The Solution Series
  • 6 Viral Misconceptions and Clickbait

    Repetition doesn’t make it true. Facts do matter when trying to assess the big picture. There are countless psychological campaigns rolling out simultaneously, most of which are done to induce fear and cognitive dissonance while other goals are achieved. Alongside those are hyped up clickbait posts on social media that are meant to create a false sense of hope, fear, anger, confusion, or generate ad revenue. The problem is, a lot of people tend to react from emotion and share the information without even taking a closer look or doing a little bit of research. Some of the most annoying clickbait has been circulating the internet for years, even decades, and this article is intended to end those misconceptions once and for all.

  • “Who Is THEY?” – Bookshop

    The number one question consistently circulating social media and infuriating the minds of millions is, “who is they?” Not “who are they,” but “who is they” as though “they” is a single force operating as one. Whereas “they” often do operate as a single force, there are many individuals and players involved. People want to know who is behind the money, power, control, narratives, and destruction of the world – the constant wars, manufactured inflation, attack on the food system and agriculture, big pharma and medical madness, constant surveillance, AI and transhumanism, the entire financial system, and so on. It’s not limited to one or even ten countries – it is a global agenda that goes back centuries and even the most brilliant researchers, historians, and investigators can’t name every person involved at the top of this hierarchy. However, there are thousands that can be named, and most everyone has…

  • University Migrant Smart Hubs, Private Equity and The Leveraged Buyout of America – Bookshop PDF

    Resettlement, repurposed, and replaced may be the best way to sum up what is taking place at colleges and universities across the U.S. The protests are assisting as smokescreens to recreate the underbelly of these indoctrination camps, turning them into resettlement campuses, micro smart cities or “innovation districts,” and a funnel system for captured endowments that all leads to policy change and potential training grounds for agitators to bring the U.S. to its knees. This not only has a drastic impact on college students and so-called “higher education,” but on cities and towns that anchor these hubs, ultimately affecting everyone. When you combine U.S. universities and colleges with Blackstone, private equity firms, Middle East investors, the UN, illegal immigrants, student housing, innovation districts, affordable housing, Jeffrey Sachs, college protest smokescreens, ECAR, Welcome Corps, corrupt billionaires, and mainstream news, you have a recipe for disaster – one that can only mean…

  • Corey’s Digs Library Catalog: Volume 11

    DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!This is a library of eye-openers to learn truths, go deeper, and help with understanding what is coming down the pike so you can make the best choices for you and your family on how to combat it, navigate it, and build new ways forward outside of “the system.” It is packed full of primer articles, deep investigative reports on agendas and corruption, educational & inspirational pieces, and lots of solutions. There are also extensive resources and tools. Intention is everything, and the ultimate goal is for all of humanity to evolve out of this evil system and outside of the control grid they’re trying to box us into. Be sure to download the PDF right away. The link expires in 24 hours. Donations are always appreciated. Thank you!

  • Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework 3-Part Series (70 pgs)

    A band of criminals got together a century ago and decided they were going to own the world, hold all of the power, create and hoard all of the money, and keep everyone on a constant spin cycle to fool them. Not only were they going to construct it as they saw fit, but they were going to build the most elaborate enslavement system this world has ever seen – one that gives them full immunity, allows them to operate outside the law entirely, and they were going to do it without anyone realizing it until it was too late. These self-imposed “rulers” believe themselves to be untouchable, have created documents stating as much, and are laughing at humanity as people move about their lives unaware of this elaborate scheme. The Bank for International Settlements, Central Banks, the UN, OAS, and WEF are all at the helm, enjoying their diplomatic…

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