All of this data is extracted from the CDC, WHO, Johns Hopkins, White House task force press conferences, and scientific studies. All direct source links are cited below the list of statistics. A printable pdf version is available at the bottom of this page for those who wish to print and distribute these facts.

  1. 90% of Covid-positive individuals are asymptomatic. This is the most significant and meaningful statistic of all.

  2. Asymptomatic Covid-positive have a spread rate of only 0.7% – less than 1%. They are NOT super spreaders.

  3. Survival rate of ages 0-69 is 99.82%. Survival rate of age 70+ is 94.6% with high comorbidities and other causes of death.

  4. Dr. Deborah Birx and state health officials confirmed that all Covid-positive individuals who die from other causes are being counted as a Covid death, including, but not limited to: car accidents, gunshot wounds, 1-week to live in hospice, drowning, dementia, and alcohol poisoning. Most people did not die “FROM” or were “KILLED BY” Covid, they died “WITH IT.”

  5. Only 6% of death certificates show Covid-19 as the only cause of death, which includes “assumed cause.” On average, there are 2.9 comorbidities to documented Covid deaths. That number increases significantly in nursing homes.

  6. The CDC is grouping pneumonia, influenza, and covid deaths together as “PIC”, while discontinuing reporting on influenza hospitalizations because “the number is too low” despite being in the middle of the flu season.

  7. 38% of all Covid-related deaths have taken place in nursing homes & long term care facilities, accounting for over 129,000 of deaths reported, in which 43% of those deaths were attributed to influenza and pneumonia, and 31% were age 85+.

  8. The masks being mandated to wear, are scientifically proven to not work against viruses, according to studies, the WHO, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, in addition to 10 months of people wearing them, showing no better rate of cases than states and countries that have not worn them, plus 85% of people who tested positive were mask wearers. The CDC also reported: “no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks,” hence they do not work for Covid either.

  9. In the 2017-2018 Flu season, there were 810,000 hospitalizations, far surpassing Covid hospitalizations for the entire year. Over 61,000 people died. There were 195 pediatric deaths due to influenza, far greater than what has been reported for Covid-related pediatric deaths. No lockdowns, restrictions, social distancing, or masks were required.

  10. There has never been a sample specimen of SARS-CoV-2 isolated and purified, and the inventor of PCR and other scientists have always said that PCR should not be used for medical diagnostics – it will produce false/positives. Dr. Fauci confirmed that the cycle threshold on the tests is too high which creates false/positives.

  11. The vaccines have already shown terrible side effects, and they don’t know if it will cause infertility. Doctors all across the world have been warning about these vaccines that were rushed through in record time without long term clinical trials.

Source Links:

Dr. Birx, MSM, and health officials talking about counting people “with” Covid in death totals:

CLICK HERE to download, print, and distribute a single page version in PDF.

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  • James

    Re the video comment: “The vaccine is unlikely to sterilize the entire population, maybe only 60-70%.”

    What the *&$! Can’t believe he just came right out and said that. Wonder if he meant to say “is unlikely to provide immunity to the entire population” and had a Freudian slip moment instead. No wonder the interviewer cut him off so quickly.

    I read recently that the Iranian version of the vaccine might actually be relatively safe, as it’s made the old fashioned way with killed virus and not with the Messenger RNA. Although I hope US patriots will prevail and prevent this, in the end, if they do not and we’re ‘forced’ to take a vaccine to remain employed or travel, I wonder how we can obtain that Iranian version here in the US? I don’t currently plan on taking one, but I realize they may make it near impossible to refuse.

    Obviously we probably won’t be allowed to get on a plane to travel to Iran without being vaccinated first, so catch-22 there 🙁 If it’s true about the Iranian vaccine not being mRNA and safe, then some enterprising doctors of Iranian heritage (recently immigrated) in the US need to get together and get busy setting up some kind of (legal) supply pipeline with their colleagues back home to obtain the safe version and then open lots of vaccine clinics here in the US, so people can at least have a safe option if they do choose to take a vaccine….

  • Mark Rissman

    For each point on the list, could you specifically show the specific official reference for that point? Having a general list at the bottom is not helpful enough for many of the people I send these links to. It would be best if you could make the point and then specifically list the quote from the “official” source and then footnote where that specific quote was obtained from. I hope that this makes sense to you. I really appreciate all that you do and how you investigate everything!

    • Spiro Ketal

      No need for a vaccine.

      HCQ/Zn is the right treatment, possibly augmented with bromhexine (HCQ/Zn blocks ACE2 receptor, bromhexine inhibits TMPRSS2 receptor – the receptor that initiates endocytosis). Bromhexine was used as a sole pharmaceutical in Iran, at the height of their infection cycle. Unfortunately, I did not note the doctor’s name. Bromhexine is sold, in Australia, as Bisolvon – $15 a box. (Compare with $10000 for a vaccine;)

      A couple of Australian doctors have been successfully using Ivermectin, too.

      Artemisinin has been used in Tanzania and Madagascar. They prepare a decoction of sweet wormwood (Artemisia annua). President Magufuli used to be a chemist and if you recall, it was his people who first proved the Chinese tests was useless (Goat, POSITIVE, Papaya, POSITIVE…).

    • Alicia Eiler

      Corey, THANK YOU for all of your tireless work. All of this info was already throughout your site, but due to many requests for a 1 page quick reference, you have taken the TIME and EFFORT to compile and concise it for our use.
      With this, I’m quite sure that any of us who may want it tweaked in another fashion now have everything at our fingertips to do so.
      Please do not lose heart when I’m sure sometimes it must feel that all you hear is…”more please.”
      You are APPRECIATED, and this is going to be a powerful piece for all of us foot soldiers to get out there- thank you from the bottom of my heart- you rock!

  • Jason

    For the “facts” and data you are using in your article, you should be properly citing in-line…not just list urls at the bottom. Especially, when talking about supposed facts and statistics.

    Also, all of your references are just articles you wrote yourself.

    Imagine for my grad school thesis, having a list of sources that point to a bunch of essays I wrote for various classes I took while at school.

    Your quote, “within the web lies the truth” sums up why the older generation believes this stuff and all these other crazy conspiracies. They believe whatever they see online as real, no matter how silly (i.e., flat earth) it is.

    • Corey Lynn

      Hey Jason – just FYI, all of these statistics plus about 200 more are all documented in my reported with cited DIRECT links to source. Feel free to read all of them. I put this single list together to accommodate those who wanted it in a single page fashion to hand out to others in PRINT, hence why I did not link direct words. But by all means, feel free to take all of the research I’ve already done for you, and reorganize it into your own list, as you see fit.

  • Robert Landry

    Very clear list. I spend a lot of time trying to “wake” the slaves with my explanations, however this list makes it way easier.

    Can you please prepare more lists such as: All those who we’re silenced or arrested OR KILLED for speaking the truth. EXEMPLE: GERMAN DOCTOR ARRESTED LIVE.

    MAKE IT A REMEMBRANCE LIST or something.
    Keep up the good work Corey


  • Fotis

    Good job but it is not clear which source link is related to which statement. Would you please insert references in each of your statements so it will be easier for people to review your findings? Thank you.

    • Nikki

      Dearest FOTIS

      On behalf of Corey, while you advice is a good suggestion, let it be known to you, that Corey already busts her arse sludging around in that Abyss of the DS information S_w0mp and more, trying to find every bit of truth and evidence she can to then present it to you/us all for Your and Everyones benefit, putting herself on the line every moment.

      So here is an idea , why don’t you dear Fotis, help her by reading and researching her works for yourself and offering up your now your manifested suggestion in its entirety, to her and for her in kind to assist her? We will all love and appreciate you for it 😀💜

      Corey owes nobody anything and shes doing her best which is always 110%. Im even sure she’ll take on your advice because she Hates to let people down.

      I dont think some people understand the gravity of the amount of info she is having to sipher through to bring you that truth and any evidence she can source.

      Perhap do a little extra looking yourself. Anyone who can’t see, sense, hear, feel the truth then they are lost.

      Blessings to you and All

  • Nick

    Thank you, Corey,
    This list of bullet points is an excellent idea.
    I’ve forwarded it to a nurse friend of mine, who has to deal with the apathy and denialism of her colleagues on a routine basis.
    More power to your elbow, Corey Lynn!

  • Matt

    This is absolutely terrific and sums up the stats nicely. However I am finding that people are not swayed by facts anymore. “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is already made up”.

    There is something deeper psychologically going on here where people have been brainwashed – just like a cult – And don’t even know it.

    Try sharing this with anyone in the Covid cult and you will see how defensive they get as this is attacking the foundation of their group think. Their response will be to disregard and ignore you as you are deemed a threat to the group.

  • Lynn T.

    I enjoy and appreciate your work. I’m hoping that in future articles, you will consider matching the referenced statistic with its source note. Otherwise, it would take a reader an enormous amount of time to find & read the cross-references. Thanks.

    • Corey Lynn

      Lynn, this is a printable fact sheet for the purposes of people sharing it with others in a clean fashion so they can see all of the points without clutter. ALL of my articles and reports always link direct words/phrases to source links.

    • Lori

      Thank you for saying this, Chris–I was starting to lose my faith in humanity! As I was scrolling through the comments, I was horrified by all the “gimmee more” ones. Corey did the work, the links are there, and she has a more detailed report available with specific links. What more could one need? I am so grateful for the countless hours of research and compilation she does for the greater good. Your efforts and reports are incredibly appreciated, Corey!!

  • Charlie Patterson

    Great work, Corey! I will be distributing this info to my small church in the morning. Also sharing on social media. Thanks for your work! Happy New Year and God bless!!!

  • miles e drake

    You could not more efficiently use a disease outbreak to shut down the world, take it over and impose changes on people that they would ordinarily rightly fear and vehemently oppose if you planned it in advance, which is of course what the hierarchical collectivists have don. Future historians will undoubtedly confirm that the virus was created in the Wuhan biological warfare laboratory as part of a long-term deep cover black op by American communists, whose would-be president-for-life and his corrupt pedophile lackey paid for it. The original plan was to spread AIDS by face-to-face contact rather than the more exotic means of contagion presently necessary, but this did not work. The Wuhan virus was saved from white elephant status by a fiendish scheme brainstormed by Fraudci weeks after the inauguration of the President who had defeated Fraudci’s bloodstained bisexual lover, which led to a deal done in New York in the fall of 2019 between satanic arch-villain Soros, Gates and Schwab of the Davos Global Reset gang, democrat hierarchs who saw no way of winning the 2020 presidential election and Xi Jinping, anxious to surpass his mentor Mao as the bloodiest dictator of all time. The weapon of choice was massive overdiagnosis of asymptomatic individuals by the polymerase chain reaction, whose discoverer they murdered when he realized what they were doing, together with a scare campaign of pornographic mendacity by Big Media and Big Tech that would have turned Goebbels green with envy. If we do not stand athwart the plandemic and yell “Stop!”, we e are clearly headed for decades of “we’re all gonna DIE” manipulation during the course of which the “great reset” will create a police state and hydraulic dictatorship that will make Orwell’s Oceania look like Switzerland.

  • Jacqueline TealeI

    I am amazed at the tremendous output of credible information. You should be proud of yourself. Paid haters are there to discourage you, and make exorbitant demands. To ask you to do the insurmountable. If you had to present everything in encyclopedic, look in the appendix stand on your head while reporting, the truth would be buried. Which I suspect would be the goal. Keeping it succint, to the point, is more than enough. You are a wonderful human being. Ignore the negativity of those who have probably not shared one useful fact in this deluge of disinformation. The only typing done that day is their negative comment. God bless you sweetheart. You are loved more than you know. Your reward in heaven will be great. So many are truly grateful.

  • Siriusthecat

    I had covid last March. Supposedly millions of us had it, so where is everyone? It shouldn’t be tough to locate others, yet I haven’t met or spoken to anyone that had it like I did. By comparison, I knew many touched by 9/11.
    Anyways, after what I experienced, if people are saying fertility could be effected? Don’t touch the vaccine if you plan on kids. I just know that’s a real issue. My period turned black while I was sick and lasted 2 weeks. It’s never been normal again. Up to a year it could take. How do they even know that?

  • Cela

    Excellent work. Actually, the most significant and meaningful statistic of all is this:

    0. 0% of FOI* requests asking for scientific proof of an isolated virus have resulted in any documentation of such a virus.

    The CDC’s response: “[…] No quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available […] Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms.”

    There is no Covid virus. Let us start with that. (Merge with #10)

    * Freedom of information

  • Dick DiTullio

    GREAT job! 2 thoughts:

    As I understand (or misunderstand) it the PCR test gives mostly false positives the way it is generally used (too high a cycle count). If that’s true then wouldn’t the first item listed actually be saying they are asymptomatic because they are not actually infected at all?

    And the reason for the low spread rate in number 2 would be, again, because they were not actually infected to begin with, hence they cannot be “super-spreaders”?

    I’m new to your site but I just want to thank you for being willing to put in the hours you do researching all of this!

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