VIDEO: Financial Takeover and Your Bank Account – BlackRock, Envestnet/Yodlee, and The Federal Reserve

On June 12, 2021 Corey’s Digs published the report ‘TAKE ACTION: Financial Takeover and Your Bank Account – BlackRock, Envestnet/Yodlee, and The Federal Reserve.’ This is a short 6-1/2 minute video summarizing the report, created by the brilliant Sharp Edge. Please watch this important video, then read the entire report and timeline on the financial takeover, who’s behind it, what’s happening with your bank account and investment portfolios, the social and climate scoring systems being implemented for a new credit score, and what you should do about it. The full report is also available in pdf download in The Bookshop, for those who wish to archive and print it.

Read the full report now!

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Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Jason

    Great video! Very well done.
    I would trade speed for speaking in the cadence and pronunciation.

    Please speed up the speaking in the next video. Or offer playback speed settings for the video player.

    I like the cuts and the tempo of the images. I also think it is brilliant your ambient music is present, yet suttle and not distracting.

    I like the woman’s voice. She has a nice tone and wonderful urgency that, along with the unsetrling info and Great research done by Corey, caused my guts to shift and think seriously about my own situation.

    Overall, I think it was a great vid that pulls me to set aside time to dive into the article. I was lucky I had that long to sit through it, but I am injured. Others may pass because of the length. But they would be missing out on a well crafted and cared for video that shines a light on the railing of stairs that go deep into the dark and it’s all you can do to stop yourself from taking your first step.

    Well done.

  • Sylvia Hertel

    This is inaccurate information – just more fear mongering on the part of the video creator.
    Biden, and most certainly Obama, had nothing to do with this massive transfer of money. This is all about GESARA/NESARA, which is presently in effect, as of last week or the week before, and the new Quantum Financial System. The general population should be able to exchange their fiat for the new currency by July 1st, if everything is on schedule. President Trump was/is the one who headed up this initiative, with the help of others. You can get the history of NESARA/GESARA as a free download from the Internet Archive.

    There are also numerous websites and videos, with most of the videos coming out of the UK, but you can also keep up with the latest news here – very highly recommended –

    • Corey Lynn

      “Inaccurate information and fear mongering?” Slyvia, did you even read my report? All of the documentation, actions, acquisitions, executive orders, lawsuit, screenshots from bank accounts and investment accounts, WEF docs, SEC docs, gov press releases, BlackRock docs, and on and on I could go… are all in it. These are facts, not fear mongering, and to suggest that it doesn’t exist or is inaccurate would be naive.

  • Susan Rocksvold

    Okay Corey How does this affect people and I know a few in my circle we’ve all run and done estate planning. Will this affect it?
    The feds just can’t come in and pull out of my estate, It’s in a proverbial box.
    Also the woman above and says this is fear-mongering, All that s*** she’s spewing it’s q nonsense. I’m going to download your PDF on my PC don’t want all that on my phone. Thanks again for digging You do an awesome job!

    • Corey Lynn

      Hi Susan, I can’t say for certain how all of this will affect estate planning down the road. I know that Envestnet is trying to restructure how they handles Trusts, so I wanted to make people aware of that. I would just keep my eye on the ball, pay attention to what’s transpiring in the financial industry, regulations, gov, etc. and try to plan accordingly.

  • Sylvia Hertel

    I knew you’d get back to me on that,
    I hadn’t eaten anything all day and really needed to get a meal. So, I just watched the video, and I should have used the word video instead of report. When I tried to go back to edit my comment, I couldn’t find the edit button, so it only goes to show, one shouldn’t try to do things in too big a hurry, and most certainly not when they’re really hungry.
    Thank you for catching me on that one. I really appreciate it.

    You did well to use a video that had the incorrect information in it and then point out the flaws. There are so many of those kind of videos out there these days. I get really tired of trying to help people get things straight with so many false narratives flying around. For the most part, I’ve really reached the point of just letting people figure it out on their own. It won’t be much longer and most of it’ll be very obvious, but there will still be those who will never figure it out.

    I’m just fighting to survive in my own situation. I’m so tired of all the corruption all around me.
    We had military helicopters flying overhead every day for over two months now – music to my ears. A lady downstairs said, “What’s going on!” after a couple of weeks of that. I tried to explain it to her, but…. I noticed this morning the helicopters were flying one after another in a steady flow for about 4-5 hours. If they were doing trials here in town as they were arresting people, then maybe those helicopters were taking the more serious offenders out to places like Gitmo. I can only hope.
    I live in the county seat of one of the most corrupt counties in the country. Believe me, it’s been bad. For a couple of weeks it sounded like all they were doing was rescuing children. I have no way to know for sure, but…. If I don’t hear or see any copters now for a few of days, I need to start searching the local newspapers for reports.
    Headed for bed. Again, thank you for catching me on that. You’re so sharp.

    • Corey Lynn

      The video is based on the report, Sylvia. It might behoove you to read all of the documents in the report, before suggesting it’s a false narrative, especially if you are trying to help other people get things straight.

  • scott

    Jason, the speed was great, but you can control the speed by pressing the settings icon on the bottom of the video screen!

  • Kim

    No offense but why are you lying? Obama and Biden have everything to do with it. Biden, and most certainly Obama, had nothing to do with this massive transfer of money. You’re a liar. Obama oversaw TARP. People like you are truly evil.

  • Clare

    SYLVIA HERTEL, thank you so much for those GESARA links! You took the words right out of my mouth, and saved me a lot of email-writing time. 😉
    I wish I knew where you lived (don’t tell me), because all those helicopters sound awesome! Where I live, we recently had a Chinook hovering right over the historic part of town at night while they were apparently extracting Someone from a building below. This sort of thing NEVER happens here.
    Exciting times!

  • Peter

    Please make all this simpler for those of us who just don’t understand what is going on, don’t have economic and financial knowledge but are just plain and simple living people with savings in the bank for a home that they can’t buy because the housing market (especially here in UK) is in an appalling way and young people cannot get a home with rising prices. What will happen to all their savings in the banks.

    Also you mention a list of hundreds of banks and financial institutions linked up in this – where is the list of those? Thank you. We just need some stuff in simple form – we are not all financial buffs.

  • Connie

    I agree that NESARA/GESARA is all set up to go. Someone I listen to on a regular basis is involved with this process. So we don’t need to worry. Life will be so much better for everyone worldwide.

  • Connie Grenfell

    And, yes, the cabal had their own evil reset set up, but the good patriots and leaders have stopped them, and brought about a great plan for us.

  • Laurel Salyer

    I just went to my bank (USBANK) to cash a check today which they refused because my ID had expired in May on my birthday. I had no idea. Needless to say, I was livid! I have been banking there since 1983 and they know who I am! So I ended depositing the check and going out to the ATM and withdrawing twice the amount of the check. Ha! Tomorrow, I am going to go get my new ID and go back to the back and withdraw my nearly $150,000. out of their stupid little bank and invest in precious metals!

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