January 6th Exposed in New Series: The Rest of The Story with Lara Logan

The narrative of the so-called January 6th “insurrection” has fallen apart. Thanks to real investigative reporting, the set-up by Pelosi and others leading up to the Capitol chaos, the role federal agents likely played in instigating the Capitol breach, the persecution of January 6th defendants, weaponized agencies, and the rise of a police state to target political enemies under the guise of domestic extremism, have all been exposed.

Lara Logan is one of those few investigative journalists getting to the truth about January 6th in her latest series airing on ‘The Rest of the Story with Lara Logan.’  After working for months on this series, Logan states, “I did not expect to meet so many extraordinary people in ordinary places who traveled all the way to Washington DC on January 6th, some of whom had never seen the capitol in their lives. You probably don’t know their names or their faces and that’s by design. I learned so many things I did not expect and I was reminded why I still fight to go beyond the headlines and false narratives and find the truth that lies in the rest of the story…the parts you weren’t told.”

Amidst threats by the establishment to target her work that exposes the truth about January 6th, Lara Logan says “I am where I belong in this series – a vehicle for something much bigger than myself and anyone who knows me understands that this is what I was born to do.  It may not be perfect as the deck is stacked against us in almost every way, but it will be honest and we know in our hearts this is all people ask of us.  Be honest.  Do your best.  Give it to God.”

Viewers can find these January 6th stories published on Thursdays on Lara Logan’s pinned Twitter/X feed and highlights.  Episodes of the series airing on ‘The Rest of the Story with Lara Logan’ published thus far are embedded below.

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  • Evan Hotz

    I was blown away by your presentation, and interview on children’s health defense, with Catherine Austin Fitts,. You were discussing your report about how the powers that be will use SpaceX and the satellites as a control mechanism…. I’ve been wondering what are they up to? What is their next move? What are their plans?… I know it’s all about control. But what have the powers that be got planned?
    Your insights that were revealed in the interview were like a revelation to me. I felt like there were many things I was aware of, but I couldn’t figure out how they all fit together. In listening to your discussion it all became clear.
    Thank you for your courage, and intelligence.
    What a strange world we live in… The truth is stranger than fiction…

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