The Solution Series

    The Solution Series: Mental and Physical Preparedness with John Cain Carter

    “You’ve got to clear your head, quit watching television, and stop reading all of the garbage because it is intended to create fear, and fear is paralyzing.” ~ John Cain Carter Please login to watch the full episode and access subscriber-only content.Not a subscriber yet? You are invited to join here! By Corey Lynn and James White By all accounts, the “writing is on the wall” concerning the worldwide effort by establishment elites to engineer central control and eliminate economic independence and property rights. The skillful manipulation and control that is building a control grid—implemented one person at a time with invasive surveillance, neurological weaponry, propaganda, a tsunami of disinformation, and financial incentives and penalties—comes wrapped with a constant, oversized helping of fear. This week’s guest, John Cain Carter, rejects the philosophy of fear and has the bona fides to back it up. Carter, with a geology degree from the…


    Is A Full-Time RV Lifestyle Right For You?

    By The Sharp Edge Since the onset of Covid-19, many Americans are re-evaluating their lifestyles in search for ways to live freely from debt and government overreach.  The influx of lockdowns, mandates, inflation, and ‘woke’ agendas since the plandemic have caused many to crave a simpler way of life in which they can focus on the things that truly matter.  The rising costs of food, gas and housing have prompted buyers to contemplate a shift in their lifestyles that they may have never previously considered.  Following the emergence of Covid-19, the employment landscape has changed as well. Many Americans have found ways to work from home, untethered from the restraints of job sites and offices.  With all things considered, naturally more Americans have chosen the daily life of full-time RVing.  What are some of the challenges these full-time RVers face and how do they overcome them?  More importantly, is the…

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