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    30 More Ways to Die From a Heart Attack According to “Experts” and “Media”

    According to “experts” and their allies in the media, the recent rise in heart attacks must be due to anything but the Covid injection.  These so-called “experts” are working at “the speed of science” to come up with every excuse under the sun, other than the most obvious reason, for the rise in fatal heart conditions.  Here are 30 of the most absurd excuses we’ve found. By Corey Lynn and The Sharp Edge Climate change is the cause of all our problems!  Don’t ask any pesky questions about how the experimental gene therapy could cause heart attacks.  Just “trust the science” or you’re a climate denier! 1) Climate change affects heart health 2) New ‘highly reactive’ chemical in Earth’s atmosphere triggering heart diseases and (of course) contributing to global warming Hot weather, cold weather, solar storms, daylight savings… it doesn’t matter.  For every season, there is a reason for the…

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