The Death of George Floyd: The Real Timeline

In a False Flag operation, no one ever truly knows the extent of the orchestration, but the suspicions never die.

On May 25, 2020, the mainstream media reported to the masses that a black man in Minneapolis by the name of George Perry Floyd, 46, was killed during an arrest after a store clerk called 911, alleging Floyd had passed a counterfeit $20 bill.

George Floyd’s death was the pivotal first domino used to transition us from virus to violence, manufacture a race war, and usher in a Color Revolution. To quote Jack Posobiec, author of Antifa: Stories From Inside the Black Bloc, his death “was the spark that lit the fuse.”

The Floyd psyop was instrumental in carrying out the events that followed, in order to bring total destruction to America.  The events on May 25, 2020 changed the world forever, but the complicit media withheld the full story in order to fan the flames of violence that spread like wildfire throughout the streets of America.

What really happened that day?  Through a timeline of undeniable evidence, this important documentary uncovers how the media and government lied.  #TheRealTimeline

Get a sneak peak of this film, from the director of the award-winning documentary Vanishing of the Bees, and Hibbeler Productions, at this link George Floyd | The Real Timeline, and embedded below.

Coming this Thanksgiving!

Maryam Henein is a veteran investigative journalist, director of the award-winning documentary Vanishing of the Bees narrated by Elliot Page. She has contributed to many projects including Stop World Control and Plandemic 2 documentaries.  Maryam Henein is relentlessly committed to bringing the truth to the public, for which she has been banned, unpersoned and censored.  Your support in sharing her work is crucial and deeply appreciated.

Your support will help bring this in-depth documentary to the world.  Please support Maryam here, and share this link!

Watch this episode of Dig It! Podcast with special guest, Maryam Henein, for more information on The Death of George Floyd: The Real Timeline below.

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  • gowderinc

    Dane Calloway been there done that in regards to the death, but his documentary keeps getting taken offpatreon an u tubed…

  • EnoughAlready

    That’s because Dane C doesn’t come from the same place Posobiec did. These truth-teller post mortems are nice, but little more than salve to the mortally wounded who took the brunt of it all. Faith without acts…

  • Dr. Bad Truth

    George Flyod was a long time drug addict and career criminal. More whites are killed by cops than blacks. Where are the protests? Riots in the streets. Iconic history statues ripped down”
    “When one forgets history… it is bound to repeat itself”.

    Only this time the NAZI’s and the WEF are planning to control EVERYONE with their transhumanism agenda.

    Blacks are 12% of the US population and commit 52% of all the violent crimes and murders.

    Black Lives Matters is a communist DEMOCRAT organization, that filters donations through Australia and back to the US. I have it all.

    You don’t hear anything about the MILLIONS of $$ in donations stolen by their leaders to buy mansions for their private use..

    Gen Z and the mulitituds are IGNORANT AND APATHETIC.

    White criminals are shot or jailed… BLACK criminals get a tax payer paid retirement in the millions…

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