Citizen Journalists Usher in A Changing of The Old Guard

By James Fitzgerald

As I watch the hashtag “Obamagate” spiral upwards on social media – despite the hosts’ technical chicanery to the contrary – it really feels like the collective mind is fracturing into two distinct realities: one embracing the apparent clarity and diversity of revelations around their political and corporate controllers, and other the orthodox brigade who, if they look at all, are becoming irritated by the outrageous claims of this “right wing” and “lunatic fringe”.

As a former journalist on national newspapers, I have been privy to the relaxed and comforting narratives about the world that pervade newsrooms. They are always quite simplistic and universally accepted across the MSM. It makes life easy, but dull. The only channels generally on view in newsrooms are the BBC and CNN. It is to these broadcasters that the news editors will look to check they haven’t missed a story before the final edition goes to print or they sign off on the website for the night.

In my 16 years as a senior editor, I became a daily fulcrum point for matters concerning markets, politics, lifestyle, economics and the arts. If you had asked me which stocks to buy or who would be the next “It” girl or boy, I would be able to answer with close to 100 per cent accuracy. The “news”, when you spend enough time ingesting it, conforms to a cyclical and predictable routine. That means that the world is either a very bland place or that the consensus reality we live in is tightly controlled, and embraced earnestly by many people.

In contrast, the profusion of opinions and documented events on Twitter, for example, represents a paradigm that posits the world in a much more diverse way.  This flow of information and images doesn’t get the same vetting process as corporate, advertiser-led news outlets, so perhaps represents a stream of consciousness that is more reflective of the lateral-thinking population. That is not to say that it doesn’t evidence artifice and grandstanding and infiltration by corporate and state bodies.

About ten years ago I wrote an expose on the Apollo moon missions for a national newspaper. It never saw the light of day. I was congratulated on my gripping prose but told that it wasn’t something that readers would be interested in. The photos alone – taken on the way to and on the Moon – would have most people falling off of their chairs. The testimony of the former astronauts, military officers and physicists made a compelling case that intelligent and advanced life exists throughout the cosmos. If believed, it also demonstrated that those same staples of news hadn’t best served the public interest by ignoring this narrative.

Some of the footage on social media in recent months has included detailed shots of huge craft moving across the lunar surface and planetary-sized objects filling the outer corona (forgive the term) of the Sun. The US now has an official Space Force and the “Great Awakening” movement is no stranger to suggestions of black budget programs and the idea that “we are not alone in the universe”. To scan the MAGA-related posts, and the responses they elicit, is to embark on an almost hallucinogenic experience. Just like Alice, we follow that rabbit hole into another dimension of posited truths and facts. In comparison, my NASA feature reads like a sundry news item in a local freesheet.

This group of citizen journalists and commentators are holding a microscope up to every facet of daily life – and share a skepticism around vaccines, politics, foreign policy and globalization in general. The New Age concepts of “Ascension” and ET contact are also being blended in some quarters with this emerging world view. And why wouldn’t it? Talk of a secret space program started by the Nazis runs concurrent with discussions about Nikola Tesla’s work on free-energy propulsion systems and President John F. Kennedy’s plans to smash the “Deep State”. The Nazi hierarchy, of course, were known for their esoteric beliefs, and this creates a linkage to today’s narrative around the ritualized practices of some elites.

Whether or not one group is merely replacing the old illusions with newer, more sexy variants remains a moot point, but the schism in consciousness between the old consensus and the emerging one is hard to dismiss. Like all revolutions, the trick is not to be consumed with hatred and anger, which is where many a great movement handed power back to the dark side. Collegiate over chaos; imagination over immaturity; responsibility over wretchedness. 

With Bill Gates pushing for mandatory vaccines, Benjamin Netanyahu advocating microchips for children and draconian measures being rolled out to suppress civil freedoms under a questionable pandemic, I know which consensus reality I have ringside seats booked for – delcass and dismantling.

James Fitzgerald is a senior editor and cutting edge journalist who has worked on national newspapers for 16 years.


  • MorningStar

    I remember the deep rooted apathy of the 60s and 70s – have we come full circle? Come what may, our future is going to be a painful challenge. We have been set up with profit motives leading to our destruction.

    DHHS – Agency Information Collection Activities: Proposed Collection {Human Specimens} For Public Comment Requests (60 day deadline):

    Federal Register/ Vol. 85, No. 92 / Tuesday, May 12, 2020 / Notices & Guidance Documents Related To Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Availability:

    Federal Register / Vol. 82, No. 12 / Thursday, January 19, 2017 / Rules and Regulations – 42 CFR Parts 70 and 71:
    DHHS (CDC) – Control Of Communicable Diseases, Final Rule:

  • alan edward

    The Truth…

    Do you actually know who the REAL enemy is..? Do you know what really gut wrenches me..?

    The Police..? why..? LOOK at what they have doing enforcing the these ludicrous quarantine laws, now think about if “Hitlery” and her ilk would have been installed as dictator..!

    These lowlife treacherous gutless worms “police” would have lock stepped right in line and marched to the drum beat of the deep state dictators and followed orders without question and fucked the American people and the world for that matter right in the ass. They would have been the STANDING ARMY ENFORCERS OF THE DEEP STATE..!

    For ANYONE reading this YOU know this to be true, it is NOT some imaginary scenario, look at the prisons overflowing and the corrupt court system that these guys have been profiteering from. Don’t get me wrong, I believe inside many of them there is a hero trying to get out, but they have been totally misguided just like the victims imprisoned by the JUST-US system that has been ripping giant holes in the very fabric of society..! These Cops just go along to get along and follow orders without question..!

    You should get down on your hands and knees and thank your lucky stars Donald Trump is President, otherwise these guys would be TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL..!

    They walk around like chameleons pretending to be the good guys and act like they care about something besides their pay check and the POWER trip they are on..!

    Article 6 of the Washington State Constitution; [ I believe this covers all State Constitutions as far as administration of OATHS ]

    Administration of Oaths;

    That which Shall be BINDING upon the Conscious..!

    Article 1 Section 10 of all the State Constitutions AND the Constitution of the United State of America:

    “No State shall pass ANY laws impairing the obligations of contracts.”

    Their OATH was a CONTRACT between THEM and US…!

    “The delegates to the first Federal convention prohibited the use of Corporations by all Governments representing the American Republic.”
    [James Madison journal of the Federal Convention, Vol.2 P. 722]

    Here are the FACTS… The United States is incorporated, the States are incorporated, the counties are incorporated, the cities are incorporate, the courts are incorporated, the judges are incorporated, and the law enforcement are nothing but “Corporate security guards,” corporate thugs, inland pirates enforcing “Corporate policy..!”

    They are in breach of Oath, breach of contract, breach of public trust, derelict of duty, impersonating an officer, inland piracy..!

    After taking their “Solemn sworn OATH” to the “Constitution” THEY ran out the door like an eight year old RETARD with a SCOOBY DOO lunch box holding it up and bellowed “SCOOBY DOO” in their pretty little costume. Oh I am sure NONE of them missed out on fire arm practice, BUT NONE of them bothered to go study the “Constitution..” or even gave a flying f… as to what it had to say or what it was about.

    Do you know what MORONS DO..? THEY do what they are told… their Oath to them was nothing more than a half hearted promise not to cheat in the three legged contest at the country bumpkin fair and the Constitution is what is on the toilet paper roll over there in the porta potty at the edge of the fair grounds.

    If anyone were to canvass law enforcement and ask any of them to recite ONE section out of ONE article out of either their State Constitution or the Constitution of the United States of America, far and few between would even have a CLUE..!

    The “Constitution is just a DEAD carcass they drag around behind themselves to make themselves appear to be “Legitimate..!”

    How can an Oath be BINDING upon the conscious if they do not even know what it says or is even about..?

    If anyone were to watch the videos of “Cops” on youtube the ONE thing that they get totally irate about in ANY situation is when they question people and THEY get lied to. If YOU lie to them they will cuff and stuff you and give you NO latitude..! BUT… but when it comes to them they are lying about WHO they are, WHO they are representing and WHAT they are doing everyday they put on that uniform and walk out their front door..! you notice when there is a car chase video there are a dozen to two dozen cop cars chasing that car, yet when the crimes and embezzlement by politicians are exposed, well of course they are NO WHERE in sight and have NOTHING to say..!

    OK, So let’s put it into perspective. So how many “Law enforcement agencies” are there sponging off the Tax payer dime..? The CIA, Secret Service, NSA, US Marshals service, FBI, FinCin, Customs, TSA, Sheriffs Dept. State Patrol, State and city Police, not mention all the Military services and National Guards, ETC, Etc.. Nearly over one hundred of these pathetic agencies. Now look at the Rampant crime in every level of Government from the highest echelons down to the county and city levels.

    OH, they have NO problem when it comes to the general public and going after “Low hanging fruit,” but when it comes to actually looking into where the real crimes are being committed and arresting the “Real criminals” the “Politicians” who are the very ones who proliferate poverty and crime in the streets by literally robbing, raping and pillaging the public at large from their offices of “Public trust”, they “The law enforcement” are mental sloths and cowards just like a bully in a school yard who picks on the other children whom he knows he will not get his ass kicked by doing so. I imagine they look at that as “Job Security.” Tssss…

    So let’s make an analogy. Think about a construction crew building a housing development and when they have completed the development it would not only NOT pass inspection, it would be condemned..! They would not only never get another contract, they would likely get the living shit sued out of them and put out of business. The public servants at every level of government have no respect for the actual people they work for. They treat the general public like shit “Criminals” everywhere you go to get anything done and they charge outrageous prices for any service they supposedly provide and use every excuse to attempt to delay it. They are lazy, unorganized incompetent disrespectful, self righteous and screw up everything they touch.

    The general public has every reason and right to sue the living shit out of every one of the “Law enforcement agencies” at every level of “Government..!” for their blatant failure of duty and breach of OATH..! These agencies should not only have to pay back ALL the money they have ever been paid, but they should be made to make a public apology for their sedition and treason, “i.e. Breach of public Trust” against the American People… they need to be put through “RE-Education camps” just like THEY had planned for the rest us IF “Hitlery” would have been installed as DICTATOR..!

    These guys are scum and can NEVER be trusted, like I said… These lowlife treacherous gutless worms “police” would have lock stepped right in line and marched to the drum beat of the deep state dictators and followed orders without question and fucked the American people and the world for that matter right in the ass. They would have been the STANDING ARMY ENFORCERS OF THE DEEP STATE..!

    Here is alittle history;

    Something to consider;
    Imagine this, here we are, a platoon out on patrol behind enemy lines. We are tired, we have wounded, we are hungry and need to stop and rest. So we assign some of the members of our platoon to stand guard while we tend to our needs and to recover. Those men and woman who have been assigned to stand guard “FAIL” and fall asleep when the enemy comes creeping up and they sit there like deer in the headlights and fail to warn the platoon of the danger approaching and everyone gets captured and put into bondage and enslaved. Then we find out that not only did the men and woman who were assigned to be on GUARD DUTY fail to alert the rest of the platoon, they had been working with spies who had went to the enemy and told them where we were and set us up to get captured. Should we write home and have those men and woman who did that to us elected for a medal of honor and put up for heroism or do we STOMP their guts out and string them up at the end of a ROPE..?
    If you go back and read the history of events such as the Russian revolution, [there are many examples like this throughout history] they recruited the first line generals from the public at large, and just like today they have done the same thing with the police and lower military ranks. Well at the end of the Russian revolution they lined up 25,000 of the first line generals and gave them a LEAD INJECTION in the cerebral cortex [they executed them] WHY? Because they were TRAITORS to their own people and they knew they could NEVER be trusted.. the police today are illiterate FOOLS, they are the walking DEAD… the only thing keeping them alive is US, the public at large.. When they get their led injection it will be by somebody wearing a BLUE helmet, the UN army..!
    If the genocidal megalomaniacs who are in power succeed then their little mindless minions will be executed, there will be NO need for them, the police, the courts, the attorneys, even the county recorders and public offices as such. That will become unnecessary administration., since SLAVES will not own anything or have any rights… I say they better choose a side and they better make the right decision, as DEATH will be watching…
    Those men and woman who were put out on guard duty in this scenario are the POLICE we have running around committing TREASON AND EXTORTION against us EVERYDAY and the SPIES are the Attorneys working for the BAR association that our police officers are the bitches for… the very crux of the problem around the world IS THE BAR ASSOCIATION and their minions, extortion, crime and litigation chaos and havoc and WAR and mayhem IS in FACT their bread and butter, THEIR LIVELYHOOD..! That is what they live for, that IS how they survive, and WE are the cannon fodder of that destruction. They are the PARASITES of humanity.

  • Lisa R

    @AlanEdward the police in my community are NOT enforcing the wacko Governor in Michigan. The Sheriff believes that the extension of the Executive Orders is unconstitutional, and believe that they would be opening themselves up to law suits if they did enforce them. So, please…do not put all police into this “basket of deplorables”. Here’s our local Sherriff standing up for “we the people”!

  • Barb Schaufelberger

    In my county at least, it comes from the top and spreads down through the lower ranks. Our State’s Attorney was hired by the one ahead of her and when he became a Judge, she moved up. She is a plant not even from here. She has removed more children, wrongly and charged crimes that I can’t even find on any books.

    I want to speak up, but I have family, unfortunately ensnared in her web and I can’t risk her taking retribution on them, BUT when this is over, if the courts ever open back up, it’s open season.

    I am really worried about children around here and try to keep an eye on that…

  • Debra J Lucas

    To Alan Howard:

    I agree with most all you said, as a Fellow American Conservative who wholely supports @realDonaldTrump. Where I’m having difficulty is your tyrannical bashing of those policemen/women who have been forced to do things by their Chiefs, Mayors and Governors. THEY are the problem. Granted, some of the incidents shown on TV, Twitter, etc., have shocked and caused the hair to stand up on our backs, and even enraged us, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that they’ve been instructed to do”Whatever It Takes” to enforce these ridiculous guidelines that have somehow become fantasy “Laws”.

    It’s the political leadership of the LEFT, the insane Socialist-leaning elected officials that would love nothing more than to have all our rights taken away and become a Country completely dependent on Government for everything. What a Dangerous Proposition ‼️ They should go live in China, or Russia for example, for even just a week among the common Citizens, and then, only then, see if their eagerness to have America run like that is a good and Just idea.

    God Bless America, and God Bless our phenomenal President Trump! 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸💜


    Alan Edward I wholeheartedly agree but there are “some” police that do question the narrative, one which I saw a video of the other day – he has now been stood down. I’m hoping Trump finds his perspective on this whole scenario of the “pandemic” a way into the deep states mind and how they operate all over the world and I hope it’s sooner rather than later as the deep state are taking this to the max and we all will be locked down and have the key thrown away if something is not done soon. The deep state nearly all have Draco/reptilian souls, not human souls in which humans have empathy towards one another and this is why the planet has been in such turmoil for hundreds of years, wars, famine, torture, rape, no justice for the lesser individuals of this planet. Before you question whether I am a kook you need to look into why these people are like they are. I’ve done loads of research since the 9/11 false flag and believe you me there are some disgusting people living on our planet who couldn’t give two shits whether you or I live or not. Reagan knew what was going on and so did JFK and look what happened to them. The soon people realise that these humanless souls that are living on this planet and ruling us (just like Hitler and his minions) the better it will be, even though it’s hard to wrap your head around this scenario, it is all Gods truth. Look for the truth you will find it if you just dig some of the dirt away. 💕🙏🏼

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