Break Free From The System & Let Your Soul Shine!

You were told what to do, how to do it, what to think, where to be, and what to believe. But WHAT IF, what if you were set free to think for yourself, fulfill your dreams, create masterpieces, and lead the way? Would it scare you, intimidate you, or make you feel unsafe? Those running the system want you to believe that you must rely on it – on them. They want you to believe that you will fail otherwise. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Did someone ever tell you that you don’t know how to build? Or, you don’t know how to write? Or, you have to go to college to learn how to do that? Maybe they told you that you aren’t good at something? Or, maybe they asked why you would bother to spend your time on something? Who are THEY to tell you what you are capable of doing? Where your talents lie? Who are THEY to tell you that you can’t do something? This mindset has stomped out the creative genius in millions.

Let’s get something straight – YOU are your own creator and no one can burn out that spark except for you. Until you try something, you don’t know if you will like it, be good at it, or expand on it. Everyone should try everything their heart desires. Everyone should dream big, utilize their imagination to its fullest potential, and follow the path without doubt. WITHOUT DOUBT.

Some were born with talents and skills that seem to embody them throughout their life. Others learn skills along the way. But MOST, most don’t even realize they are a host of talents just waiting to be tapped. They just never thought to give it a try. They’ve gone through their life believing they should get up, go to work, punch the old time clock, go home and eat dinner, do chores, spend a little time with family or friends, and go to bed. They never stopped to think about what they truly want, what their authentic desires are, or how to fulfill their dreams, because they never thought it was possible. We are all different, every single one of us, and these confines and structures they have created to control the masses, are flat out ludicrous – a lie to keep you trapped in an illusion. But they do not hold the keys. YOU DO.

Let Your Soul Shine!

Take yourself to a park, by a lake, or a stream, and sit with yourself. Imagine if you were able to recreate this world as you wish it to be. Imagine how that would look, how it would feel, what marvelous scents are in the air. What makes you smile? What talents do you have? Are you building the new wave of community schools? Are you building tiny homes staggered throughout forests with cool bridges among the trees? Are you growing incredible organic food and loading up vehicles to deliver it? Maybe you are putting on a concert in a park and soaking up the joy from the crowd. Maybe you have just formulated healing remedies from natural products and are sharing it across the world, and people are benefiting from it because the rulers of the health industry have fallen. Maybe you are raising children, and just created the most incredible tree house to homeschool them in. Your neighbors love it so much, that they join you with their children and you all work together developing incredible programs to teach the children. What does this new world look like for you?

By creating new ways, we break through the old paradigms. WE change the rules. Rules that were created to keep us dumbed down, codependent, and unmotivated. When thousands of people rise up, take a stand, and say “no more,” there is an energy carried with it. There is positive motivation and drive behind it. What would happen if thousands of parents pulled their children from school in counties all across a state, to protest mandatory vaccines and demand legislation be changed, as an example? How far would you go to protect your child? Sometimes, certain sacrifices must be made in order to shift the balance and create change. Think about how they organized schools across the country to “walk out” in protest for their gun control agenda. It doesn’t take an army to organize something of this nature. It takes the hearts of mama bear and papa bear wanting to fight for their children, whether that cause is about indoctrination in the schools, vaccines, or other issues.

In the end, it’s all about choices, heart, and dreams. It’s about choosing to shatter your beliefs in the previous system you were chained to, and branch out into a world you are only beginning to recognize, with the faith and freedom you allow yourself to embody in all that you do. It is changing your perception and realizing that you, and only you, are in charge of your own destiny. Begin with yourself, then your family, then expand to the community level, and eventually think on a global scale. If everyone took the time to focus on what COULD BE rather than what has been – this world would be a much brighter place. There is no better time than the present to begin this journey, and stay above the dark that is being distinguished before our eyes, as it creates windows of opportunity to transcend the old system.

Break free and let your soul shine!

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Nicole

    What a fantastic way to begin my day! Thank you! It’s so important to keep our imagination going, and your article is a nice reminder to do that. Good luck with the move. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way:) ~Cheers!

  • Steven

    Thanks Corey. Perfect timing for me (to the minute and even second). Just in the last few days I gave my clinical psychologist (this is not a psychiatrist, my psychologist is more of a compassionate social worker than a pill pusher) your website link, and invited her to look at it and make up her own mind.

  • Duncan Phelps

    i thought you & your readers might resonate with this poem. Feel free to copy & pass this on:
    by Duncan Phelps
    ..jotted down during night after the Oct. 10 close-call brush fire from the East & the smokin’ life-like vivid dream of how reality can be altered;
    and be a changing.
    Oct. 11th, 2019

    Life is ______ ______ ______ (blank – blank).

    Life is a simulation,
    When someone else, does have control of what comes down.
    But, if you are strong, you can choose for you, what goes on.
    You can choose YOUR Time-line, whenever the opportunity comes by.

    Life is a drug, a trip, a game, a habit, a Faceplant, a jouTube, a Gewgle, a CNN, a Fox, a spin-cycle.
    Life can be made like a shell, a cocoon, or of many a lie.
    Life is a re-cycle program. Each, can be a refinement, or one of de-generation.
    Some, have called that a route to Heaven, or a road to Hell;
    That being either: Nature’s Created Forefather route,
    Or a personhood-made road or even the Gray’s alien-Order—an entity to Hell.
    They want you to let life be controlled by schooling = propaganda, a teacher,
    a Representative, a corporation, an entity,
    ..The Corporation.

    Life is more than that!
    So life is what you make of it;
    Or, what you sign-off on; with an application to Them, to surrender your Power-of-Attorney over to Them.

    Is you, a god?
    Is The Corporation god?
    Is god the Sun, s – U – n? Is god The Son, s – O – n?
    Is god your Father, or Mother?
    Is god The Corporation?

    Life is the best game in town.
    Life is god;
    Is it ALL of these?

    Life is a chain of experiences.
    Your life can be: a Citizen-person, from a simulated corporation, out of a War in 1868;
    Which can be a governmental Representative for and over you.
    Or, your life can be lived as a National. Be a man, or woman of the soil & land & Constitution of 1787;
    Not The private Hamilton-Rothschild Corporation of 1790 & the 1868 14th Amendment, plus
    The Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

    Universal Law concludes: that when two become divided opponents,
    One will eventually… over-come the other.
    Do you?
    ..allow/assign someone else, or an entity, to make this decision, to set this course, for you?

    It got down to 55 last night;
    I can’t drive fifty-five.

  • Carol

    Thank you so much Corey, we shall prevail and are!
    Today I listened to Elizabeth Yore who has been doing child advocacy work with child abuse and trafficking networks in Chicago.
    She also has documents connecting the UN, The Vatican and George Soros are engaged in all of this.

    I am a 75 year old musician and songwriter working on my second album.
    Thanks so much for all you do

  • Ann

    You are doing great work, Corey! This is the next stage of awakening. At this time, we truly do need to see the big picture! Once we see that we are creators, the world can change! We need to work with one another to create the new world we want to see; a positive, free new world. No more division and hatred and cruelty towards one another. Life CAN be rich and truly exciting and enjoyable. We must all decide to make the change, put our differences aside, and work together!

  • anonymous

    Ann Vandersteel is mentioned on your site. Praying Medic got snookered into doing an interview on that awful Your Voice America show also.

  • Lillian Miller

    AMEN !!!


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