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    How To Challenge A School Board in 3-5 Minutes

    Did you know that only 5-10% of people vote in school board elections across the country? Even worse, there are empty seats, and uncontested candidates, some of whom need to be kicked to the curb. How is it possible that we have over 56.6 million children attending school in the U.S., with only 5-10% of parents participating in the election of the people who hold the highest power over their education, or shall we say… indoctrination? Whereas, the home schooling rate has increased four-fold over the past year, some parents aren’t in a situation that allows them to homeschool just yet, and their children remain in public schools. The future generations will be so badly indoctrinated, if parents do not put a stop to this now, and that’s exactly what is happening. Continue this momentum! Are you a little shy and find it difficult speaking in a room full of…


    Stay Vocal: Local Bills Bolster The Big Fight Back

    By James Fitzgerald A host of states have recently passed legislation in important areas to benefit citizens and counter the Hegelian agenda of globalist administrators. Some of the bills have passed in the House of Representatives but not yet in the Senate, after which they would be signed into law by the respective governors. Some of the topics covered in the bills include critical race theory, 2nd Amendment sanctuary state status, 2nd Amendment rights to carry guns, transgender directives in schools, new voting regulations, so-called vaccines and vaccine ID passports, and Big Tech censorship. We have listed a lot of new bills by state and subject below, to provide an overview of these positive developments, some of which are firsts for this country. Be sure to track legislation in your state to see what’s being introduced, contact your reps to support or oppose it, and rally to get them to…


    PARENTS: You Have The Power

    Parents across the country are worried about what their children are being taught in school, with subject matters such as critical race theory, the transgender agenda, and revisionist history being forced on them, not to mention the sexualizing of children that is taking place. Parents are also very concerned about their children being made to wear masks for upwards of seven hours a day, and battling school boards to remove the mandate. In fact, just do a quick search on the internet and witness how many parents are suing school boards across the country right now. Bring the fire! Fortunately, your voice is being heard on many of these agendas being pushed on children in school, and some states are taking action through legislation. Arkansas was the first state to pass a bill banning transgender hormone therapy and surgery in children under 18, and numerous other states have bills in…

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