The Solution Series

    Critical Survey on Deaths & Injuries from Covid-19 Jabs by Professor Mark Skidmore

    Professor Mark Skidmore has put together a very critical and necessary online survey on the U.S. population to estimate the number of fatalities and injuries from the Covid-19 inoculations. On February 17, 2022 Skidmore presented his ongoing study at the Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium 3, and the evidence is staggering. His full 93-page in-depth study can be downloaded here. In his presentation, he breaks down several key points of information, beginning with a summary of CDC data on Covid-19 fatalities and Covid-19 inoculation adverse events and fatalities. He then introduces the survey and the respondents’ health experiences, followed by nationwide estimates, and wraps it up with additional information pertaining to the respondents’ characteristics and likelihood of being inoculated, experiencing an adverse event, and knowing someone who experiences an adverse event. The CDC and FDA acknowledge the adverse events from the Covid-19 jabs, but assert they are rare. The Strategy…

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