicians. This is obviously Fascism, not Communism. Your own home grown elites are doing this. Your example of Chinese government paying the walls treet journal for what is clearly a blatant ad, labelled as such, does not indicate chinese control of the press anymore than Walmarts ads do! FFS, start thinking instead of falling back on tired old cliches.

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