Living in The Upside Down

For over five years, it has felt as though I had submerged myself into an undercover narcotics sting, only it wasn’t narcotics, it was a web of espionage, money laundering, corruption, child trafficking, mind manipulation and indoctrination, murder, and worse. I knew what I was diving into, and I willingly did so because it all needed to be exposed, as America was on the brink of total destruction. I went all in – right into the upside down.

It wasn’t tough – at first – giving up my “normal” life and spending every waking moment profiling, climbing inside the minds of pure evil, digging through all of their connections, combing through their wallets, and mind-melding to “see” their next moves. I wasn’t truly “undercover” in the physical sense of being “on the inside”, but boy did I find a lot of roads that lead to the “inside.” To see their agendas, it was necessary to go back in time, from the beginning, and create a timeline. To understand their operations, I had to understand their relationships – all of which were incredibly dark. Pedophile after pedophile, even when I wasn’t looking for it. The Clintons and Gates successfully engrained themselves into every avenue I went down, at every single turn, even when I was pulling on threads from a different layer of fabric.

As time went on, I realized that this web I was exposing, stretched so far, it knew no bounds, and all the spiders that spun together swallowed everything in their path. Days were suddenly flying by so fast, and dots were connecting in my mind quicker than I could ink them to paper. Days turned to nights and nights turned to days. Time became irrelevant.

My ultimate goal was to expose criminal agendas against humanity – ALL of humanity – so people could awaken and shift back into their true power – power that was intentionally concealed, hidden, stomped on, and taken away by these spiders. For decades, families had been torn apart, communities disconnected, and people in trance by technology – all by design. “All for one and one for all” had quickly become “every man for himself,” and compassion seemed to be fading away, but in recent days it was on the verge of reversing.

It was time for me to extract myself from this “undercover gig,” to climb out of the dark abyss I had resided in for so long, to detach myself from their minds and energy that I allowed in so as to expose what was necessary before moving to phase two. Yet, a thousand showers couldn’t begin to wash away the layers of dirt I allowed to accumulate. It was mind-altering and heart-wrenching, to say the least. No matter how much I believed I already knew, the dark that I knew existed in this world since I was a child, there always seemed to be something more sinister, more evil, and more incomprehensible lurking around the corner. It felt like quicksand.

I needed to bring myself back to my real world and to a sense of normalcy, only I suddenly didn’t recognize the world anymore. By this time, we had evolved into a new, special kind of evil, one that plagued minds with fear and illusions. Everywhere I turned I saw fear on people’s faces, felt depression and a sense of helplessness in their energy, saw communities turning into recluses, and I thought to myself – “My God, these people have no idea what the face of evil really looks like.” They are fearing something they don’t truly understand, when they should be looking behind the curtain – at those perpetrating the fear, misinforming them, and lying to their faces. They are unable to see deception and have been hypnotized straight from a back row seat right into the movie set itself, and have become the co-stars in this twilight zone years-long series entitled ‘America’s enslavement.’

Then this sensation washed over me that best resembled being caught between worlds. Pulling myself out of the depths of hell these corrupt people reside in, only to find myself in this warped sense of reality filled with so many illusions that confusion had taken over the masses. The entanglement that these spiders created was a monopoly of webs that span the entire world on a scale we’ve not seen before. Those who see beyond the illusions, who dare to speak up and break the hypnotic spell, are shut down faster than the legacy media has already manufactured ten cover stories. We are living in the upside down.

And in that moment, I realized… I have always been one of the greatest manifesters, one who has always traveled the waves of the universe in a positive flow with trust and faith, rolling with the changes, and welcoming each as an opportunity – all of which felt as though it had evaporated overnight. But it didn’t. It only felt that way. I allowed myself to feel the disconnect because I had to in order to dive to the depths that I went, to look evil in the face. It was time to get my mojo back.

We all have incredible powers and gifts that were blessed upon us at birth. Powers most people can’t even comprehend. It is innate. The times we are in is not so much about the outward battle most believe it to be. It is the inward struggle that everyone must come to grips with. It is perception. It is knowing that control and expectations create resistance. Shedding doubt and knowing that we can endure and transcend anything that comes our way, while manifesting and projecting love in all that we do, isn’t an idea – it is who we are. It is faith.

That’s not to say that there isn’t an outward battle to be fought, but the inward battle must be won first, because the power that lies within the masses achieving that, is more powerful than anything else on earth, and the manifestations that will come from it will be awe inspiring.

I will eventually detach from these remaining particles of dirt that occasionally filter into my dreams and creep into my mind throughout the day. The residue will hold no power but will be there as a reminder of what we fight for. I believe that the biggest battle we all face is that within ourselves – to see beyond, to rise above, and to be fearless as we move through this transition and transcendence that is happening in chorus throughout the world. For now, I thank God I am able to see with clarity and understand where I am at and know that it will all balance in due time. I just have to dust myself off on occasion.

They want to corral us into a box and demoralize us into oppression, while trying to break our spirit and rape our souls. Yet, even if they were to accomplish the former, they cannot accomplish the latter, and that is where our power resides. Like a wild horse that cannot be broken – respect your spirit, honor your soul, and harness that energy source that resides within us all. That is where true freedom resides and is a force of power that can change the world – and it will.  

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Pat

    An absolutely brilliant article. Your work and more importantly, your perceptions are truly remarkable. I have not immersed myself in the way that you have but I did conclude a very long time ago never to doubt my inner voice. Unfortunately that voice frequently tells me that most people are stupid and not deserving of my time or attention. I am not saying this is how you think. I am saying this is how I think. Over the last four years this divergence has become an impenetrable divide. I no longer have any time for those who do not see things my way. At one time I would have viewed this as a loss in my life. Now I see it as a release and a relief. Thank you for your important work. Feel free to doubt the rest of the world if that’s what it takes.

  • M Cookie

    CL- you speak volumes and eloquently. Your words and feelings represent much of my journey and timeline. Probably how I found my way to you and have drawn to following you.
    To get to know someone-I look into a person soul. From there I enjoy the ability to exchange, discuss and share . No one allows for that in this climate.
    We knew and saw Evil is previous days but never before was lying and total manipulation of others so acceptable.
    Yes, it went on but in time those actions could be called out and a price paid for such deeds.
    Today- no one or very few own their Evil- it seems to empower them.
    I knew a lot of the political stuff- the depth of Child Trafficking I did not.
    The channels- citizen journalists that took this path and helped guide me to finding my way down and through it are to be commended. It’s a terrible reality and the truth is devastating.
    I am taken back by the family, friends and acquaintances that don’t/ won’t acknowledge these truths. They won’t hear of any of it.
    As if by not ‘seeing it’ it will not exist.
    I feel badly for them as I stop immediately ( or am stopped) in mid discussion. It is their ignorance to be so shallow. For that I am sorry for them as we used to be able to share any topic and discussion.
    I will not give up on looking for a solution and following people such as you and your work.
    This world of lies and deception and Evil were not expressed in a short time. “ They” thought by locking us down it would be easy to break us down- We the American People.
    But ‘They’ were wrong. Many of us are stronger for having done our research and learning from all you who operate in the written word. We’ve used our minds and made our conclusions without the ‘infuencers who work from scripts handed to them’.
    Corey, know you are appreciated.
    Know your work has done so much for so many.
    One point of proof- several times a week I hear of a local trafficking ring being busted and the numbers saved. Be it 5 or 300- every person is a gift to us all and each one being given a chance at the life God meant for him to have feeds our souls too.
    The former administration did so much to bring these poor souls into the light and back into our lives. I hope we all work in any small way possible to continue helping and changing and removing the Evil.
    Evil is exposed. So let’s not let them have their way. Let’s be strong and vigilant and continue working for the betterment of all mankind.

    • Melinda

      Wow, that flowed like a river and well, I can very much relate to your deep dive and emergence from abyss, having spent the last few years in pursuit of the truth. I too am dusting myself off and thank you for your honest, generous self disclosure. Very inspiring and beautiful spoken.

  • Laura

    Corey, after reading this and comparing your other writings with how they resonated with me, I’m convinced you and I are a lot alike. I also believe that you have many readers who are also light bringers, creators and are able to manifest what they want to see in the world.

    Today, I’m convinced that you have a very deep well to draw on in replenishing yourself. I’m always concerned about you and others like you who dive deeply into the depths. Now I see you’re gonna be fine.

    Thank you for everything, Corey! You are truly special!

  • Zachery Fay

    Corey, what you have endured to bring this information to us is truly amazing, and brave! I truly feel that our Heavenly Father has equipped you for such a time as this! Much like He prepared the way for President Donald J Trump. Great things are about to take place.
    Thank you for your work, diligence and faith! Remember this, rest in Him, absorb His piece!

  • Nikki

    Corey, as always your words come with such love, compassion, honesty, truth and grace. You have such a gift. Thank you for your bravery to go down the deep dark paths that have no doubt broken you more times than not. Thank you for trusting that small still voice that you allowed to guide you.

  • Marcos del Aguila

    Nice Corey. I feel harmonic vibration with what you have said thrumming all around. ‘I AM’, an unstoppable force of nature who uses his imagination (the Christ within me) to create this manifest world we see as I wish it to be. Full of love and laughter. Light emanates from my every pore overwhelming the darkness. I didn’t always feel this way however, I am now thankful for the murderous, blood sucking, Luciferian cabal whose darkness only makes that much brighter my light! Their time is now over and we are joined daily by those who awake to their own Christ power within. Invincible. Resolute. This evil CANNOT stem the tide. They have no power now to stop that which consumes them whole. Thanks for your time ‘undercover’ helping to expose this current phenomenon. Not the darkness, no, but rather the awesome poof of the light which we all are!!

    Thanks again

  • Tara S.

    Thank you Corey for your critical research and digging. You have been a force for truth these last few years. I have followed you and listened to your YouTube channel. I can only imagine the evil you have seen in your digs. I have been a huge fan and wish you some respite and grace to get some much needed nourishment and rest.

  • Peter O'Connor

    What you wrote above (except your spider metaphor, poor spiders!) reminds me of that
    detailed warning to all evil doers psychologist Eve Lorgen puts on her writings in regard to how she views her work and herself.

  • Peter O'Connor

    PS: Why don’t you consult a “Curative Eurythmist” and ask her for advice – if she can recognize which exercises might help you?

  • Alexandra.m

    You are an amazing old soul, a light child that somehow kept a feeling of past lives and pushed yourself down that rabbit hole to clear the light at both ends! More are awakening everyday because of you’re eloquent words and research! X

  • Suz Johnson

    Thank you Cory. It cost you much to bring this much light and healing to the world. I am very grateful, and the world is a better place for your hard work…hardly the right words, the sacrifice you have given, is priceless. You are right, the light is dawning, the evil is being dispelled by the King of Kings, and your efforts have brought a call to action for many. I salute you, and honor you. You are a hero, and I greatly respect your accomplishment.

  • Candice

    Hi Corey,

    So beautifully and poetically written. I felt love from your words and am passing this on. Keep on keepin’ on and God bless!

  • Helene

    Thank you Corey for sharing your story with us…you’ve been doing the work for so long and so well, we can’t thank you enough for your devotion to the cause.

  • Neel

    God speed Corey for all the work you do; yes, waking people up is a challenge but it must be done. Thank the Lord you and many others are in fact awake and it can be frustrating to get others to do the same. I believe the white hats are firmly in charge and we are watching a movie play out as the people must feel enough pain so as a society we will never let this happen again. Keep up the great work and I listen to Dig it every Friday with you, Speaker and the Sharpe Edge.

  • Kimberly

    Yes , Corey. We have to deal with our own darkness within before we can deal with the darkness in our world. It’s not easy.
    I was guided to publish 8 poems that I wrote a couple years ago. The Universe literally shouted at me to put together this little book,
    Put my sister’s paintings in there too. People say it’s a cathartic experience to read them, helps them feel their feelings so they can deal, then heal. Seems like everyone needs healing at some level. Here’s the link to the free pdf, Martin Geddes shared it on gab. a few weeks ago. Hope it helps even one of your readers
    Some of the titles- “Prey” “Pain and Addiction” “My Brother” (deals with fallout from growing up in an alcoholic home)
    “Admit” ( admitting does not need to be so scary) the last one “Together We Ride” is uplifting, a celebration of our collective humanity.
    Hugs and LOVE

  • Valerie

    Thank you just what I needed..! We all need to remember our light will guide us and keep us moving forward. Our light will guide many if we hold it close to our hearts. In the darkest is times we must balance and keep ourselves steady, not to lose our path. I my self have been frustrated with others refusing to look at what my light is showing them. I now realize I need to step back, be patient, try a new path. As I have come know enlightenment can be painful..! May God keep our light strong yet gentile, as we all continue to lift each other from the darkness. Thank you & all who seek to save humanity from its evil grip…! God Bless us all

  • Lynn Lewman

    Your statement above says so much about who we are in Christ, for those who trust in Him: “Shedding doubt and knowing that we can endure and transcend anything that comes our way, while manifesting and projecting love in all that we do, isn’t an idea – it is who we are. It is faith.

    That’s not to say that there isn’t an outward battle to be fought, but the inward battle must be won first, because the power that lies within the masses achieving that, is more powerful than anything else on earth, and the manifestations that will come from it will be awe inspiring.”

    I would add these scriptures that confirm who we, who believe in Jesus as Savior, are: Proverbs 18:10- The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous run into it, and are safe.”

    1 John4:4-6, 4 You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. 5 They are from the world and therefore speak from the viewpoint of the world, and the world listens to them. 6 We are from God, and whoever knows God listens to us; but whoever is not from God does not listen to us. This is how we recognize the Spirit[a] of truth and the spirit of falsehood.

    Get to know God and His Son Jesus and get strong against the evil in this world.

  • Valerie Ridnouer

    Corey, I was riveted by your article and found it to be so awe-inspiring and deep-from within your sole. I am proud of you and what you are doing. I am a Prayer Warrior and will be backing you with protective prayers. We live in a time now where so much is on the line and we have to keep our perspective and trust in God Almighty to show us what’s real and what’s not, because so much is not! Discernment is my request of the day when I go into prayer mode. We cannot afford to let our imaginations get the best of us! Hang in there Corey and keep up the great work you are doing.

  • Kurt Anderson

    Good stuff Corey, as usual. Now the question, what next? I have a suggestion if I may be so bold. Dominion Voting Systems. We will never have another free and fair election until we find out what really happened in the early morning hours of November 4, 2020. Between midnight and 6 a.m. we lost the republic right in front of us. We need to expose the malefactors behind the big steal. We know the where, the when, and the why. We need to know the who and the how. The who needs to be punished harshly so no pone else does it ever again. The how will help us be vigilant from now on. Someone like you can dredge it all up, the rest of us can hold them accountable.

  • Nicholas Morrow

    Well now, this is a good say, Corey. We are riding the same wave.
    Let’s dance to the music. “All is one, one is all” Inner work, transformation is outer transformation, the world is in us, we are in the world. In other words, we have personal karma, and social, generational, world karma and now i think, galactic karma. We do not cease our work/play when we die but support from the other side. I sometimes feel that individuals cross over to be more effective and continue from the other side. One does not replace the other, because what we do here we can not done on the other side and visa versa. “As above, so below” or “as below so above” resonates – that an equally insidious war is going on earth and in heaven, in spirit spheres. Ouch. Probably in the galaxy as well. Anyway, I am here and I am warrior. I do, think, and feel here on earth and know that it programs the field, matrix, that forms the “nature” of reality throughout.

    We each and together have our weapons, tools, sword, shield, and winged sandals to perform our tasks with everything we need as human beings or we would not be here. These, of course are not fully developed or again, we would not be here. Wielding these weapons can lead to the opposite result of our intentions, so, training, self development is essential. You spoke to this beautifully. Healing, living our karma, and the social karma is essential. My focus turns to “Beyond Healing” beyond this political mischief and the compromised social, economic, and cultural environment as well as the immune system, Us, the Patriots for humanity.

    What is beyond healing? Not Utopia, that we can not imagine in our current state, anyway, the way there can be a lot of fun with some romance to balance and nourish our heart. Where we are at, what is, and where we are going can be discovered by truly free humans and this freedom is not controlled by the deep state. However the faculties to perform such deeds is, or at least hindered as well as distractions galore to deter us from such acts and activity. Much of the time we create the distractions by thinking that we are something that we are not. It is a good pause to ask, “who is doing the feeling or thinking” or “who is worried, afraid, or victimized.” I find that it is not me but my altered ego or person, not to be ignored but observed, identified, or confronted. Doubt takes a lot of energy and trusting to counter doubt takes even more. The same is true when we get caught up with most duality. Finding the middle ground in us in our humanity, bringing the dualities to the center, is empowering and freeing for our action in the world.

    Beyond Healing must not wait for healing, which is essential and pressing, but not the end goal. What is beyond healing? The rebuilding of every aspect of society according to sound, moral principles inherent in being human which includes the spiritual world that we share here and on he other side between death and rebirth. Well now, that was a mouth full – Ha, ha. It is simple, rebuilding education, culture, economics, agriculture, medicine, healing, science, art, and governance to serve humanity, the free human being, the whole human being, body, soul, and spirit. Our children would not be here if they were not equipped for the task. That is why the deep state has desecrated the education system with content, testing, and digital insanity. I could go on with visions for all of these things as I am sure many other could as well. Let’s get it on and do it together. What would that look like?

    I close off my little comment here with the questions. What is the great conspiracy? What is the great awakening? I will pose two possible answers. The great conspiracy is that “THE SPIRITUAL WORLD DOES NOT EXIST” and the great awaking is “AWAKENING THE DIVINE IN US.” Yes we need to expose the bullshit as well as the limited aspects in our selves that do not always smell like flowers on a spring day. When we include the art, science and economics of spirit in our thinking, in our solutions and all the social spheres mentioned above progress will be made, progress that includes love, the goal, task, and product worthy of a free, sovereign humanity. That is a little preachy, but contemplate it.

    Blessings All Ways,


  • Sher Renaud

    My first time hearing about you and reading your articles after discovering you through Gab. This particular writing resonates with me both on a spiritual and emotional level. God has clearly given you a unique gift and ability to seek out, live within and report on the evil forces attempting to infiltrate every mind and soul on the planet. All without caving to these forces. Thank you.

  • meg

    Corey, thank you for your wonderful work, all of it. I, however, am finding myself resigned to living under extreme oppression for 4 years. I had thought some miracle would happen and Trump would make a triumphant return, galloping in on a huge stallion, Melania at his side, and all would be great again. But daily I read reports of life saving required prescription drugs that are now costed out of reach, schools not reopening, mask mandates going on the upswing…it’s all a nightmare. Currently I pray that anyone with any book from 1940 and prior has a digital copy because of the looming book burning threatened by the left.
    It is depressing on so many levels. Plus, I’m no spring chicken…will I even live to see a resurgence of patriots in control? Because they surely are not in control now. Republicans need to grow backbones and fight back; something these lounge lizards have never learned. Trump showed the way…are there enough Magas to bring it back and carry it forward?
    Thank you again for all you do. I pray we survive this assault and that I am wrong about it lasting for 4 years or — God forbid — longer.
    Be well, be safe, and be careful out there.

  • Stephanie

    Nicely put Corey. I love your work and share your articles when the spiders let me. 🙂
    I too struggle to find the balance between diving in for knowledge and rising up to be within, a tightrope walk. Practice makes perfect right….
    And it’s tough to deal with the sleepers day in and day out. I deal with it by dropping as many breadcrumbs as I can…but have decided my energy will be used to help others attain the inner knowledge of sovereign self. So to that end, a friend and I have just opened a new business, a holistic healing center….hoping to bring inner peace and awareness to the seekers and sleepers.
    You are an inspiration, keep doing what you do!!!

  • Marian Hansen

    You have traveled a dangerous path to look at evil in its face, know that it continues and all you can do is expose it. Looking at your books or podcasts do you have a sequence you would suggest we follow to help us understand your journey from the beginning or is random better?? While you return to the Clintons and Gates as the people behind this madness I also see the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and old European money behind our world collapse. I pray every day that God hears our plea for the democracy we have lost-may it be found AGAIN, for decency and respect in our government, for the beauty and safety of going to church every Sunday, for violence of all forms to stop and to be defunded, for schools to be re-opened completely, and for everyone to throw their masks away and see people’s smiles again.

  • Linda Puetz

    You have put down in words a flash of moment as I walked across a parking lot yesterday. It is hard to explain this aha moment. I looked across the pavement at people in masks and there was a feeling, a quiet voice telling me, “You are right that is not alright. Carry on this too will end.”
    I have had thee moments more than once in my life. They are flashes in the moment. With practice I have become more in tune to them that are not just imagination. I believe the message are real and come from that innate thing that triggers creativity.
    Thank you for your very dedicated work for all of us who are awake. it is not so lonely outside the box knowing we have comrades in the light.

  • Nikky

    Another excellent commentary and insightful piece Corey. Your words ring with truth and resound in our hearts. It is of the utmost importance that we remind ourselves that we all signed up or voluntered to be present in physical form on Earth during these crucial times. For whatever reason we raised our hands and gave our pledge. I believe we signed up to unite in love ( i find it interesting that ‘life’ contains ‘i’ whereas love has every thing ‘O’). To raise the vibration needed to transcend the material Earth we currently experience. Corey, you are doing a magnificent job and we appreciate your hard work, integrity and dedication. God bless.

  • Kenny Dotson

    God is definitely flowing through you with divine strength, wisdom, and power. I love how you integrate human and world affairs into simple messages you can actually understand and trust. Corey, you are a brilliant thinker and an angel of divine Light! I appreciate how you communicate everything that’s happening in the world into tapestries of insights that compel calls to action.

    Thanks, for all that you do to make this world–peaceful, safer and happier. Corey, I pray for you, your family, and your business. May you be richly blessed and prospered—always!

  • Leonie Wynne

    Replying to Meg:

    Fear is the true root of all mishap.
    A creator of victims, that starts as a small spark of insecurity.
    Igniting our frame with the doubt of ourselves and our abilities to manifest that which is
    perfect for our growth,
    it multiplies in our psyche, creating images many times their actual size
    blinding us to the vast possibilities within our grasp.
    We become fascinated with fear’s expansion, feeling fully compelled to feed it.
    Suddenly fear becomes larger than ourselves and we are lost within its grasp.
    Better to live fearlessly.
    Rip it from your heart deliberately.
    Experience that eternal moment of freedom often mistaken for emptiness.
    Allow love to flow in.
    You’ll never miss fear once it’s gone.
    It is only the anticipation of fear leaving that begs it to stay.

    Let it go……..
    Fear will lie to you in its quest for survival.
    Fear is necessary only to itself.
    See the truth.
    No fear

  • Nikki

    Here Here. Amen Amen Amen. Corey Lyn you done it again.
    I feel proud of you as an Earth and soul sister.
    Bless you and bless all.

  • Bo

    read extreme Jesuit oath and read The Papacy by James Wiley… clarify things better…Gates and his are just front man for the puppeteer. But yes they are all part of the cabal and the rest of us are just cattle. The connections are global and interwoven it is all smoke and mirrors, dog and pony show. Keep the populous in fear because you can’t reason or use intelligence when your in fight or flight. People also still think that people are good as a whole. It is the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan. Sad part most people think that if they don’t pick a side they still ok! There is a choice one is the fruits we see all around us force and coercion, lies, death deception, flattery, pride etc…the other is TRUTH, love, reaL love, honesty, nobility, purpose, hope, joy, peace, reason, knocks no force, free will, no manipulation, just choose this day! Read His word and give Him your heart and He will guide you unto all truth. Not popular then and not now… but battle is soon to close and there are only two sides… it is nice but extremely sad to hear how few really care to dig and find truth in any point… but thankfully there are still some, keep the faith and courage brethren though the way is weary the Victory will be our eternal home with Jesus…

  • Willowspitz

    I echo the pertinent comments here, Satan has brought down countless civilizations. Let’s give praise to God he has given us a glimmer of light through many individuals, world wide. Some are vocal awakening the sleeping, others are quite, but all are in the fight to defeat evil. Time will tell if we are listening to His word or becoming dull again, our “world” can be cleansed in spite of the lazy, but we have to toil together to purge our souls of this evil.

  • Diana

    Absolutely beautifully put. It describes my journey of the last 4 years perfectly, and my mood of the past month. The disconnect, and the sense of the surreal – you’ve also reminded me that yes, I do manifest and have been limited by my fears and expectations, and that perhaps I needed to see this darkness for a spell to grow, change, and be challenged. But then reminded me where my, our, power lies. Partly proven to me by the fact that this is my first time in your site, and this post and message is exactly what I needed.

    Thank you

  • Kimberly O’Connell

    Dearest Corey,
    I am beyond grateful for you and your work. I pray that you will be Blessed with every Grace you need! It has been an incredible journey that I had no idea I would participate in or what it would require of me. I am inspired by your strength!
    God Bless You & Keep You!
    Ps I love the way you write!

  • John Carter


    This article is as pertinent today as it was a year and a half ago. Thank you for doing the heavy lifting for us. You are an inspiration.

    One of my favorite quotes comes from the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales when the elderly Cherokee chief says, “endeavor to persevere”.

    We shall persevere….

  • Kayla Watford

    You are exactly right. My journey started with diving into the evils to expose them, mostly involved children and me trying to figure out how to save them all. Then one day, it was as if I woke up for the first time and I was suddenly thinking deeper and asking myself questions about this world we live in. Then I started getting gangstalked by military jets, drones, and people. Now I am 5 days away from homelessness and I have children. I am scared and I want out of this curse but have not a clue on where to start.

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