The Solution Series

    John Does Named in New Epstein Documents

    By The Sharp Edge Newly released court documents have begun to expose names and allegations against some of the John Does referenced in Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking operation during litigation in the Virginia Giuffre v. Ghislaine Maxwell case, after lengthy court battles to conceal them. On January 3, 2024, a trove of more than 30 documents totaling 944 pages were released as the first batch in a series to be made public. Then on January 4th, two more sets of records were unsealed.  The second batch contains approximately 20 documents totaling 328 pages, while the third set comprises of 4 documents with 111 pages total.  On January 5th, four more batches of documents were released.  The fourth set consists of 29 documents containing another 412 pages.  Still more documents can be found here on CourtListener as they are released.  Approximately 250 more documents are scheduled to be released in…

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