The Solution Series

    SAS Legend Gives Preppers Food For Thought

    By James Fitzgerald We live in a world where people wait in line for what is already theirs — food, water, and shelter. When the European immigrants landed on the shores of the American continent in the first wave of settlement in the 1600s, they quickly cast off the burdens of feudalism and adopted the symbiotic lifestyle of the Native inhabitants. It wasn’t long though until the concept of store credit reared its head among the cash-poor but time-rich pioneers.  Modern society now largely relies on debt to purchase things, and that has given the central banks and corporations a stranglehold on resources, policies and control over who lives or dies. It didn’t take the New World immigrants long to become serfs once again — even though from all mature philosophical and rational viewpoints we all deserve to share in all the resources of the planet, with the utmost respect…

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