Teachers Unions Support Guillotines, Strikes and Closures Over Children’s Welfare

By James Fitzgerald

Americans are sometimes accused of ignorance over history and geography beyond their own shores. It was no different last week, after the Chicago Teachers Union tweeted support for a protest outside Jeff Bezos’ home, where an effigy was placed in a guillotine. However, any history teachers among them might have pointed out that the French Revolution ended up turning on its leaders.

The protestors, who were virtue signaling for a $30 minimum wage outside the house of a man who reputedly earns $4,000 a second, clearly had violence on their minds. 

The CTU tweet stated: “We are completely frightened by, completely impressed by and completely in support of wherever this is headed. #solidarity.”

The group describes itself as “caring, united, democratic”, but their explicit support for depictions of violence are anathema to wholesome traditional school values. A perusal of the comments under that tweet would suggest that many members do not share the vitriolic zeal.

Last week Forbes reported that Bezos’ wealth had surpassed $200 billion, following Amazon’s bolstered revenues as pandemic-tied shoppers flocked online.

Chicago Teachers Union Local 1, a collective bargaining body for Chicago’s teachers, have also been associated with the “Black Lives Matter” protests in the city. A “pinned” tweet states: “Cancelling the CPD contract and defunding the police, which either the City or Chicago Board of Ed has the authority to do, would free $33 million to be reinvested in at least 300 counselors, restorative justice coordinators and social workers for every school in the district.”

In July, the CTU and some other teacher groups signed up for the “safe schools” plan, which set out various demands to be met before teachers would return to classrooms during Covid conditions. This group, which calls itself Journeys for Justice Alliance, has campaigned for a moratorium on school privatization, 25,000 sustainable community schools, an end to zero tolerance policies in public education, and an end to standardized tests in schools.

Catholic schools in Chicago announced earlier this month that they would reopen classes with a hybrid model, but the CTU threatened to strike and Mayor Lori Lightfoot gave in to their demands. Mayor Lightfoot now says public schools will not open for in-person learning until the presidential election at the earliest.

The Catholic archdiocese has cited a recent survey that suggested a majority of Catholic parents want their schools to reopen with in-person learning. The archdiocese says it has consulted with the Centers for Disease Control to formulate safety measures, such as masks for everyone over the age of 2, temperature checks and limited interactions, but some teachers have complained about being pressured by the union. The diocese’s flexible approach in order to get children back into classrooms has been resisted by the CTU, who have asked for additional “hazard” premiums.

Across the country, many parents are avoiding a return to public schools and instead enrolling their children in private and parochial schools to get them back in the classroom environment.

Unions such as the CTU now face the prospect of private schools reopening while successfully containing Covid-19, while public schools remain hampered by union demands.

They have also pushed for an additional hour of every school day for teacher prep time and professional development during time normally devoted to real-time teaching. After hailing the remote-schooling condition at the start of the lockdown as a victory, the CTU now wants danger money for teachers who enter an empty classroom, though they have yet to clarify what specific hazards classrooms now present.

The Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund report from 2019 lists Amazon Inc as its second biggest domestic equity holding. It seems bumper profits can soothe political angst under certain circumstances, and while tucked away on page 69.

This union, and all the others that align themselves with violence and disorder, might take a history lesson from China — where, during the Cultural Revolution, students turned their zeal on the intellectuals and teachers of the day, who faced humiliation and beatings. By aligning itself with violent protests, the CTU puts itself on a war footing — but it shouldn’t forget that its members are on the frontline.

Over in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis and Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran have been in a legal tussle with teaching unions over the education commissioner’s July 6 emergency order requiring schools to reopen five days a week in August or risk losing state funding. On Friday last week, as reported in the Orlando Weekly, they were given a boost by a Tallahassee-based appeals court, which suspended a Leon County circuit judge’s ruling that said a state mandate for schools to reopen this month amid the pandemic was unconstitutional.

Judge Charles Dodson twice last week sided with the Florida Education Association and the Orange County teachers union in lawsuits challenging Mr. Corcoran’s order to open schools for in-person learning. The unions had argued that Mr. Corcoran’s order violated the Florida Constitution’s guarantee of “safe” and “secure” public schools.

Meanwhile, New York’s teacher unions are paving the way for strike action to prevent schools from reopening. The United Federation of Teachers has told its members that they can vote this week to approve the work action. It has asked each public school to submit a plan of action this week, which will be put before the delegate assembly.

New York City teachers have not been on strike for nearly 50 years, and such action is far from certain. The posturing will, however, put pressure on Mayor Bill de Blasio to delay the scheduled return to in-person classes on September 10, something that teachers and principals have been clamoring for.

As data from the Centers for Disease Control increasingly undermines the original death tolls from Covid and its likely impact on health, struggling parents are left to juggle work commitments and homeschooling for their children. For single parents, the choice of food on the table or remote lessons is becoming stark.

The California Supreme Court has asked Governor Gavin Newson to respond to lawsuits, filed by a coalition of parents, private schools, a charter school and the Orange County Board of Education, seeking to enjoin his orders that bar schools opening for in-person learning.

“By closing the schools of California to in-person learning, he [Newsom] is creating havoc for parents and children,” attorney Robert Tyler told the California Globe. “The California Constitution requires that all children receive an equal education. Our position is that he is creating an unequal burden on economically disadvantaged families.”

One writ petition filed by a group of private schools says that the policy discriminates against them because they do not receive state funding that makes online learning possible. It also says that the closure order violates the California constitution and the United States Constitution because of its “interference with petitioners contractual rights”.

One union — the American Federation of Teachers’ super PAC, AFT Solidarity — was planning to pay $180,000 to run a commercial criticizing President Trump during the Republican National Convention. Fox News allegedly refused to run the ad after raising questions over its accuracy. The ad alleged that Republican leaders failed to provide educators with enough personal protective equipment and effectively devise a safe re-opening strategy for schools.

Where does this hyper political agenda and grandstanding leave teachers in its ranks who wish to have a plurality of views? Now might be the time to break ranks with unions that seek to capitalize on crisis after crisis to further their sometimes contradictory, and now disturbing ambitions in Chicago. If the latest tweet is a gauge, then targeted hate campaigns against individuals are firmly on the chalk board. Parents and students may think this has crossed the line.

Certain types of revolutions have a tendency to turn on their participants. It’s what you might call learning the hard way.

James Fitzgerald is a senior editor and cutting edge journalist who has worked on national newspapers for 16 years.


  • Bill Vogel

    39 kids from 0-15 have dies from covid in the US. Actually to be clear, they died WITH covid. They could have been obese or had other chronic illnesses.
    39 out of 56 million kids. 0.000000007 chance
    Masks are ridiculous

  • Julie Piemonte

    The State Superintendent of our schools in AZ , Kathy Hoffman, hails from Portland, OR. A couple of years ago, the teachers were on strike and school was out for quite a while. They called it “Red for Ed.”

  • sheila Chunis

    As a therapist I cannot recall a complaint about a police officer but this past season was filled with vitriole about the teachers and the little time devoted to students. One man took his kids bike riding and saw a teacher in her garden. Another met her childs teacher in the market. Short powerpoints were distributed and parents of young students were forced to monitor the work and take time away from their jobs. In my family my son was the instructor and I called every day at eleven to do reading with my grandaughter. When CT called in a special session to defund police I told a legislator that was a client that they were going after the wrong union.

  • jim carter

    Dear Mr. Fitzgerald,
    Recent events in the terrorists acts have evidenced hired ex-cons for looting and destruction of property by large corporations. The corps all appear to have large ownership shares in the six mega-corps owned by Wall Street financiers. This MO was developed by CIA agent Kermit Roosevelt in 1953 to put the Shah back on the Iranian throne so Wall Street oil moguls could seize the nationalized BP oil fields. WS had recruited their crony Allen Dulles to create the CIA to conceal their nefarious acts behind ‘national security.’ The MO has been used by the CIA for the benefit of WS hundreds of times. Ref. William Blum; John Perkins; Douglas Valentine.

    Whether the current coup turns on its initiators, as in France, has yet to be determined.

    The following analysis of the Federal Reserve has been initiated by the words of a professor teaching a graduate course of Money and Banking at a flagship state university decades ago. Research work has covered more than ten years. Perhaps it may be of interest.

    Are the nefarious acts of Intelligence agencies and government bodies to displace Trump alleged by Millie Weaver in ShadowGate video the progeny of Wall Street’s 1946 creation of the CIA and anything less than an attempted coup ? Ref.

    Do you feel the funding of BLM, antifa, and the virus hoax may be funded by Wall Street financiers in a move to overthrow the U.S government as part of a well documented world domination agenda ? Ref:;

    The structure for the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury, and Blackrock to hand all government assets and power over to Wall Street financiers is already in place. The BLM/antifa riots, using hired ex-cons to create terrorists acts, appears to rely upon funds from corporations owned by the same financiers.
    Respectfully submitted for your consideration.

    Jim Carter
    [email protected]

    “What difference does an increase in the National Debt make? We owe it to ourselves.” virtually every congress-critter has declared. Such a paraphrased program gives the federal government/ congress purchasing power not previously available—to buy votes from home. Unfortunately, the inflation created dilutes the purchasing power and value of assets owned by individuals. The system also conceals the immense transfer of value to bankers, which has justified the intense subterfuge and arm-twisting necessary for the Fed’s creation—that this paper exposes. The inherent destructive forces, evidenced by historic Rothschild banking1 and mathematical analysis, are also identified.

    The medieval Rothschild banks established a line of credit for the King provided he pledged collateral with a written promise to pay gold with interest to the bearer at a time in the future. The book-entry Rothschild credit was used to satisfy obligations incurred by the king. The credit continued to be circulated in the kingdom between merchants. The bankers sold the king’s promise to investors for hoarded gold. The promise (security) was renewed by the bank on its maturing date and became perpetually rolled-over. 2
    VOILA !!! The king made the suppliers of services happy with Rothschild credit; the bankers had the gold from investors; the investors gained interest on their assets and a promise the king would eventually return their gold—which would never happen.3 Everything went smoothly as long as the bankers could sell the promise and the investors, or merchants, did not demand the gold.4 The king would pay the interest with more credit from the bank so the credit cost nothing. After the hook was set, the bankers would demand token ‘good faith’ payments of gold from the king until he was destitute. The schemes stole the wealth from the people with its book-entry fiat money5 until the people brought a catastrophic climax.6

    The Federal Reserve system does the same thing with the U.S. government’s deficit spending. The banking wizard is hiding behind Frank Baum’s curtain of the government image Federal Reserve marquee7 as obscurant to any public inquiry.8 The Federal Reserve Bank of New York will grant credit (not “create money”) in an account of the U.S. government in an amount that the government will pledge. 9 The government will expend the book-entry-credit account (deficit spending) to pay for goods and services consumed by the government. The suppliers are content. Evidence that the supplier has received a credit voucher is obvious. The heading of the currency given to the supplier by a local commercial bank is Federal Reserve Note; i.e., a debt obligation of the Federal Reserve. Historically, it was identified to be redeemable for gold, silver, or lawful money. It is now identified as a “tender” (substitute) required by law to be accepted for an imprinted number of dollars. What you have is what you get. [It is touted to the public as a loan.] 10

    To sell the promise from the government at the highest price, the Federal Reserve (as fiscal agent for the government) will hold an auction but will imply it is an auction by the government.11 Acceptance of bids, determining the interest rate, and the amount of deficit spending permitted is controlled by the BOG.12 Government regulations establish the funds from the auctions are controlled exclusively by the FRBNY; i.e., a franchisee of the BOG13. These accounts of government money have never been audited, despite misleading GAO statements.14

    The roll-over of approximately $12 trillion debt from prior years (publicly held maturing) is annually auctioned and disbursed by the FRBNY. The approximate $1 trillion auctioned for deficit spending is evidenced by TreasuryDirect as “new cash.” 15 [Currently new cash can be 100% to a negative (input) of the issue.] Since all values are determined by the Fed, they must be given to TD.

    The difference in handling of the two accounts is the supreme camouflage. Funds for roll-over securities are credited by the FRBNY to a government account. The FRBNY then pays the Primary Dealers among others (from the government account) for their task in collecting the maturing securities from the public. There is no increase in the National Debt nor is there any inflation as a result from these transactions.

    If the funds from deficit spending securities (new cash) were to be used in redeeming Treasury securities in the market (i.e., paid by the FRBNY for government expenses), it would eliminate any increase in the National Debt. It would, in effect, buy back the securities that created the debt. It would also eliminate any increase in money in circulation (inflation). That clearly does not occur. Request for documentation from TreasuryDirect as to the destination of the funds are ignored.


    The Primary Dealers receive the bulk of auction funds for their task in redeeming maturing securities. If the Primary Dealers include shareholders of a privately held incorporated Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, they would not have to reveal corporate records.16 The commingling of new cash funds could be completely hidden from view. 17 The deficit spending amount 18 would be clear profit for the owners of the BOG.19 No other destination of the funds appears viable.

    The statutory charter of the Federal Reserve stipulates profit of the operation belongs to the government. 20 No consideration appears to be received by the government for the funds. Consideration for commercial bank loans involve a risk; such a condition does not appear applicable to the instant action.

    Each annual trillion dollars of deficit spending transfers $3 billion DAILY for an entire year to the unidentified owners of the Board of Governors. The recent trillion dollars of deficit spending in one month transfers $34 billion daily for four weeks. The source of wealth inequality becomes obvious. If the securities can not be auctioned at an acceptable price, they accumulate on the Fed’s balance sheet. They would then appear to become a claim by the Fed against the taxpayers.

    An abundance of such covert funds would go a long way to advance David Rockefeller’s utopian world government identified in his autobiography MEMOIRS. The project was mentioned decades earlier by Carroll Quigley in TRAGEDY AND HOPE. Funds from Wall Street could be used to dominate foreign nations as documented by John Perkins in CONFESSIONS OF ECONOMIC HIT MAN and William Blum in KILLING HOPE; CIA AND U.S. MILITARY INTERVENTIONS. Unused funds could be laundered in the stock or bond market. 21

    The proposed Goldman Sach’s government budget (whoops, Trump’s budget) includes huge deficit spending increases (increased military spending with cuts in social programs) with unrealistic increases in national productive/tax base.22 This is the same scheme Wall Street and the CIA have used to bankrupt other nations for four decades. 23 The psychopathic Wall Street warmongers demand a humongous deficit busting military expenditure, but this statement may reverse cause and effect. 24 Douglas Valentine identifies chaos by U.S. elements in foreign nations is being duplicated in the 50 states.25 Whether this involves the development of the United Nations, NATO, drugs, or a virus26 depends on the observer.

    Bankruptcy of the Nation is inherent. The FR Ponzi scheme creates an expanding National Debt with no possible way to pay it off. The principle of a ‘loan’ is created by deficit spending. [Notice that the ‘loan’ (sic, credit that is never negated) is from the Federal Reserve system but the taxpayers have become responsible for it.] The required interest to pay it off is never created. Only more debt, with the new principal being used to pay the prior interest, delays the Ponzi’s collapse. The growth required to perpetuate such a scheme, of interest upon interest upon interest, is exponential as evidenced in any graph of the National Debt. A contract that cannot be culminated is an act of fraud and is void from its inception.

    Academic centers, MSM, and publishers fear retribution for exposure.

    Unrelated use of the Fed’s new Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) program to sell Wall Street’s trash to the Treasury Department (read Stephen Mnuchin of Goldman Sachs) at inflated prices to procrastinate bankruptcy of Wall Street banks will additionally balloon the national debt but will be used to avoid bankruptcy of Wall Street banks and their cronies. 27 Blackrock, allegedly owned by insiders, is central to the scam. 28 Unrelenting access to government funds, while the tax base is destroyed by compelled national unemployment and corporate bankruptcies by a created virus29, is a textbook recipe for insolvency.

    If the scheme is not altered, Wall Street internal memos identify the “ultimate goal” is to collect on the $24 trillion National Debt. 30 During national bankruptcy, the FRBNY will handle redemption of the PD’s tendered securities they have purchased in the market for pennies. They will demand face value from the U.S. Treasury; i.e., a financial rape of the nation. They are all one clan. Hello Greece and a U.S. troika controlled by financial entities.31

    It appears as if Larry Kudlow, Director of the United States National Economic Council, has conceded control of the Treasury has passed to Wall Street to complete the coup.32

    National bankruptcy would duplicate the Greek chaos within the United States.33 The financiers’ objective in Greece 34 is not to exploit, but is to destroy the nation. 35 Indeed, national sovereignty has been acquiesced by Greece to the Troika (financiers) as the terminal end of Goldman Sach’s “shitty” three billion Euro debt. 36

    Get ready to kiss your 401(k), your government benefits, your pension, and your bank accounts goodbye, with strikes prohibited, health care costs escalated, perpetual war, mass layoffs (including government personnel), and economic chaos—among other dire occurrences. The economic chaos initiated by the virus, which has served to destroy the tax base and make the budget unsustainable, may be only the prelude.

    The U.S. has four options:
    The entire situation can be ignored with the public meekly submitting to Wall Street’s collection of the fraudulent $24 trillion National Debt and accept the fate of Greece [Greece has surrendered national sovereignty control to Goldman Sachs/Troika. Approval by Troika (financiers) is required for all government actions.] The New World Order will become established.
    They can assert public pressure on congress-critters to audit relevant accounts and investigate Wall Street. The GAO has authority to audit the handling of government funds by any entity. 37 It has made at least two reviews of the FRBNY’s handling of funds [but not audits] from auctions of Treasury securities. The FRBNY has exclusive handing of such funds. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3. All that is required for the GAO to review the handling of government funds is a request by a Congressional committee. Unfortunately, it is rumored that votes can be purchased as cheaply as $50,000.
    Citizens can use the FOIA38 to demand relevant official Fed documents for analysis as affirmed by the Second Circuit Federal appellate court.39
    Pitch—no, no—salad forks. No violent action advocated.

    It all depends on how submissive the American people have become.

    This essay is not copyrighted. Feel free to distribute.

    Footnotes: [available at or by email if deleted by form]

    • James Fitzgerald

      Dear Mr Carter,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to outline those points on the general financial and geo-political schematics at play. I am familiar with some of those issues, having been a business journalist, and continue to probe the mechanisms of tyranny; though I see light at the end of the tunnel. I will pore over your data. Many thanks. J.F.

  • Nikki

    Hi and thanks James love the way you chat.

    To the people on face mask issue, I believe wearing a face mask all the time can only lead to your health decline, unless you wear a face mask with air purifyer/filter.
    (Body works thus and has since earthly human creation:
    Oxygen in, CO2 out, at all costs= life.
    CO2 in, Oxygen out= death.

    Why no mask wearing ongoing?

    Be aware this is my opinion only, all be it an educated one having studied Anatomy and Physiology many years ago and as a human being and a living example, like you all, of how it all works, we all know how it works and doesnt work, in basic terms.

    I am not a doctor (not that that seems to mean anything anymore anyway, with most of them simply following the narratives set to them, that seem to just make most of them uncaring and richer “ChaChing-a-Ding” at our expense in everyway and they are unaccountable (I want to say drug dealers) “health proffesionals” as there is usually a payoff for them, for every drug they prescribe.

    The exception can be offered to the true to heart, caring, hardworking with kindness and brave Doctors, who really do care, Bless their Hearts Amen, who try to do the right thing and/or try to tell the truth, they are the ones who lose their jobs and/or sometimes their lives as a result, pending how threatening they are to the exposure and downfall of the evil self appointed heirachy that be) I and my mother have been victim to these charlottens as I am sure many of you have! (Always get a second or third opinion and ask, seek out reviews or question them, they work for you and Your hard earned money. You/we are not guinea pigs. Hold them all to account)

    But also let it be known, while I can be naive sometimes, I am certsinly No Dummy! Maybe I am in saying my piece here. Dont care.

    Simply put, humans require and breathe in Oxygen to function optimally and for survival and we breathe out Carbon Dioxide as this is toxic to us.

    Unless it’s very well ventilated, by wearing a mask, you are Unable to breathe in good quality doses of Oxygen as required by the body for optimal health and suvival.

    However, you also end up breathing in loads of Carbon dioxide that you have just exhaled which is toxic to the body if not expelled properly.

    This may actually cause respiratory issues or conditions, at the very least a lack of oxygen getting into the lungs, brain and circulatory system, compromising function and creating a weakened immune system.

    If already have an illness or condition, this cannot bode well, especially if you get a respiratory illness on top of it such as flu or corona and so on, or “God forbid” their next bio attack on us all (past attacks aids, bird flu, sars, corona etc) as it can only exacerbate internal system issues or compromise those that were once healthy.

    To me this is or should be common sense, shouldn’t it?

  • Nikki

    I/Everyone’s just tired and had enough of the Bullshit, Enough is Enough, I/We do Not Consent, AMEN.

    Awaken, all who work in the police forces and other law enforcement factions and those in the militiary snd all dubdidisries of, remember your true core heart being and remember your constitutional Oaths to protect the people and your families.
    Else why did you join?
    Sorry, but you know its true.

  • James Fitzgerald

    Hi Nikki,

    And I love the way you talk. You nailed it – the issue with masks and the general effects on health of reduced oxygen and increased carbon dioxide; the cha-cha-ching brigade and, yes, holistic practitioners really do come to harm sometimes. Spellcheck is not the only thing that’s crapola! I also do not consent! You are needed in the world; keep calling it out. J.F.

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