The Solution Series
  • EDUCATION SYSTEM,  New World Order,  Take Action,  U.S.

    Normalization, Indoctrination & Degenderization Are Sweeping The Nation

    Infanticide was just the beginning – pedophilia is next on their agenda Psychological warfare and ideological subversion is happening The education system is indoctrinating your children Parents and MSM are exploiting young boys The destabilization of America is in full swing – you are needed NOW Imagine a day where you roll out of bed, eat a hardy breakfast, and head into work, only to discover, you no longer recognize the people you passed along the way. Everything appears to be different – just like that –you find yourself in the twilight zone. Suddenly, you can no longer discern male from female, robot from human, billboard from hologram, or reality from illusion. Off to your right there is a 40-something-year-old man showing off his 14-year-old girlfriend, and to the left is a child in a hijab preaching sharia law. A woman passes you and says, “good morning,” and it’s not…

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