Catherine Austin Fitts & Corey Lynn Discuss Vaccine ID Passports and Global Control

In this one-hour video, Catherine Austin Fitts and Corey Lynn discuss Corey’s 4-part report on the Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports, and get into the specifics on where this is headed, who the key players are, how far along they are with each agenda, and solutions for combatting this tyranny. This is about much more than just a “vaccine ID passport,” it is about getting you a QR code for a digital identity that will eventually go onto the blockchain where they will trace, track, and monitor your every move in order to control your health records, all personal records, housing, jobs, food, access to establishments, transportation, and the financial system. They want total control over you.

If you haven’t yet read this extensive 4-part report, you can review it here:

The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 1

The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 2: How Your Digital Identity is Moving to the Blockchain for Full Control Over Humans

The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 3: The Key Implementers of Your Digital Identity onto The Blockchain

The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 4: BLOCKCHAINED

The full report is also available for download in The Bookshop in pdf format. Get the combo of parts 1 & 2 here, and parts 3 & 4 here.

Watch the full discussion on this 4-part series with Catherine Austin Fitts and Corey Lynn.

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  • Pricilla Makea

    Please tell me what this means for Australia. I live in Melbourne and am at a loss on what we can do here.. I have been in lockdown now for a long time. I have refused to get the jab, and lots of useless refusals to stop this invasion of my life. I do not accept medication of any kind I am on a list that clearly states ‘ client refuses medication’.. I removed my son from Public Education, I have done so many things but I know this rotten system will come for those of us who are left. 80% of Melbourne Australia have been vaccinated and yet this so called Plandemic is spreading.. why can’t the people see… The premier of Melbourne is going into power insanity.. please help

  • Jennifer Kreitzer

    Pricilla – Do you have a way of leaving the country, or going to another part of Australia that isnt inder lockdown, and leave from there? Max Igan finally left a few days ago. For you and your son’s sake its best to leave if you can.

  • Donna

    Motherinlaw got the shot in Feb/Mar’21: Losing eyesight, no strength in her legs, walking now with a cane, swelling in her calves.
    Fatherinlaw got shot same time: No effects until Oct’21, walking with a cane now. Heart issues amplified.
    Brotherinlaw: Took shot in June’21, no effects.
    Our town has 2 5g towers. To be activated in 2024. One is TMobile. We had small amount of covid effects(usually those who frequented 5g active cities. Then, horror happened. Over 14 people were diagnosed with covid in 1 week, 7 death certificated in the following week. Found out from the electricity company that the previous week, the 5g tower in the heart of the city had been being tested. Tested means all spectrum of the tower was tested. Possibly causing these illnesses. A month later we had a large number of individuals in our county were diagnosed with pneumonia, after they ended up in the hospital, the were diagnosed with “covid” pneumonia?!?!?!.
    If the towers aren’t removed(which by the way, this 5g role out, including rural areas was signed into effect by Pres. Trump.) These towers will be a compliance weapon. These wicked people are doing it in silence, but when they know they have the power, they will openly threaten said community with harm and death if not getting compliance. Humanity is becoming as the days of Noe. Corrupt in their vessels (mRna gene manipulation). Only the good Lord can right this wrong. People need to reflect on Acts 20:21 and get their spiritual house in order. We’re taking flight soon. God have mercy on His creation. Have ears to hear and eyes to see loved ones.

  • Let’s think

    The net is closing slowly , but surely. Soon there will be no where to run or hide. We have allowed these traitors to humanity to take control , while they promised us “Peace and Safety”
    They lulled is in to submission with
    poisons in our food and through
    corporate media and lying politicians
    who practice to deceive. And we bought it hook ,line , and sinker…
    Now it’s time to pay the piper.
    The devil is always in the details…
    What is enevitable is enevitable.
    It shall come to pass.. day or year or hour.. we know not… but it shall come.
    Best to make peace with God and your fellow man, don’t hold grudges, forgive and leave this world with a clear conscience. And above all
    Don’t comply, with their trans human
    agenda. Yes, it will be difficult and
    you may lose your life in the process.
    But we are earthern vessels where an eternal soul is housed. If this vessel is destroyed the soul will go
    either with God or Hell.
    So, choose wisely…

  • Janko

    Priscillia,Your people wilingly give up Arms and they were even very proud of it,what you MUST do?? as soon as possible sell everything and move to some very remote place,to be living of Grid,im in the process of myself,even im living out of the city and we are ARM,the plan is to eliminate police=-army and deploy UN police,in big numbers,to try us disarm and enslave ,a as well depopulate it,by over 200 millions,by 2025,Australia will loose at least 9 Million,read the “deagle report” from Rockefeller Foundation,this planning,took a lot of years to executed,they dont want more then 100-500 millions,UK will be 85% depopulated,Germany 53 Milions,etc. Janko

  • Charles Ford

    First Thank You Corey thank god I stumbled upon your work. I must say I thought Josh at Crossroads was the best I was wrong you damn sure match him. Both of you have woke so many muuch thanks. I am a small business owner and operator, a Master Yamaha Outboard Tech. one of only about 220 in the Country this being said before all this I spent maybe 20hrs a year on the computer and zero on TV just FYI. Like you I dove off straight into the rabbit hole. The amount of white papers, and fallowing money and climate BS well you know the hole is infinite. My two main points are the fact that Blackrock and Vanguard own everything, dig into this and you find Vanguard owns Blackrock. The question is who owns Vanguard I can not find this info. If I was to speculate I’m pretty damn sure it’s Rockerfeller! The second and really the most disturbing point is DARPA! This group of MAD, DURANGED, PHYSCOPATHS have created Signwave technology and can control any and all of our minds with out you even knowing with NANOBOTS. Now they have been capable of this for what I’ve seen for atleast 30 years. This being public so what can they really do! We have absolutly zero defense against this. I just found this last night and quite frankly I’ve lost all hope! The experiments they have already done on the public with them not even knowing is so far cross the line I just I really Do Not Know anymore! I tried to put my links here but sadly I’m not smart enough! Remember I’m just a 41 year old Southern Male Mechanic who loves his Country and each and every one of you. Really need some kind of hope right now the DARPA thing has gutted me. Sorry if my Grammer and writing is crap! To All who are pushing this agenda I myself and many others will fight to the death over our freedom I be Damned if I let all the heroic Soldiers who gave it all for Freedom haven done so in vein! U SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUSELVES AND KNOW THIS YOUR COMPUTER, AI,NANOBOTS, OR WHATEVER ELSE YOU SCUM HAVE NOTHING WILL SAVE YOU WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR SHINING MOMENT WITH OUR CREATOR YOU WILL GET YOURS! If anyone would like the links or videos I have just email me be warned once you know there is no turning back. Stay Free, Healthy and God Bless

  • Barbara Guillette

    they have all been promised untold wealth and paradise, two ultra fast and epwnsive sport cars were racing on a nearby deserted highway. super buses with their speacial lanes are being pushed.
    Im very beat up and if I smoke, I get pulsed real bad the pot intensifies it, so , what are they gonna do next. Its a strange world, for me to have my neighbors attack me others Target have spoken of this and I usually had them in the next house not the next apartment, usually…

    22 of oct. 2021
    This morning was real bad as has been the past few days, constant heavy intense pulsed 24/7 harassment, from drive-bys, and from McLaines apartment, He and Stephanie are very clever who would think a drunk could do what he’s doing manimiputling other to do his dirty work for him, kinda like a pimp, He’s gotten 3 women after me,,, Stephanie, Angela,, and some blond woman,,, Ill be polite, Angelas license plates is. They look so pitiful you would never dream that both are burglers and he’s now a perp, attacking people, namely me. his status in life has just risen on my back as all these weapons have done , many people are experiments and still are what do you think the vaccine was, one great big experiment using whatever they wanted..they are taking notes and not paying us a dime.

    I think it was Terry (fat boy) his knees and legs are giving out,,, last night he does visit and I;m almost positive he spoke, it was his voice coming from Don’s apartmenta he walked from the bedroom under me to the living room where Stephanie, ,,was. She spoke to him he sleeps here a lot lately, they use him to target me,,,

    Don works in the world where you do not go to the authority and I walk in the world where his actions are criminal and where else do you go when a crime has been committed but I’m learning, that they win, because the law will not protect you / me.
    The elite want us all dead, no matter how. just any dead is a good dead to them I guess.

    I don’t know why the police stopped being police and turned into killers,,,, they stopped being what I thought was police a long time ago,,,the feds always stepped in and took care of what they wanted, they killed the goose that laid the golden egg,,, I was and am a model. What happens to me will happen to all of you, think of the bell curve and everything starts at 1, and then goes through the population, I am usually in theist one of the first,,, or second or third in many ways the first, person to support a business, or trend, then I was told that everyone is a model, but the feds never gave their proof of that but I see the gathering of all data as part of this “All” they also want to save information so after they kill us all off,, they will feel they won’t lose important, information.So their idea is to shape public opinion and train us with masks,, control the bell curve, and I also read public schools will no longer require attendance,?? is that right..///, Pavlovian, at best, next one who mentions masks to me I shall Heil Hitler Maybe they willl take the hint.

    probably because the elite want us all dead. .. That is what I see, and now I see vehicle sabotage on the near horizon , accidents, its a win win, win for the elite,
    1, supposedly cuts pollution, I do not know.
    2. Promotes public transport, not a bad idea, super buses and they have their own lane, Boston?
    3. It empties the roads with vehicles,,, except for the wealthy, they feel they should have to wait in congestion, they are too wealthy to have the peasants block their way. d

    someone mentioned two lamborginies racing, (pardon my spelling above my pay grade) on RT. 95? Old RT, 1 , I believe it was a cop????? On the news?// he stated “he wasn’t gonna chase them,”, they have been promised all the wealth in the world, much less people and they can go anywhere and do anything they want, Paradise,,We the dead our bones cry out to you, you shall not have one moment of peace, know you will always have to watch your back,,, you will not be forgiven for ignoring the Constitituion . Killing ooff our children when your retarded offspring inherit the wind, WTFH?

  • Momo

    Australians do everything you can to get out of the country. If you cannot you need to get into the country & off grid with others, be armed! Here in America it will go full kinetic and Americans will have to be defeated on the battlefield for Americans & veterans will NEVER COMPLY, EVER!

  • leejen

    Everyone needs to just switch off…go back to landline – get rid of the mobile phones – they are implementing this all through mobile phones…they currently run your life…
    leave them at home…or better yet throw them away…they can’t do this if noone has phones they cart around everywhere with them.

  • Annika Huhta

    Are the freemasons behind it, where they all belong?
    And i would look into Holocaust.
    Its the same lie like everything else.
    Looke into Hitler too.
    1.Europe the last battle(2017)
    2.The greatest story ever told.
    3. A devil in disguise

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