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    Clinton Crime Family’s 50+ Organizations: TICK TOCK

    Most people are aware of the Clinton Foundation (CF), Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) and Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), but most are not aware of the other 48 foundations, funds, LLCs, and shell companies with non-existing addresses this crime family keeps hush about. Many of these organizations are indeed still operating, while others have dissolved or “merged”, as they like to refer to it. The majority of this information comes directly from their tax returns (990s), and the remainder from further research in digging through their websites. Below is an alphabetical listing of all of their organizations with notes next to a handful of them. Some of these organizations will show up in future articles here, but for now, other researchers can dig into this BIG LIST! Before getting to the list, there are two very important pieces of information to include. First, there are ongoing…

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