Critical Survey on Deaths & Injuries from Covid-19 Jabs by Professor Mark Skidmore

Professor Mark Skidmore has put together a very critical and necessary online survey on the U.S. population to estimate the number of fatalities and injuries from the Covid-19 inoculations. On February 17, 2022 Skidmore presented his ongoing study at the Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium 3, and the evidence is staggering. His full 93-page in-depth study can be downloaded here.

In his presentation, he breaks down several key points of information, beginning with a summary of CDC data on Covid-19 fatalities and Covid-19 inoculation adverse events and fatalities. He then introduces the survey and the respondents’ health experiences, followed by nationwide estimates, and wraps it up with additional information pertaining to the respondents’ characteristics and likelihood of being inoculated, experiencing an adverse event, and knowing someone who experiences an adverse event.

The CDC and FDA acknowledge the adverse events from the Covid-19 jabs, but assert they are rare.

The Strategy of The Survey by Professor Skidmore

• Administer online survey of 3,000 respondents balance on age, income and gender to the extent possible. Survey conducted in late December 2021.

• Report overall findings from survey on Covid-19 illness and Covid-19 inoculation experiences.

• Use data from survey to estimate inoculation-related fatalities, severe injuries and less severe injuries.

• Examine respondent characteristics that influence the likelihoods of being inoculated, experiencing an injury, and knowing someone who experienced an injury.

Some of The Key Findings

• The average age of fatalities after receiving the Covid-19 jab is 48 years old, based on 55 reported deaths.

• 25% of respondents experienced Covid-19 illness

• 48% were inoculated

• 35% knew someone who experienced significant health issues from Covid-19 illness

• 24% knew someone who experienced significant health issues from Covid-19 inoculation

• 8% knew someone who died following inoculation (55 people)

Appendix 3 reveals some of the responses to the survey, and it is a must read.

She had a stroke within days of #2 Moderna vaccine. She has to use a walker and has speech issues. She was in her 40’s. She is a registered nurse.

My friend with no preexisting heart condition died of a heart failure after the second dose.

1 hour after injection my 22-year old friend had a massive heart attack and has been hospitalized for 7 months. Was very healthy and athletic before that shot.

A member of my church died from blood clot surgery less than a week after having a Covid vaccine in the hospital during recovery.

Temporary psychosis that required sedation at a mental hospital.

They got pneumonia after the first shot. They got well and got the second shot and got pneumonia again and died.

Cousin 47 – stroke, cousin – blood clots, friend – death, aunt – death.

WATCH Professor Skidmore present his evidence at 3:37:15. Download the survey here.

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  • Kimberly

    “…On March 17, 2022 Skidmore presented his ongoing study at the Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium 3…”

    Typo, or time travel? That would be sixteen days from today, Tuesday March 1st…

  • Barbara Guillette

    This is global , as you know, the digital reset against our economy, the rationel is that the elite feel the only way they can have total control is to take the economies to zero.
    Which to me means starvation.
    Then they the elite under Klaus schwab, Fauci, Gates , Trudeau, Macron, Merkel,, and others, ,what were they promised? Paradise?etc, will walk in as saviors. Whomever is left, and they do not mean there will not be many left.

    I just received a letter today telling us about more CRA tests to arrive in March 11 free, The housing authority will deliver the tests once they arrive..The elite will keep pushing after all ,this has been in the works for decades. sustainability for the elite= depopulation for the common man vs the common man.
    Barbara Guillette
    Ipswich, Ma, USA

  • Barbara Guillette

    Directed energy weapons can mock any medical or mental malady, I know the Havana Syndrome patients, a common symptom to all has been severe headaches, this is done with pin point pulsed frequencies. I am a target since 1996 and have been looking for the genisis of my targeting since them, Agenda 21-30 is the answer becaue they control the intelligence agencies and the military. I was alarmed to hear of this new global constitution , it will not cover the US constitution we in the military have taken and oath too, We took and oath to the constituion, not to any man, president or officer, NO man . Thank you so much for this and your risk and work.
    Barbara Guillette,

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