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    Smart Cities Plan: Collapse & Convert Commercial Properties into Housing

    By The Sharp Edge The globalists never let a good crisis go to waste, especially the ones they’ve manufactured.  In the aftermath of government-imposed Covid lockdowns of small businesses deemed to be “non-essential,” BLM riots that torched countless mom-and-pop shops, the decriminalization of theft that emptied shelves in stores across America, plus skyrocketing inflation and interest rates, not to mention the border invasion, now commercial properties in America are on the brink.  Imagine that.  According to the White House, commercial real estate vacancies are way up in major cities throughout the country. And, just like every manufactured crisis, the solution is always worse than the problem. As the commercial real estate market nears collapse and ballooning housing costs overburden the average American, the Biden regime is swooping in with a plan to solve the crises they’ve created by converting vacant business buildings into affordable housing units in 15-minute smart cities…


    Will Autonomous Cars Drive Us To Further Enslavement?

    By James Fitzgerald It is easy to spot control freaks these days: they shout at you in stores if you aren’t masked up; they pump out fear through newspapers; and they twist your arm to take experimental jabs. But the wheeling and dealing doesn’t stop there; now they want to sneakily get under your hood. The great American highways — and the sedans and muscle cars that populate them — have since the post-war boom formed the circuitry that has energized and connected the nation. The freedom and convenience of the automobile has been the single most important technological and social development since humans first sparked up a fire. Talking of combustion, governments and environmental groups around the world have been critical of fossil fuels and carbon emissions for decades. Anyone who has cycled or walked in busy traffic knows that particulates and fumes from vehicles are unpleasant and harmful,…

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