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    National Strategy to Develop Distributed Ledger Technology for Digital ID Tucked into 2023 Defense Budget

    By The Sharp Edge The corrupt DC uniparty has conspired against voters who elected a Republican majority in the House to put a stop to wasteful spending driving inflation, by pushing for a massive omnibus bill as the Christmas holiday deadline looms.  In a setup for the vote on the omnibus bill, on December 15, 2022, Congress passed a one-week Continuing Resolution along with the National Defense Authorization Act of 2023 (NDAA), which is the defense budget for next year.  The NDAA is headed to Biden’s desk for signature. Members on both sides of the isle have praised their efforts on the passage of the NDAA, which includes repealing the Covid injection mandate for service members.  While revoking the Covid jab mandate for military members is a victory garnering much of the focus, other aspects of the $858 billion dollar defense bill have gone completely unnoticed.  The devil is always…

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