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    Must-Have Tools for Digging, Videos, Websites & Podcasts

    If you are a deep researcher and writer like myself and/or are wanting to create podcasts, videos, or websites, below is a list of my must-have tools. These are the things that make me tick, allow me to create materials and videos that I can share with the world, and provide me the security I need while doing so. I always encourage everyone to use their voice and skills to get the truth out. This is not a competition. This is our country we are fighting for, and together we are stronger. I hope you find this to be incredibly helpful. This is How I Begin My Day I’m always groggy when I wake up, my mind is in a cloud, and I have to scan news and messages for an hour just to get my wheels greased up. I do this while drinking down a glass of fresh squeezed…

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