Camouflage in Your Backyard with Over 400,000 Cell Sites in The US

A few weeks ago I decided to go explore something after discovering I’m sitting in the middle of a field of radiation whirling about the sky above. I did a search through to see how many cell towers and antennas were in a 3-mile radius of where I reside much of the time. If I had made a guess, I probably would have guessed 20-30 cell towers. I asked several nearby friends and family members how many they suspected and they came in even lower than I did. We were all shocked to learn that we are surrounded by over 170 towers.

I may not be out in the sticks, which I’d prefer, but I am not located in a big city, so it was a rather eye-opening discovery, and 170 towers seemed incredibly excessive. I then proceeded to review the handy list of companies that own these towers, spec out the height, latitude and longitude, and even scoped some of them out on satellite for better perspective. Sure, some of them were small sites on farms, while others were massive structures, but it was then that I realized some of these towers were in camouflage, and wondered how many people even realize these are cell towers in their backyards?

That was enough for me. I grabbed my trifield meter, called a friend who was equally intrigued, and we were off to explore this cell tower disguised as a 150′ tall flagpole. It was just as I had imagined, but worse. There were no markings, plaques, or information making people aware that it was emitting radiation as cell towers do. In fact, they dressed up this flagpole so well that it had a bench wrapped around it to kick back on, a deck adjacent lined with picnic tables, and walking trails around a beautiful pond, all right in the center of a community with lots of activity.

From the moment we approached the parking lot, at roughly 300′ away from this mammoth 150′ flagpole, the meter needled out completely. As we got closer it fluctuated back and forth. There was nothing visible on this flagpole to indicate it was a cell tower and it didn’t have the typical antennas at the top. So how was the lady pushing her baby in a stroller alongside it to know? How were the families enjoying lunch at the picnic table to know? If they knew, would they stay clear of it?

I had to know more. Was this a thing? Were flagpoles or other forms of disguised cell towers popping up across the country? As it turns out, the flagpole camouflage began back in the early 2000’s. Not only that, they’ve been doing this with fake pines, cacti, and palm trees, and have even installed them inside crosses on church grounds so you can sip in the radiation during worship. Just this year, our local water towers have been outfitted with cell antennas. Who wouldn’t want a dose of radiation cycling through their water?

In a quick search for companies who construct these flagpole cell towers, I found one whose flagpole resembles the one I observed up close and personal. This isn’t the builder of our local delight, but I wanted to show just how well disguised these truly are. One day, they may just convert all towers into flagpole style so they can prominently display the newest design of the Pride flag until everyone recognizes it as the new flag of the United States of America.

Over 400,000 Cell Sites with Over 142,000 Towers in The US and States Are Complying with the 1996 Telecommunications Act Which Blocks Communities from Protesting Towers Over Health Concerns

As of 2020, the US surpassed 417,000 cell sites with a large amount of funding going into amping up 5G, with AT&T leading the global charge as a service provider, followed by Verizon and China Mobile, reaching 8.6 billion phone subscribers by 2022. Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi lead the way in smartphone sales.

It’s important to distinguish between cell sites and cell towers. The US boasts over 417,000 cell sites and as of 2022, over 142,000 cell towers. What’s the difference? A cell tower is pretty obvious – it’s the structure we see quite visibly because they are typically 50-150′ tall, unless of course it’s one of the “stealth towers.” Whereas the cell site contains all of the key equipment in a building to transmit cell signals, such as transmitters and receivers, antenna, GPS, power sources, a base receiver station, and more. Go here for a full description.

So who are the biggest cell tower site owners? American Tower is the largest global owner and operator of cell towers, coming in at more than 219,000 sites with over 41,000 in the US alone, followed by Crown Castle, and SBA Communications. It should come as no surprise that BlackRock and Vanguard are the top two shareholders in all three companies. Coincidentally, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust has over $190 million in shares with Crown Castle. Looking at Gates’ big investments in 2023 it sort of puts you in a Soylent Green daze, from medical to food, water, railways, and well… waste management.

Sorry, I got a little sidetracked there. Back to my point…

Now here’s the real kicker. Communities are all left with fighting cell tower installments based on “aesthetics” because individual states are voluntarily heeding to a provision in the 1996 federal Telecommunications Act which states that “No State or local government or instrumentality thereof may regulate the placement, construction, and modification of personal wireless service facilities on the basis of the environmental effects of radio frequency emissions to the extent that such facilities comply with the regulations contained in this chapter concerning the environmental effects of such emissions.”

Essentially, the FCC set guidelines that minimally took health and safety standards on radio frequency radiation into account, while prohibiting local governments from considering the health effects from cell tower radiation in their zoning decisions. Additionally, the FCC exempted towers from requiring environmental assessments when building-mounted antennae exceed 1000 Watts or tower-mounted antennae are less than 10 meters tall and total power exceeds 1000 Watts.

According to the FCC, “In the case of cellular and PCS cell site transmitters, the FCC’s RF exposure guidelines recommend a maximum permissible exposure level to the general public of approximately 580 microwatts per square centimeter. This limit is many times greater than RF levels typically found near the base of cellular or PCS cell site towers or in the vicinity of other, lower-powered cell site transmitters. Calculations corresponding to a ‘worst-case’ situation (all transmitters operating simultaneously and continuously at the maximum licensed power) show that, in order to be exposed to RF levels near the FCC’s guidelines, an individual would essentially have to remain in the main transmitting beam and within a few feet of the antenna for several minutes or longer. Thus, the possibility that a member of the general public could be exposed to RF levels in excess of the FCC guidelines is extremely remote.”

I’m presenting this information so that people can do proper research in their own locations, speak with state reps going along with this nonsense, and be sure to protect yourself from radiation coming off of these towers, because everyone knows that an “extremely remote chance” of being effected by radiation from these is bunk. Aside from simple observation of wildlife, the consistent health decline of people, and some countries prohibiting 5G altogether, there are numerous studies proving the harmful effects. I found this one to be a more enjoyable read.

So where are all of the “environmentalists” and “climate change” hoaxers? Oh that’s right, they’ve all jumped on the 5G bandwagon because of “equity” and “inclusion,” not to mention “convenience.”

Do your own due diligence. I personally purchased a whole house EMF/RF protection device. I can’t honestly say as to whether it’s diffusing this bombardment of frequencies just yet, as it’s only been a couple of weeks. I have seen a slight improvement in my health and energy level as of recent, but I’m also mega dosing on vitamin C, so it’s tricky to weigh it all out. One day, I will be living in a more remote area out in the countryside. Until then, we do our best to protect ourselves from the seemingly constant attack on our environment and health, because what “we” consider safe and what “they” consider safe are entirely different things.

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Grumpy

    So you have legislation that doesn’t allow any push-back on this. Just as devious as the legislation that Obama brought in to allow the citizens to be propagandised. Makes you wonder what else is being done by stealth.

    • Corey Lynn

      Some folks have asked me which meter I use as well, so I’m including both links here for everyone. This is the TriField meter I use: For the EMF/RF protection, Blushield was recommended to me by others who found it very helpful. You have to read through the breakdown on each product to see which would be best for you based on your area. I’ve only had mine for a couple weeks so I’m still assessing whether I feel it’s helping, like I mentioned in my article. Hoping it does! 🙂

  • SoCal

    I looked at my SoCal city and found 55 towers and 231 antennas within a 3.0 mile radius of my home. There’s one that is right next to someone’s home too. That’s a crazy amount of them.

  • Practicallyperfect

    What gets me is that I thought I was rural but I have 8 towers within a mile of me but my cell and internet connection are horrible. I now think there is other nefarious reason for these towers because it certainly isn’t for better service.

  • JB

    Great reminder…and in my search “29 towers and 319 antennas within a 3.0 mile radius “. There are some pretty close to our house, at the local high school and one a bit further, with PG&E equipment.

    Corey, can you please elaborate on the whole house EMF/RF protection device you went with? I’ve been looking into it a bit but can’t seem to figure out what are the best choices.

    Thanks for all that you do. God bless.

    • Corey Lynn

      Some folks have asked me which meter I use as well, so I’m including both links here for everyone. This is the TriField meter I use: For the EMF/RF protection, Blushield was recommended to me by others who found it very helpful. You have to read through the breakdown on each product to see which would be best for you based on your area. I’ve only had mine for a couple weeks so I’m still assessing whether I feel it’s helping, like I mentioned in my article. Hoping it does! 🙂

  • Suzanne

    I’m wondering how to get information on the location and number of cell sites and towers in my area. A Google search just seems to lead to a runaround. Thank you!

  • Nikki

    Great pick up and report Corey Lyn.

    I havent and will not have Jab ever, unless they give to me against my consent and will.
    That being said
    They truely did zap me while i was writting an email one night.

    I was Wide awake, suddenly out of the blue i could not keep my eyes open, and though i tried to fight it, i found i couldnt!

    Then within a couple of split econds its like i nodded off! But then instantly was zapped awake, i felt it through my whole body, it boarded bring a painful experience.

    I still had phone in my hand, and the last word i wrote when it happened was the word “woman”, i was writing my email declaration, but suddenly this “weird” not normal looking Cross, appeared right next to it from out of nowhere, in that split second!

    I could say “supernatural” but no way, supernatural is just science we dont understand yet but they do! They have at 70 years on us.

    I hadn’t seen this cross before, something didnt feel right about it, so i checked my whole phone for that symbol and could not find it anywhere!

    Even letters, even + x all signs symbols numbers, all caps and all emojis etc on my phone, i could not find it.

    I asked G-d to help me and i found it.

    It represents apparently a dagger and also an obelisk. That in and of itself seems to be a threat of some sort. I dont know but it initially bothered me.

    Suddenly it made sense to me, as its not the only time ever ive had my life threatened by them, 2017/2018, who hide like the cowards they are behind a web of lies, deceit and evil and force me to through coercive tactics online and physical and mental abuse by minions, that effected my life. But im still here. I sad i miss ertain infividuals, but i amot afraid of them.

    Do know i got a screeshot of it as soon as it happen and i realised what just happened. And the noise from these towers are constant now one only about 500meters away and im in the country & seaside.

    Oh and for those who know something exists and is going on, i watched and filmed a ufo on new years eve, on my phone, the phone does not do it justice, but they flew here and descended below the clouds to watch the fireworks!
    They are never far from me.

    Respectfully, think what you want, i do get it, but it is all true, and i did warn everyone i could years ago. Im alone they know it and i think i must pray now more than ever.

    Not being quiet anymore as i was. They may be trying to make me look like a crazy woman now, attacks are getting stronger. Ive been told to be quiet. I dont want to be, i need to speak my truth.

    But i do have God as my weapon of choice and free will.

    Know i am not crazy, no matter what they say, others have witnessed some things i have as well, i am not suicidal though i did consider it 20 years ago due to an abusive ex but God helped me through that and still is, He is still with me. I do have anxiety but i am learning with Jesus help, to keep him close by, he wants us to pray often to him during the day, keep asking Him to help you, to remain close and keep you strong.

    No matter what, Jesus died for us and has become like our insurance policy “already paid in full !!!”

    You need only learn to pray to him or sing to Him, your way, accept him as your saviour with your mouth and have faith in Him at All moments of the day and trust in Him in the here and now, not yesterday and not tomorrow, as tomorrow will come soon enough.

    Blessings to All and the Best of Everything Good and Godly to come your way where ever you are in the world.

    With Love

    i; nikki the woman


    Reclaim your power
    See Pao Chang: Revelation Knowledge at Rumble
    A lovely and kind American man.

    Bless you Corey Lynn and All your good works.

  • OriginalAlexa

    I was recently diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and I’m beginning to think it has something to do with this.

  • Jeff Swart

    Thanks Corey for this great exposé

    I just noticed one of those deceptively camoflauged towers in a local metro park, brown colored with ‘branches’ around it, looking somewhat like the trees surrounding it.

    danged care-less rascals…

    Genocide on sterioids (?)

    While it seems a dismal prospect of doing away with them (Oh, how can we ever live without that ‘service’ ??), there’s still hope that ‘divine providence’ will step in and ‘this, too, shall pass’…
    … ‘course that ‘divine’ entity may well be US stepping up to the plate

  • Donnis Long

    PG&E recently replaced several poles on our property stating the poles are made of a fire resistant material, after reading your article I’m wondering, could/are the new poles equipped as towers/antennas?
    I’ll be looking into it for sure!
    Thanks for sharing your research.

  • Beck

    Fortunately we do not use ANY of those devices. No Ring, Echo…none of them. For so many reasons. All of them just open the door for all sorts of…..”issues”.

  • Erica Swenson Elliott

    Dear Corey,
    Fabulous article yet again on another dark web of intrigue. I ran 3 addresses for me and my loved ones. 1,100 was the highest and 700 the lowest. And none of us have great cell reception of course. I like using faraday cloth on my digital devices. Another low tech solution that I know works because I feel physically better is when I keep a rock of salt from one of those salt lamps on or near my tech devices. I will also use different gem stones. If it starts to crack you know it is doing its job and you can start using another one. After reading your article, I placed on top of my 5g iphone a 1 inch tall pyramid ground from green quartz stone and smoothly polished. I wasn’t expecting this, but the phone must be vibrating enough that the little quartz pyramid is slowly sliding around the face of the phone like a zamboni on an ice skating rink! Weird!

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