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    Corey’s Digs Library Catalog: Volume 11

    Below is a library catalog with direct links to over 220 of Corey’s Digs investigative reports, solutions, and inspirational articles, plus a plethora of resources, all listed under convenient categories! This catalog is updated quarterly and is available in pdf downloaded for Free in The Bookshop, along with dozens of investigative reports also available for download, plus Corey’s paperback book on the ‘Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports.’ Be sure to check out the Solution Series and Solutions category because there are many ways to combat the tyranny, build around the system, and protect yourselves and your community. Most definitely follow along in the Consciousness section for educational, inspirational, and motivational pieces. Subscribe to Corey’s Digs free newsletter so you don’t miss a Dig! Subscribe to The Solution Series for access to fantastic episodes providing great solutions. Don’t miss our new and past Dig It! Podcast episodes with Corey Lynn…


    Sky’s the Limit for Globalists’ Boiling Earth Narrative

    By James FitzGerald Orbiting satellites are playing a larger role in the development of an agricultural, environmental and technological control grid. To earlier generations, the term constellations might have meant zodiacal dot-to-dots depicting ancient gods or mythical creatures — but today the word more likely evokes hurtling GPS satellites and myriad spy craft buzzing the firmament. As above, so below now applies to the technological miasma of modern life. But what has been out of sight should no longer be out of mind, as agendas on the ground seem to merge with those in the stratosphere. On terra firma we can observe concerted — even desperate — efforts by the World Economic Forum and affiliated NGOs and politicians to severely restrict energy, food and transportation, under the guise of “saving the planet”. Now satellite systems are being touted as a means of reducing methane emissions and of tracking changes in…

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