The Solution Series

    Progress for Local Food in the State Houses

    This is important information that The Solari Report just published about our local food systems and progress being made in the state legislatures, written by Pete Kennedy. This is so critical to the future of our food security, and people need to continue to push for legislation in their states. By Pete Kennedy 2021 has been a year of substantial progress for local food systems in the state legislatures. Less reliable supply chains, price inflation, and deteriorating quality in the conventional food system have led to increased demand for locally produced food and more concerned about food security. The path to greater food security is decentralization of food production and distribution along with deregulation of locally produced food. Bills legislators passed in 2021 centered mainly in four areas: cottage food — Unregulated or minimally regulated sales direct from producer to consumer of foods prepared in an individual’s home that don’t need…

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