Coming Out of Rock Bottom

Have you ever hit rock bottom? Maybe it was from an addiction, extreme anxiety, loss of everything you own, or tragedies piling up where you just felt like you couldn’t go on. You knew things had to change. You had to take control of your life, your choices, and move into action to forever change that which no longer served you. What we are experiencing is a global rock bottom put into effect by a plandemic. We are all experiencing it simultaneously, only we have been made to feel powerless. How do we pull out of rock bottom to emerge on top? What does that even look like?

They have tried to take away our unity, our support system, our human nature of bonding with others to help lift our spirit. They took away our churches, support groups, and community events. Some have even taken away health stores, food seed, and other necessities they deem as “non-essential.” They removed it all, and they did so intentionally. How do you break one’s spirit? How do you attempt to build a co-dependent culture? You put them in a state of fear and isolation and you break them down as you remove every element of independence and every necessity they require for survival, leaving them only with food, and a roof over their head – if they’re lucky. 

They make you feel trapped, caged, much like being in a prison, only without work duty. Sure, you’re in the luxury of your own home, and if you are lucky, you can still venture out into nature, but the psychology of it all is still the same mind game. Meanwhile, they’ve released hundreds of prisoners under the guise of being under threat of contracting the virus. Ludicrous. They even released Michael Avenatti – that’s what happens when you use stolen money to buy a good attorney.

By recognizing this is psychological and spiritual warfare, that is the first step to pulling out of rock bottom. Do not let them break your spirit. Think back to a time you hit rock bottom, felt in despair, knowing you had to make changes to move forward in life. Only this time, the changes not only need to be made within each individual to reconcile the sacrificing of their rights and freedoms for decades to the powers that be, this time we are all in it together. Even though we reside in our own little corners, we still have means to communicate, and some are taking to the streets and protesting, while others are working on their business plans for a new venture. Through creative outlets, many have found incredible talents they didn’t realize they had.  Whereas some locations are going to be met with more resistance for breaking the false mold of the “new normal,” others can push the barriers to resume life in a manner they see fit.

This “new normal,” they keep seeding people’s minds with should be the “new” changes we all wish to manifest, NOT the propaganda fear tactics they would like to instill. We set the path, not them. We have spent years working toward this, and we will come through this darkness together. We have built momentum, and that momentum will continue.

My good friend John Paul Rice and I discussed where we are at right now, how we see some things changing and evolving, and the momentum we need to maintain moving forward. We will likely have more discussions that will involve positive momentum moving forward, in the near future. Please give a listen.

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Laura Lepard

    Hello from Canada Corey. I’ve been researching the TRUTH for many years. My first RED pill was a video presentation by Garry Car (can’t remember spelling of his name). Evil forces were raging against him, but he was compelled to spread the truth at all costs. I couldn’t sleep for months after being awakened, and you’ll never know how many copies my husband and myself distributed of Garry’s lecture to the living dead. We were looked upon by others, as having ” lost our minds”. When I found your work on line I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Finally someone out there with TRUTH. I’ve shared you with many and I pray to help awaken our sleeping majority. Thank you for your RESEARCHED TRUTH and I’m praying for blessings and safety for you and others like you that love the painful, but necessary TRUTH. Greatfully and respectfully Laura Lepard

    • Corey Lynn

      Thank you so much Laura. I’m so glad you find it helpful! And yes, I know that “look” all too well, but it’s okay… we plant the seeds and when people are ready to open their eyes and minds, they will. 😉

  • Donna

    Truer words have not been spoken! They are trying to break us but I will not be!!!!! I don’t want to be a slave any more and I’ve had enough of all these lies an mind games! What makes me sad are people who actually believe this nonsense and think things should be stricter! You all can stay locked up I’m sick and tired!
    Corey, I love your work!!! Please keep it up!

  • Lourens Scheepers

    Hi there Cory, thank you so much for this discussion with John Paul Rice. It’s clear that we are at the crossroads and our choices now will determine the future of humanity. There’s no turning back from this, the damage has been done but, most importantly, this event has redpilled so many people for the first time and their eyes are being opened to the deceit and destruction that has been thrust upon everyone. This event is raising the Consciousness of humanity and, as Dr. David Hawkins illustrated through his Map of Consciousness in his book Power versus Force, the vibrations of Truth and Love is true Power and will transcend the lower vibrations of Force as expressed through fear and lies. Love is key!

    Humanity has a chance to come together as One and transcend the divisions and boundaries that were created to keep us divided and distracted. When the economy starts up again millions of people will be jobless and impoverished and this is when the ones with food and resources have the opportunity to reach out to the less fortunate ones regardless of race, gender or religion. Being of Service is empowering and in itself is a very powerful tool for change. It’s an amazing time to be alive, albeit somewhat surreal.

    Thank you for the excellent work you do. Keep it up! With love and respect, Lourens Scheepers

  • Lee Rott

    what I’m observing of government and their propaganda monsters is rebranding of historical progroms.
    one example is where famine was created and starvation weaponized.

    a voice of reason, science and hope is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai; @va_shiva

    Corey, I appreciate the work you make available and the effort you invest into research.

    Whitney Webb and Epstein whistleblowers are reminding everyone of the connections between the powers that should not be and their hidden psychopathic masters. @_whitneywebb

  • Rick Simpson


    Thanks for this powerful interview. It profiles the need for people who are already awake to help those who are yet to wake only by gently pointing to those facts that they can easily and safely consume as someone who is beginning to wake. Especially the illustration given that the screaming alarmists failures contrasted with the confident, calm individual who points people in the direction of new truths to those who are early in their journey to waking up. Thanks for pointing out that understanding of others having been being deceived for so long, and showing compassion towards their situation, understanding of how difficult waking up can be. Thanks for pointing out that self confidence in helping them move slowly and confidence in your own ability to accept others opposing views and perspectives as opportunities to refine your own understanding of the real world and the possible directions we can go, together, when the smoke clears.

    Thanks for all the digging that you do and the passion that you display in your convictions. You are a true Leader in our quest for a new future for humanity.

    Please continue to lead us and know that we have your back.

    Love and best wishes to you and yours.


  • Daniel Cunnigham

    Thank you, Corey. This is THE BATTLE for mankind, what is happening now. It is NOT political, it is simply GOOD VS EVIL. Choose your side. What I don’t understand is yours and others denial of the UNDERGROUND WAR, the destruction of these Deep Underground Military Bases, which are SATANIC and involve a lot of politicians and money people, or the elite, as some sycophants refer to them. Where do you think most of the 800,000 missing children go every year? Think about it and look into this, please. GOD BLESS THE CHILDREN!

  • Jill Paterson

    Another greeting from Canada Corey. Thanks for all your great work! It is so heartening to know that there are lots of other people out there who feel the same way – concerned for our rights and freedom, questioning the whole shut down scenario, knowing there is a much bigger (dark) agenda at work here, and hoping/knowing that good changes will come from this. When I see people protesting the shut down around the world it makes my heart sing. I am feeling there could be a world wide “jail break” at any moment. That would be fantastico! And much needed. The way humanity responds to this situation will set the tone for our future. We could be pleasantly surprised.
    Thanks for being one of the gateways that brings us all together!

  • Shelley

    Hi Corey and John
    Bravo to you both that was an amazing talk, and your both so right about coming from a place of peace and doing your best not to get upset and frustrated. You have a great President, here in Canada we have Gerorge Soros puppet he love communism just like China. 🤦‍♀️ I really hope your both correct as far as people waking up, I haven’t seen that where I live in Ontario in my town but I really do hope there a lot of people out there who are speaking the truth.
    My hope is that you do another video together I honestly was sad when it was over it was great to listen to you both.
    Thank you both for taking the time to share your amazing on-site with the world.
    I was hoping you would of spoken about Q and who either of you think he or she is I’m sure it’s not just 1 person it’s a team.

    We are all in this together no matter where in the world we live. 💞💕💞💕💞💕💞💕💞

  • DelAware

    Most excellent. Thans for this.

    My husband asked me why I thought the “toilet paper shortage/hoarding” element was part of the plannedemic rollout from the beginning. Why people were subtly coached to change their shopping habits in a way that ensured “shortages” of this particular product.

    My reply was that, for civilized people, toilet training represents a primal phase of development for the individual, both as an individual and socially. In many repressive regimes and settings, control of access to, use of, or conditions surrounding urination and defecation is a primal way to instill fear, shame, and compliance. I seem to recall that during the first Iraq War, the bombing of sewage treatment plants was intended to weaken the populace’s morale by destroying any possibility of high standards of cleanliness.

    In the present case, by making sure that access to toilet paper suddenly becomes less certain, either in actually or in daily concerns, then literally every single time a person must expel wastes, the messages of fear, dependency, uncertainty, and threat are likely to be self-inflicted via the awareness of the (engineered) scarcity. It rockets people back to a time in childhood when control of the bladder and bowels, and cleanup afterwards, are accompanied by uncertainty or worse. And for those with children or teens, TP use becoming a household issue rockets the entire family back to the primal issues that may unfold around potty training.

    It was the extensive social media blatt about “empty TP shelves” that first led me to suspect a Pharma/health care industry PR push to begin traumatizing people via a bodily fear we all have (loss of excretory control) to pave the way for something else. Fear of a “pandemic” that nobody was seeing had to be built…but it only takes a nudge to create scarcity through unusual consumer demand patterns. Then the scarcity and resulting concern become mutually reinforcing. They wouldn’t dare take the lead with, say, food shortages. (Though they may be moving in that direction. ) Starting with a shortage that evokes infancy or the terror of helplessness in aging, however, is demonically deft.

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