The Solution Series

    Get Crafty with 10 DIY Projects for Self Reliance and Fun

    By James Fitzgerald The lockdowns across the western world had people scratching their heads and pacing their carpets threadbare — but the enforced seclusion and introspection has also produced a flurry of creativity and artistry as personal values are reassessed and commute times evaporate. The increased transparency over corporate agendas and the questionable ethics of some retail supply chains means that leisure pursuits can be practical ways to disengage and gain more autonomy from the “connected” world of smart tech and draconian social mandates. As someone once said, Rome wasn’t built in a day — although that may be just the imperial behemoth we are trying to escape. Here we list a handful of pursuits that will stimulate the grey matter and soothe the soul, while offering domestic and social applications. A Stitch in Time — Leather Goods While visiting a saddle-maker a couple weeks ago, my ten-year-old daughter got…

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