A New Door to Freedom

By John Klar

Creative new website offers wealth of detailed information.

I am excited to share a new website which is devoted to educating people about the truth of what is happening in the world, especially efforts toward global control or government: Door to Freedom focuses on efforts by global organizations to reduce protections for individual rights and sovereign nations in the name of rescuing them from health, climate, and other social crises.

Door to Freedom has been launched “to help people make sense of a rapidly changing world, and inform them of efforts by the W.H.O. to govern public health worldwide.” Created and orchestrated by Dr. Meryl Nass, the site employs a group of seasoned writers trained in varying disciplines to focus on specific policy areas. As you might expect, I have contributed in the area of food (and cows!).

In my contribution to Dr. Nass’s new endeavor, I focused on globalist efforts to dominate food production and processing, which is why there is a growing push to eradicate all cows. Though you may visit Door to Freedom for the full article, here is an excerpt:

“The WEF, UN and other international entities have targeted the amount of meat humans consume and claim that a major reduction in the number of livestock is necessary to reduce greenhouse gases and global warming. ….The world’s largest food producers, processors, and retail sellers are joined with governments and NGOs through the WHO, UN, WEF, and a plethora of interconnected organizations, all focused on reducing or eliminating livestock.  They want humans to convert to a state-directed diet comprised instead of synthetic meats, insects, and other food substitutes manufactured by these companies.

Many question whether this group of global industrialists and politicians will “improve the state of the world,” but there is no question that their intention is to consolidate and control global food production and distribution, thereby improving the state of member corporations’ profits. GMO crops and related chemical applications will be increased under pretense of climate rescue; synthetic meats will be favored in government food programs; small farms will be shuttered.”

You are invited to read the full discussion of cows and food control at Door to Freedom, but also to learn about a long list of subjects of importance, most of which are interconnected—through the WHO and other global organizations overseen by wealthy corporate “stakeholders” and no elected representatives….

So please invest some time reviewing this new resource, and share it with others!

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John Klar is an attorney, farmer, and writer from Vermont. Author of Small Farm Republic.


  • Faith

    Their anti-meat nonsense is nothing but a thinly veiled ploy of mass depopulation by malnutrition, rampant illness brought about by inadequate protein/too-high-carb and dangerous Omega 6 seed oils, low nutrient diets, and ultimately mass starvation! It is nothing but lies. Lies about being “for the Earth”, when high tech fake food production is UNSUSTAINABLE, and animal agriculture is the MOST Earth-friendly form of food production there is, that actually regenerates land and improves the biosphere!

    Humans evolved as MEAT EATERS, which is why/how we have such extraordinarily large and complex brains. We are not gorillas or chimpanzees. We cannot ferment and digest large amounts of plant material like they can, and our livers don’t have the enzyme capability to detoxify large amounts of the toxins found in most plants (only a TINY percentage of the plants on the planet can be consumed by humans without dying from them!). Humans HAVE widely consumed insects throughout our history, but, sorry Globalists: I’m NOT eating your f*cking crickets and meal worms! Go to you-know-where!

    Besides that, MY bovines are pets, and you ain’t touching them!!!


    ssay its NOT funny,when you would like to see information about nutrition and your page says, page NOT FOUND????Gee thats makes me wonder if you goy that fifty dollars that i donated ? Just asking!!! thank you for your Attention.

    • Corey Lynn

      Hi Richard, Can you please tell me what link you are referring to that says “page not found”? I just checked their site and the links appear to be working ok, but you specified “nutrition” so I’m not sure what page you are trying to open? You can email me directly at [email protected]. Thanks!

  • Gumnut123

    This is one of the problems – that The People do not recognise the ULTERIOR motives of these Psycopaths Agendas. People shrug their shoulders thinking its about removing cows and their methane,


    hopefully this new publication shall reach THE PEOPLE who are The MAJORITY11

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