The Solution Series

    The Time is Now: Differentiating “Force” from “Choice”

    When you walked into that grocery store, did someone physically “force” you to slip that mask over your face, or did your hands maneuver that task? When the government told you to lockup your business and “forced” you to shut down for months because you were not deemed to be an “essential business,” (while operating next to the essential liquor store that was ringing up customers by the minute), who put the key in the lock and hung the closed sign on the door? When they told you to fill out that survey about your jab status, go get tested every week, or download the vaccine ID passport app to enter your personal information into their all-seeing databases, did someone “force” you to pick up a pen, walk into a facility to get tested, or swipe your phone and download the app? When you were told the jab is “safe,…

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