The Solution Series

    Citizen Journalists Usher in A Changing of The Old Guard

    By James Fitzgerald As I watch the hashtag “Obamagate” spiral upwards on social media – despite the hosts’ technical chicanery to the contrary – it really feels like the collective mind is fracturing into two distinct realities: one embracing the apparent clarity and diversity of revelations around their political and corporate controllers, and other the orthodox brigade who, if they look at all, are becoming irritated by the outrageous claims of this “right wing” and “lunatic fringe”. As a former journalist on national newspapers, I have been privy to the relaxed and comforting narratives about the world that pervade newsrooms. They are always quite simplistic and universally accepted across the MSM. It makes life easy, but dull. The only channels generally on view in newsrooms are the BBC and CNN. It is to these broadcasters that the news editors will look to check they haven’t missed a story before the…

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