John Does Named in New Epstein Documents

By The Sharp Edge

Newly released court documents have begun to expose names and allegations against some of the John Does referenced in Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking operation during litigation in the Virginia Giuffre v. Ghislaine Maxwell case, after lengthy court battles to conceal them.

On January 3, 2024, a trove of more than 30 documents totaling 944 pages were released as the first batch in a series to be made public. Then on January 4th, two more sets of records were unsealed.  The second batch contains approximately 20 documents totaling 328 pages, while the third set comprises of 4 documents with 111 pages total.  On January 5th, four more batches of documents were released.  The fourth set consists of 29 documents containing another 412 pages.  Still more documents can be found here on CourtListener as they are released.  Approximately 250 more documents are scheduled to be released in the future. 

The first four batches released have been consolidated into a PDF available for download or keyword search below.  As new documents are released, they will be posted on Corey’s Digs.

The batches released do not represent a so-called “client list;” rather, they are a series of documents that include court filings, witness depositions, witness lists, emails and communications. 

The names and information of some, but not all, of the 167 John Does identified in the records were ordered by the court to be unsealed.  Of the 167 names, about 100 were made public prior to the release of these documents. 

Previously undisclosed John Does within these documents not only include alleged perpetrators, but also victims, witnesses, as well as other names dropped during depositions or communications.  Most of the newly unsealed names are not alleged perpetrators. 

While much of this information was already publicly available, the new records do bring to light the innerworkings of Epstein’s child trafficking scheme to blackmail rich and powerful people.

For context, a few names to appear most frequently in a keyword search of the first four batches released include: Dershowitz (202 times), Prince Andrew (165 times), and Clinton (107 times).  Each of them has denied accusations against them, of course.  On the other hand, Trump’s name appears in the hundreds of pages among the first four groups of documents 6 times, with no accusations of wrongdoing.

One detail to emerge from the document dump includes witness testimony that Jeffrey Epstein said, “that Clinton likes them young, referring to girls.”   

Another detail to surface from the records are allegations that Bill Clinton threatened Vanity Fair “not to write sex-trafficking articles about his good friend J.E.”

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s names appear in the recently released documents in reference to any communications they may have had with Ghislaine Maxwell.

Information on donations by the Clinton Global Initiative and Clinton Foundation on the financing of Ghislaine Maxwell’s TerraMar Project was sought in the discovery process.

Maxwell refused to comply with requests “seeking information about her connection to the Clinton Foundation.”

According to witness testimony, Trump came to Epstein’s home only for dinner, while Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz stayed for days or weeks, receiving regular massages during their visits.

The release of these court documents has also illuminated allegations against Alan Dershowitz regarding the sexual abuse of minors and the negotiation for immunity “not only to Epstein, but also to ‘any potential co-conspirators of Epstein.’”

As for the rest of the John Does, a collection of some of the names disclosed in the newly released records are listed below.  Many of the names disclosed in the documents are not accused of wrongdoing.  More names included in the documents can be found here.

However, this is by no means a comprehensive list.  Other names and information on people within Epstein’s orbit could be gleaned from the flight logs, Epstein’s little black book, and previously released court records listed under “Related Reading” below. 

With that said, the sum of information publicly available to date on Epstein’s criminal scheme likely pales in comparison to the stockpile of CDs and hard drives containing potential blackmail material that went “missing” following the FBI’s raid of Epstein’s home, not to mention JP Morgan’s list of names and suspicious transactions that reportedly facilitated Epstein’s billion-dollar human trafficking enterprise, which was turned over to the Treasury Department.

Names Include

Eva Anderson-Dubin

Prince Andrew

Ehud Barak

Cate Blanchett

Jean Luc Brunel

Naomi Campbell

Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton

David Copperfield

Alan Dershowitz

Cameron Diaz

Leonardo DiCaprio

Glenn Dubin

Frederic Fekkai

Princess Sarah Ferguson

Louis Freeh

Al Gore

Stephen Hawking

Michael Jackson

Stephen Kaufmann

Sarah Kellen

Robert Kennedy Jr.

George Lucas

Nadia Marcinkova

Marvin Minsky

George Mitchell

Tom Pritzker

Bill Richardson

Virginia Roberts

Kevin Spacey

Donald Trump

Vicky Ward

Harvey Weinstein

Abigail Wexner

Les Wexner

Bruce Willis

Recently Released Batches of Epstein Documents

Batch 1

Batch 2

Batch 3

Batch 4

More Documents Here

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  • Leonie Arries

    It’s like nobody from Africa went to the island ? Or are they redacted …strange . Selected visitors indeed .
    So all these visitors were interested in underage kids ?

  • Gerry_O'C

    …interesting report Edge, my impression, however and neither am i ‘perfect’ or anywhere near, of some of these listed people of whom i’m aware is that for a long time they give me the creeps…i haven’t completed HG Wells The Island of Dr Moreau, but of what i’ve read thus far i’d happily take my chances there rather than Epstein’s…reminds me of my private joke…why did Robinson Crusoe age so well on the island?…he only worked on Friday!…take care Edge, i’m goin to catch (some of, its late) Corey’s two hour plus video interview on the space issue, with Frank!…

  • Perpetua

    I’m not surprised with the names in higher echelons. One thing I noticed, the richer and in a position they are, there is so much depravity going on.

  • Gerry_O'C

    …great interview with Frank! so the mention of flow reminded me of a book i had come across two decades ago, and i hope Corey or you Edge find it interesting if not useful, i downloaded the pdf,yeah its worth a look alright, here’s the link and i hope it proves helpful some time if u care to check it out.. … this is of sentimental value to me when i recall those former circumstances…

  • Michele Post

    I never did like, trust, or have any sort of respect for Dershowitz. His hard stand on being a Democrat no matter what evil they are into tells me all I need to know. I understand this issue is not just one side of the isle but when you do some real digging the majority of the ones who are sick are Democrats and if a Republican is they 9x’s out of 10 have or will side with a Democrat. Dersh still stands firm he has done nothing wrong and says he will sue VG for defamation. How can that be when it is clearly documented by either his own legal team or eye witness who testified under oath to what they witnessed? Those who scream the loudest right? And this man has been doing a lot of that lately. Thank you for all your hard work Corey.
    Cleveland Ohio

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